Rags To Riches Chapter 741

 Qin Ming mobilised all his men and prepared to raid one of Rokuro Yamamoto's Japanese-style mansions in Osaka. As long as the boss of the Toei Society was dead, its internal chaos would take over and the rest would be easy.

                Qin Ming had seen a lot of winding up after the internal oligarchic infighting within Huan Yu, where the Supreme Board of Directors only recognised the rightful heir, usually relying on the previous oligarch to establish it verbally plus in writing.

                If Rokuro Yamamoto were to die suddenly, then almost half of this line of the Toei Society would be abolished, and the various oligarchs would only come to grab the benefits of the Toei Society, regardless of how the people of the Toei Society survived, or even exterminate the family.

                Extermination was also the word that Qin Ming had seen most often in the struggle between the oligarchs.

                At this moment, Song Ying walked over and said, "Young Master, here are three sets of battle plans that I have prepared beforehand, do you think it is better to choose that one?"

                Qin Ming took a cursory look at them, each set of battle plans included important operational elements such as attack, protection, secrecy, targeting and retreat, only the way to deal with the surrounding environment and emergencies, as well as the way to enter was different.

                Qin Ming was not a professional after all, and asked, "Which one do you think is better, Xiaoying."

                Song Ying smiled sweetly, "I know both that you will definitely ask me, Young Master, so I have prepared a fourth plan."

                Qin Ming was stunned, "The fourth set of options?"

                Inside the conference room, after Kurosaki Jun sent the message, Rokuro Yamamoto and the others, who were far above the Umeda Blue building, also received the message.

                Rokuro Yamamoto oohed and aahed as he stood up, "Yossi! Toshi Kurosaki has come with a message, everything is going as planned, all we need to do is use one of my lovers/men to confuse that Qin Ming, he'll put at least half of his men to break into my mansion in Osaka, and when they're in the depths, we'll move out and kill all of their men. If it goes well, we'll be able to capture both Qin Ming and Song Ying."

                Hans clapped his hands and said, "That's awesome. Mr Yamamoto, with such a double agent, it's really half the work. It's also what Qin Ming deserves, with his name in the wrong place, people who betray him abound."

                Chang Jun Dong also praised, "Mr Yamamoto went so far as to use his own woman and men as bait, this is indeed very courageous. The more stubborn the resistance Qin Ming and the others encounter, the more convinced they are that you are in there."

                Rokuro Yamamoto responded, "Well, yes, this is a trapping ploy, I saw it on a machine warfare anime before, hahaha, our culture in stampo is vast and profound."

                Chang Jun Dong narrowed his eyes and said, "What kind of trap is that, you're just trying to catch the cicada with a mantis and the bird in the back? This Rokuro Yamamoto is too gullible, but he doesn't see any clues in this plan, and he himself is not in any danger, so I don't know if Qin Ming will fall for it. But then again, I don't have much to lose."

                Rokuro Yamamoto said, "Mr Hans, Mr Chang. Qin Ming is, after all, the current chief ally of Huan Yu, and he has already made contact with Stampo's dark side, and I'm afraid he has already finished taming it. Whether he supports the force from the outside is not yet known, and it is uncertain how many people he can bring with him, so I hope to use the power of the two of you."

                Hans said, "Very well, I'll go and set up on the spot first, I can't wait to bring this new ally down."

                Chang Jun Dong also said, "For the electronic network, just don't worry, I've brought a large group of cyber security talents with me, Qin Ming can't manipulate stampo's network. At the same time, I have brought snipers to guard every escape route."

                Rokuro Yamamoto said happily, "That's just too reliable, thank you very much."

                The triumvirate split up, and Rokuro Yamamoto sat in his high-rise office taking control of the situation and waiting for news.

                Suddenly, a phone call came in, only to hear his subordinate yell, "Boss, Miss Chisato's residence is under attack by unknown persons."

                Rokuro Yamamoto cursed furtively, "Then call back."

                "Boss, there are too many enemies, we can't fight them off. Besides, they have automatic rifles, I wonder where they came from?"

                When Rokuro Yamamoto heard this, he became even happier, knowing that Qin Ming had taken the bait.

                He said, "I'll send someone right away, all of you keep watch and protect Miss Thousand Sulphur."

                When Rokuro Yamamoto hung up the phone, the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he said, "Everything went just as planned, hahaha. I used my woman and my men as bait, how could that Qin Ming not fall for it? By the time he woke up, he had already eaten. Once he retreats, Hans' men will intercept, and with the snipers recruited by Chang Jun Dong to cover, hmmm ......"

                "That brute, bastard Chang Hongxi, who has dictated Huan Yu for decades, stirring up infighting among the various oligarchs and restricting the development of the armed forces of our Supreme Board members by various means, is finally gone."

                "This Qin Ming, I suppose, is the heir to your will, right? Thinking of cleansing us all out too, right? Oh, I'll show you the power of our Yamato nation."

                Rokuro Yamamoto rubbed his chin very proudly, feeling that this time he had succeeded in joining forces with Jun Kurosaki, and had tricked Qin Ming into victory.

                Just then, one of his sons came running in, panicking, "Father, it's not good."

                Rokuro Yamamoto grunted, "What are you doing in a panic? Taro, you are the eldest son, my heir, how can you do things so ......"


                Before the words left his mouth, a gunshot rang out and Rokuro Yamamoto stopped talking in horror, watching his son spit blood from his mouth and fall to the ground dead.

                Then, he saw Song Ying and the rest of the Dark Squad standing at the entrance of the conference room.

                Song Ying straightened his back and stood with his head held high as he said, "Report, all floors related to the Toei Society in this building are under control."

                "Impossible!" Rokuro Yamamoto shouted in horror.

                The men of the Dark Ministry cracked open the ranks and Qin Ming walked in leisurely, laughing, "How is that impossible? Tsk, you are Rokuro Yamamoto? A fine looking man."

                Rokuro Yamamoto looked at Qin Ming with trepidation, this man who he had never seen only in pictures was appearing before him today?

                How did he manage to do that? Rokuro Yamamoto couldn't figure it out.

                He tried to reach into his pocket to press the alarm, but Song Ying shot him in the hand and Yamamoto fell to the ground, covering his arm with a scream.

                The men from the dark side immediately stepped forward and put Rokuro Yamamoto in a death grip.

                Qin Ming swaggered in Rokuro Yamamoto's chair and asked, "Technical team, immediately carry out asset dumping and transfer, here are Yamamoto's fingerprints, engraved seals and whatnot, transfer as much as you can."

                "Yes!" Immediately, someone came up to manipulate and transfer the assets and wealth of the Toei Society.

                Rokuro Yamamoto's head was pressed against the tabletop, looking at Qin Ming, he asked, "How on earth did you find your way here? This place, it is only right that it is my most secret place. Even many of the cadres don't know about it, and it was also temporarily commandeered by me. Even Kurosaki Jun doesn't know about it, and he couldn't have given you information about my presence here even if he didn't help me."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Kurosaki Jun? He did have problems, but only after we captured his family was he willing to give up your plans. But I didn't find you by relying on Kurosaki Jun, guess who? It was your woman, Miss Chisumi. As soon as I got a local woman to go and tell me about you using Miss Chishio as bait, Miss Chishio decided to turn against you on the condition that I would kill you and promise her a large sum of money, hahahaha."

                "Mr Yamamoto, you end up bad at the hands of your own woman. Ask yourself, have you ever brought Miss Chisato here? She has come, hasn't she? She even got hold of some of your properties in Osaka, didn't she?"

                Looking at Qin Ming, who was laughing wildly, Rokuro Yamamoto was shaking with anger and could do nothing about it, he never thought he would lose here, it was like a gutter.

                Qin Ming beckoned, and immediately someone came forward and gave Rokuro Yamamoto a poison injection, in just a few minutes, Rokuro Yamamoto would die without a sound.

                He gritted his teeth reluctantly and sagged to the ground as he choked out, "Why? Why? Don't kill me, Qin Ming, I am willing to serve you ...... If you kill me, Stampo Tianwang will also turn against you."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "My Huan Yu's industry in stampo occupies one fifth of stampo's total economy, plus the global influence, I really don't put your stampo heavenly king in my eyes. You can go in peace."

                Within a few moments, Rokuro Yamamoto gradually lost his life, while the phone in the office rang.

                On the other end of the line, a familiar voice of Qin Ming came to mind, and Chang Jun Dong asked anxiously, "Hello? Mr Yamamoto, what's going on? Those people have attacked and gone in, where are the explosives you laid out?"