Rags To Riches Chapter 744

 "Tell me quickly, apart from me and Nie Haitang, who else is there? That Bai Yu-chun of the Bai family?"

                On the private charter flight back to China, Mu Xiaoqiao sat beside Qin Ming with a puff of anger, very concerned about the "several" question Qin Ming said, women are particularly sensitive to such questions.

                The woman was particularly sensitive to this kind of question. "Uh ...... this ......" Qin Ming's eyes dodged, he was really torn, it was just a slip of the tongue and he was caught in the act.

                Qin Ming said, "Pure pure words, I am a classmate with her ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly sat upright and nervously came over, just a few centimeters from Qin Ming's face, and said, "Wait a minute, what did you call her? Pure Pure? Are you sure you're not shouting for my sister?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, as if he used to call Mu Siqiu by the name of Pure Pure as well, it just so happened that the two had the same name.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said sourly, "Hmph, when you were in the family before, how come you didn't find so many women like you?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly explained, "Really, I'm just good friends with her. Nothing has happened between us."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was still puffing out her cheeks, jealous, "Then why was she wearing a blood diamond necklace around her neck when she attended a certain event, which you had auctioned off when I was with you at a private auction in Guangzhou? Didn't you give it to her, or did she steal it from you?"

                "Uh ...... this ......" Qin Ming's eyes dodged, that was his auction, yes, it belonged to him, yes, but he gave it to Bai Yu Chun on her birthday, how come he was still caught by Mu Xiao Qiao? It's not a good thing. What bad luck.

                Mu Xiaoqiao clasped her hands together and squeezed out her plump breasts, saying, "Nothing more to say, right?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, it's really not about her."

                When Mu Xiaoqiao saw Qin Ming say that, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and in a thinking state of a professional detective, she said, "It really doesn't seem to be her, so it's Sun Changxi."

                "Er ...... this ......" Qin Ming propped up his forehead speechlessly, was this a set up? That jealousy filled look just now, faked out?

                Suddenly, Mu Xiaoqiao opened her mouth towards the back of Qin Ming's hand and bit it.

                Qin Ming was in pain, but he did not dare to mess around and let Mu Xiao Qiao bite.

                After a long time, the lips parted and the back of Qin Ming's hand revealed two neat rows of teeth, clearly visible, while she was also teary-eyed.

                Qin Ming's heart moved, he understood that Mu Xiao Qiao was in pain in her heart, she chose to compete with Nie Haitang when she knew that she had to compete with him, and it was in Qin Ming's favour that he had not fulfilled her promise and had fiddled with her again, but Mu Xiao Qiao still loved him.

                He also felt he had been too much of a bastard.

                He gently caressed Mu Xiaoqiao's face and said, "I don't deserve you to be sad like this."

                Mu Xiaoqiao gulped even more, "There is no such thing as worthy or unworthy in love, I love it. You bastard, you stole my heart. Even though you're scum, I still can't let you go. It's all your fault, it's all your fault."


                After beating for a long time and tired of crying, Mu Xiao Qiao fell asleep in Qin Ming's arms tiredly.

                Song Ying, who was sitting not far away, crossed her long legs and rested her cheeks, although there was a computer and many documents in front of her to be processed, her eyes were always looking at Qin Ming.

                Everyone in the whole world knew that she liked Qin Ming, but only she knew that Qin Ming only treated her as an important partner, or even a relative.

                But this kin was a brother and sister, not someone she liked.

                She also gave many hints, but could never get Qin Ming to truly accept her.

                Even if she was willing not to have a name and be a woman like her shadow, Qin Ming did not agree.

                Song Ying was also very anxious inside, she had lost her parents since she was a child, was taken away by people from the Huan Yu Century Group and trained intensively, and had been working as a mercenary in war-torn areas around the world in the past, living a life of guns and bullets, rolling in a sea of corpses and blood, until she met Qin Ming, she felt a touch of warmth inside her cold heart, a feeling of home, and she ushered in a change in her life.

                How she longed for more of this homely, warm feeling from Qin Ming's side.

                But now that this love was being hijacked by another woman, she was anxious.

                She was very confident in her own looks and figure, but it turned out that the women around Qin Ming were not outwardly inferior to her, and each had an uncomplicated background.

                Song Ying muttered, "Will he care about me, young master?"

                "Hmm? Of course I care about you, Little Ying." Coldly, Qin Ming's words came from the side, and he asked suspiciously, "What's on your mind?"

                Song Ying was stunned and realised that she had unknowingly said what was on her mind, so she hurriedly said, "I'm fine."

                Qin Ming said, "Have you been too tired lately, indeed, you haven't even taken a proper holiday. By the way, it's almost New Year's Eve, so you can go back to your hometown with me in your capacity as secretary to celebrate the New Year."

                Qin Ming knew that Song Ying had no relatives, and he already treated Song Ying like a relative, as if she was a family clan member, and he let Song Ying have a proper Chinese New Year.

                "Celebrate, celebrate the New Year?" Song Ying was dumbfounded, as far as she could remember, she had only ever spent Christmas Day in the West.

                And as a Chinese, the Lunar New Year was a vague memory from the age of three or four.

                Song Ying said, "Is it okay? Young master, wouldn't I be adding to your mess?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "What mess? Here in the Universal Century Group, you are different to the others. You are like a brother or sister to me."

                "......" Song Ying was still happy, but Qin Ming suddenly came up with such a sentence and directly shriveled up.

                Song Ying also came to be angry, puffing out her mouth and muttering in a small voice, "Ming Ming sleeps with Sun Changxi and is so greedy, sleeping with her again and again, treating me like a sibling, humph."

                An hour later, the chartered plane landed at the international airport in Beijing.

                Qin Ming did not inform anyone of his return this time, but after all, it was within China, and the people of the Zhao and Li families still knew it was Qin Ming who had returned through the flight information.

                Zhao Zhen was waiting early with Zhao Songli, Qin Mo, Zhao Ruoshi and some people from the Li family.

                Before getting off the plane, Qin Ming took the phone and confirmed with his minions outside the airport, "Well ...... there is no police force, well ...... only people from the Zhao and Li families, well... ...Bi Yuan and Money Leopard's assassination squad are all ready to go. Don't move around without any strange signs, hmm."

                Mu Xiaoqiao on the side was very dissatisfied, "Now you have to be so cautious even when you go home, after all, you were the one who took the credit for what happened last time."

                Qin Ming guffawed, "Even saviours have to die in front of interests. How can you not be careful. Don't worry, now that my people have slowed down, the two of them have no excuse for justice and no reason why they must be hostile. If anything does blow up, I can deal with it."

                Hoo hoo ......

                It was snowing in Beijing today, and Qin Ming was in a different state of mind as he breathed in the air of his homeland.

                He also knew that what he was about to face was, I'm afraid, another twist in his life.

                And Mu Xiaoqiao hugged Qin Ming's hand, both for warmth and to show an attitude, she did not know who Qin Ming would eventually choose, but she would not give up until the last moment, this was the man she wanted to get.

                "Here it comes ......" at the exit of the airport, someone from the Zhao family suddenly shouted out.