Rags To Riches Chapter 745

 Qin Ming had just walked out of the airport and immediately saw people from the Zhao family flocking up.

                Nowadays, Qin Ming was no longer a person who looked exactly like Zhao Zhengyan, but was a twin brother to Zhao Zhengyan, but had grown up in different circumstances due to various accidents.

                Qin Ming also had particularly mixed emotions, as he had gone from originally impersonating a son of the Zhao family to becoming a real son of the Zhao family, which was how ironic it was.

                "Qin Ming ......" The first to rush out of the crowd was but Nie Haitang.

                But as soon as she rushed out and saw Mu Xiaoqiao in, she immediately put on a look like she had eaten flies, as if she hadn't expected it.

                Mu Xiao Qiao was very proud of herself and hugged Qin Ming's hand tighter, very proud of herself for coming to stampo to find Qin Ming, so that she could declare her relationship with him in front of everyone.

                In the past, when Qin Ming was pretending to be Zhao Zhengyan, there were still some scruples, but now there are no more.

                But Nie Haitang didn't care about that, she would never give in to defeat!

                She grabbed Qin Ming's other hand, even in front of all these people, and said to him with affection: "You're back? Why did you transfer all the people's calls to the voicemail?"

                What could Qin Ming not do? He was in a very hot environment outside, but he was still in a very hot environment when he came back.

                The two women seemed to be fighting, pulling him from side to side, with fire coming out of their eyes.

                Qin Ming was so embarrassed that there were still people from the Zhao family in front of him.

                If it was before, he didn't care so much, but now it was different, he was related to the Zhao family by blood.

                Qin Ming suddenly possessed a grip and pulled the two of them back, saying, "Alright, stop it for now."

                The two women felt Qin Ming's wrist grip and both obediently followed him and stopped making trouble.

                Qin Ming walked up, Zhao Songli and Zhao Zhen both looked like they wanted to say something, only her mother Qin Mo was more put out, she hugged up at once, with a sobbing voice, said, "The child has suffered you, all these years, it's all our fault, sob ......"

                A short while later, Qin Mo let go of Qin Ming, stroking his face, saying, "You're just like Zheng Yan, just a little darker skinned and stronger, you fooled me before."

                "But you've finally come back."

                "It's good to be back."

                "Mom, all these years ......"

                Speaking of sadness, Qin Mo was teary-eyed again, and Zhao Songli, who was at the side, hugged her and said, "Qin Ming, your mother has been blaming herself after she found out the truth. She didn't know that you had been replaced back then. She kept saying these days that she would make up for you in the future."

                Zhao Zhen also stepped forward and said, "That's good. You know who did the conspiracy back then."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "I heard that you have already told everyone about me?"

                Zhao Songli said, "Of course, you are my son, Zhao Songli, and I, as a father, am indeed to blame for the loss of you back then, and I will make it up to you. Restoring your honour is just the first step. I won't even let you suffer half a bit in the future."

                Qin Ming said amusedly, "I'm afraid there aren't many people who would let me be aggrieved, given that I am the Chief Alliance Leader of the Universe Century Group. You should also have received the news that the father and son of the Toei Society, Rokuro Yamamoto, have died, and that is what happens when you go against me."

                The people from the Zhao family explained with a flinch, and especially the people from the Li family behind them became incomparably grave.

                Although they had known the news, it was more of a guess as to who had done it; now that Qin Ming had said it himself, it had a completely different meaning.

                Qin Ming was only in his early twenties, but he was already at the helm of a global mega-corporate empire, and was able to exclude dissidents, as well as being the head of the powerful East Anglian Society of Stampin.

                Although Qin Ming had a huge element of luck, luck is also part of strength.

                Qin Ming continued, "I'm not happy with you guys spreading my story around, but since it's already happened, I can't do anything to you guys. I'm tired and I'm going to go back first, so you guys get out of the way."

                When the people heard this, Qin Ming was not going to return to the Zhao family?

                Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli hurriedly gave Qin Mo a wink, and Qin Mo also said anxiously, "Son, where are you going? Why don't we go to mum's manor in Beijing, mum doesn't want to leave you for a moment now."

                Mu Xiaoqiao saw this, this was all about her future mother-in-law, she had to leave a good impression.

                "Qin Ming, it's better to listen to your Auntie Qin."

                Unexpectedly, Nie Haitang and Mu Xiao Qiao opened their mouths at the same time, but they were both towards Qin Mo.

                Qin Mo looked at the two women, although they were both from the Huang faction, one was the money head of the Huang faction and the other was a fallen magnate of the Huang faction, but Mu Hai Ran's layer of status was also enough to discuss friendship as equals.

                She was all content to nod at the two women in greeting, as if she was looking at her future daughter-in-law.

                At this point, Song Ying walked over.

                She was dressed in a black European-style dress, revealing a small half of her shoulders and arms, draped only in a set of fur coat, completely unafraid of the cold as if she was both sexy and fashionable, with her delicate figure, as if she had walked out of a painting, instantly stunning the whole audience.

                Song Ying said, "Young master, the car is ready."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "I'm going to see Zhao Zhengyan, the doctor said he's woken up."

                The crowd froze, Zhao Zhengyan had been in Huan Yu's high class hospital, the Zhao family was already aware of it, and also knew about the process of Zhao Zhengyan's injury during the days when Qin Ming was not in China, after all, there was Huang Shutong as a witness in, so there was no misunderstanding.

                Qin Ming swept a glance at the Li family, that Li Shun was also there, he changed his previous hostile attitude and smiled politely at Qin Ming instead.

                Qin Ming knew that Zhao Zhen intended for him to shake hands and make peace with the Li family.

                After thinking about it, he returned the smile and said, "I'm sorry, I'm really too busy today, so if there's anything, let's talk tomorrow."

                Qin Ming was also releasing a friendly signal to save the Zhao family, the peacemaker, from being too embarrassed.

                Qin Ming was going to visit Zhao Zhengyan in the hospital, and Zhao Zhen and his group followed.

                But on the way there, Qin Mo was very strange and said, "Which girl do you think our boy likes? The one from the Mu family is quite good, and that one surnamed Nie is also very good. I heard that she is quite highly regarded in the Yellow School. All sectors in China are being privatised, and there are more and more ways to earn money, but less and less talent, and they have all gone to developed countries. That Nie Haitang was taught by Mu Shuyun, it would be good if she could be pulled over."

                "And that Secretary Song, she's also of Chinese descent. She's capable and pretty, but it's a pity she's single."

                Zhao Songli, who was driving the car, said without good humour, "It's hard to say whether our son recognises us or not, what are you talking about?"

                Qin Mo did not think so and said, "A woman's sixth sense, my son must recognize me. It's hard to say if he recognizes you and your Zhao family. Alas ...... our family has also been victimized by Chang Hongxi, Zheng Yan has been sick since childhood, Zheng Ting has been raised so much not our own, it was so easy to have a healthy and normal son, but he was strayed."

                Zhao Songli asked, "How is Zhengting doing now?"

                Qin Mo said, "I told him not to be stressed, even though he is not his own son, he grew up on my milk, I treat him like a son, I will not leave him behind. Let him choose his own path in the future. He may or may not acknowledge his biological parents. Anyway, I've taken half of my dowry, about another five hundred million for him."

                "Five hundred million? That's too much." Zhao Songli was quite dissatisfied and said, "I have raised a son for others for so many years for nothing, and raised a high quality person, and that's not enough, and you want to give away five hundred million?"

                Qin Mo said, "You men are really thin-skinned. An adopted son is still a son. Are all those years of affection fake? Besides, other families have given us eyes for Qin Ming for so many years."

                Zhao Songli said, "Is it called raising a poorly fed, poorly clothed and humiliated son? It would have been better if our son had been with us. It's just that I owe it to my son. I'm afraid the most troublesome thing now is the Lin family."

                Qin Mo was stunned and asked, "What do you mean? The Xiangxi Lin family? What else do they want to do?"

                Zhao Songli said, "Have you forgotten that your Qin family had a blind date at the? You forgot about the matchmaking at the ancient castle in China? Didn't that Lin Yurou say she had sex with Zhao Zhengyan? As a result, it was exposed that our son had health problems and the Lin family made a joke of it? Now it's clear, that person that day is Qin Ming ah ...... you forget that day, you our agreement with the Lin family? As long as it was our child who did it, he must be responsible."

                Qin Mo bit her lip and said, "Speaking of being responsible, the Sun family's eldest house also made our child responsible for Sun Changxi."

                The two couples looked at each other, feeling that things were not good.