Rags To Riches Chapter 742

 Rokuro Yamamoto's body grew colder and colder, he knew he had lost, to a woman, only to see Qin Ming pick up the phone in his office.

                Qin Ming waved at the same time towards the dark techniques, and a junior immediately took out a voice simulator and handed it to Qin Ming.

                "It's me." Qin Ming answered.

                The person on the other end of the phone was Chang Jun Dong, who asked very anxiously, "Mr. Yamamoto, what's going on? Where are the explosives you deployed? Qin Ming's men can all go in."

                Qin Ming took the onomatopoeia and held a Japanese onomatopoeia sheet and said, "Wash the road at ease, oh grin wow kei paddle boo ......"

                Despite the non-standard speech, what came out through the onomatopoeia was exactly Rokuro Yamamoto's voice.

                As Rokuro Yamamoto looked on, he could only close his eyes in despair at last, knowing before he died that they were doomed to lose.

                On the other side, Chang Jun Dong, who thought he had contacted Yamamoto, said to Hans, who was teaming up with him, "Yamamoto said that Qin Ming was inside and had captured his woman, intending to force Yamamoto to show himself, so there was nothing moving now. At the moment Qin Ming has his eye on Mr. Yamamoto's woman and is snogging her."

                Hans laughed, "Hahahaha, this Qin Ming, he can't control his lower half, really God is with us."

                Chang Jun Dong said disdainfully, "So that Qin Ming is a waste. Mr. Hans, Yamamoto told us to wait a little longer and rush in when that Qin Ming has done something fierce."

                Hans said, "No problem, there is just one problem, they only went in with about fifty people, the rest of them are hiding somewhere."

                Chang Jun Dong said dismissively, "It doesn't matter, my snipers are all professionals, none of them can escape. We just need to clear the air with the government afterwards. Well, Mr. Yamamoto will take care of these problems for us."

                The two men looked at each other and smiled, both feeling secure in their victory.

                About ten minutes later, Chang Jun Dong received another call and immediately said happily, "The time is ripe."

                Boom boom boom ......

                Suddenly, in one of the Japanese mansions in the residential area, there was a loud bang, and all the bombs that had been ambushed early in the courtyard burst open.

                The bombs had been planted in the courtyard and exploded. Then, one of the top board members of the Oneworld Century Group, Count Flambe's surrogate, Hans, led his men into the courtyard to kill the remnants of the army inside.

                But as soon as they rushed in, they were immediately hit with a fierce blow, and a seizure worthy of a war blockbuster erupted in a private house.

                Residents a little further away wondered what had happened.

                Yet early on, members of the dark side, hidden in a safe area inside the house, came in for a major counterattack, and one by one Hans' men entered the door and fell in a wave of blood.

                And in the darkness, snipers hidden on high buildings all over the city were unaware that they had been approached and targeted by Qin Ming's men.

                By the time there was a mistake and Chang Jun Dong received the news, they were already more than half cleared.

                Chang Jun Dong listened incredulously to his men's report, "What? The sniper's position was revealed? Son of a bitch, get back to me on each number."

                "q1 in."

                "k3 in."

                "P1 in. I'm wounded, fuck, why is my position exposed? Ahhh~"

                Over the intercom, only three of the men in the position answered back, Chang Jun Dong had brought more than a dozen men with him to ensure that Qin Ming was killed in stampo, and now suddenly more than half of his own men were dead or injured?

                Chang Jun Dong's heart trembled as he listened to the howls of his men over the intercom. Why did it feel like he was fighting with a god?

                "What the hell is going on? Hans, did you succeed? Did you kill Qin Ming?" Chang Jun Dong hurriedly contacted Hans because he could see from afar that Hans' men had been storming the mansion for a long time, and the matter had become so big that the police were about to come.

                But on the other end of the line was the voice of another man, saying, "Chang Jun Dong, this is the new chief of stampo's dark division, Kojiro Momoya. Your friend, Hans, has been killed by me, but don't underestimate our dark division, you bastard. Our boss has given a death warrant that you too must be buried in Stampo, hahaha."

                Chang Jun Dong's face was stony as he immediately hung up the phone and slammed it hard on the ground, cursing, "Fuck, he's been set up, what the hell is going on? Could it be that Yamamoto is in cahoots with Qin Ming and deliberately lied to me?"

                At this moment, one of Chang Jun Dong's junior brothers came forward and said, "Boss, the car is ready."

                Chang Jun Dong did not give up and called Rokuro Yamamoto again, but he could no longer get through, and only then did his heart pity him, knowing that he had lost.

                Chang Jun Dong's face was emotionless as he said, "OK, let's go."

                On the other hand, Qin Ming had killed Rokuro Yamamoto and transferred some of the assets of the East Anglian Society, and at the same time began to eliminate traces of entering and leaving the building, while at the same time having the men from the Dark Department bring Hans back to create the illusion of a conflict between the two parties.

                After Qin Ming had done all this, he too came under the protection of his men to the streets of the Umeda shopping district, where she met Miss Chishio, who had betrayed Rokuro Yamamoto.

                Qin Ming handed over the agreed money to Chiisu Ichiji and said, "Miss Chiisu, I am afraid that when the time comes the Yamamoto family will not let you go, I suggest you leave Stampo."

                Chien Thi Yi Er took Qin Ming's money, her face had a happy expression and she said, "I know, you are a sincere person, goodbye."

                On the side, Song Ying said, "Young master, do you really want to silence her? She might tell what happened today, and there will be a lot of trouble in the future."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "One cannot stand without faith. A mere money-hungry woman is not enough to be feared. Besides, the stampo government cannot shake our Huan Yu unless he wants stampo's economy to be set back by thirty years. We in Huan Yu have much more control in capitalist countries."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Is the new president of the industry in the Stampo region, who replaced Jun Kurosaki, a new candidate, ready?"

                Song Ying slightly owed his body and said, "Yes, here are five alternative reserve cadres."

                Qin Ming took a general glance at them and said, "Now is an extraordinary time, I am afraid that if I appoint airborne directly, it will be easy for traitors to come out, you should ask Kojiro Momotani for his opinion, after all, they are all stampo himself, Momotani can be trusted, his intimidating power may be even higher than mine."

                Qin Ming asked again, "That Hans is dead, has Chang Jun Dong caught him yet?"

                Song Ying shook his head and said, "Jiang Chengwu has already brought a bunch of people to track him down. I believe there will be news soon. I suggest that you take a chartered flight back to China as soon as possible, young master. If you are late, I am afraid that most of the people from the East Anglian Society will be looking for you for revenge. As for the follow-up on the extermination of the Toei Society and the Yamamoto family, we usually leave it to those newcomers still in the training camp as an end-of-course test."

                Qin Ming knew the seriousness of the issue, and the mission to get rid of the leader of the Toei Society had gone surprisingly well, so he was afraid that if he stayed in Japan any longer, he would become a target for many forces.

                Qin Ming said, "Alright, then I won't wait for news from Chang Jun Dong. Let's go ......"

                Qin Ming was about to leave when suddenly a black car came speeding down the road and crossed in front of Qin Ming and the others, the men of the Dark Ministry immediately stepped forward to protect Qin Ming.

                But in the car was a man Qin Ming did not expect, Chang Jun Dong.

                It was the first time he had seen Chang Jun Dong in person, and he looked quite similar to Chang Hongxi.

                Chang Jun Dong lit a cigarette and swaggered over, "Hahahaha, well done, Zhao family bastard."

                The men in the dark department put their hands to their waists, ready to pull out their weapons.

                Chang Jun Dong blew out a mouthful of smoke and said, "Relax little stampoons, look at the red dots on your bodies."

                The crowd was startled, and only then did they realise that in front of them, including Qin Ming and Song Ying, a total of five people had red dots on their foreheads or hearts, which were aligned with infrared sights.

                Qin Ming and his group instantly sank down, when did this happen? They were all being targeted.

                "General! Hahahaha, the organs are all over you, you couldn't imagine that, could you?" Chang Jun Dong said very proudly, "Qin Ming, you have lost."