Rags To Riches Chapter 740

 Above the Umeda Blue building in Osaka, Rokuro Yamamoto came down to the middle of the conference room surrounded by many of his men.

                Not long after, another group of men came in flanked by a young man who, if Qin Ming had been here, he would have recognised as the second son of Chang Hongxi, Chang Jun Dong, whom he had seen in the documents submitted at the time.

                Chang Jun Dong shook hands with Rokuro Yamamoto in a very friendly manner and said, "Mr Yamamoto, thank you very much for your assistance."

                Rokuro Yamamoto said, "It was inevitable, Qin Ming was too arrogant and killed my son, Mr. Chang Jun Dong, I think you are the one who is qualified to be the chief ally of the group."

                Not long after, another foreign man came in, aged around fifty, with blue eyes and a hawk nose, a suit, and came in and shook hands and hugged Chang Jun Dong and Rokuro Yamamoto very warmly.

                Chang Jun Dong said, "Mr. Hans, I am grateful that the Earl of Flaming Light family is willing to help."

                Hans said, "Oh, Chang, that's a given. Our European Grand Eu were all divinely and unknowingly replaced by Qin Ming in a major bloodbath, it was shit, and I found out too late. Now that our enamel country's economy is also in the doldrums and too many industries and conglomerates are under his control, we're not having a good time either."

                Rokuro Yamamoto echoed, "Compared to you, Qin Ming is just continuing your father Chang Hongxi's strategy, which is a dangerous dictatorship, and since he reformed the military within the Huan Yu Group, he has gone down the path of dictatorship, which is not okay."

                Chang Jun Dong laughed, "Of course, I don't agree with that either, I was born in Magnesium and I'm not as pedantic in my thinking as he is. As long as I can take back the position of the alliance leader, I will carry out internal reforms to the Huan Yu Century Group. The benefits promised to you will also be fulfilled."

                "Hahahaha ......" The three laughed very pleasantly.

                Chang Jun Dong sat down again, turned his head sideways, his face changed, and said to himself, "Huan Yu is not a country, where is your mother alone? For thousands of years, haven't they all been fought over by you and me? How many people who have tried to expose Huan Yu have been silenced? It's just a way to divide up a little more of the benefits, it's really disgusting to me. Forget it, let's use you guys for now, kill Qin Ming and everything will be restored."

                After the three of them sat down, Chang Jun Dong said, "Mr. Yamamoto, this is your territory, do you have Qin Ming's whereabouts yet?"

                Rokuro Yamamoto said confidently, "I have bribed Jun Kurosaki, he will act as a double agent for us, which is a great convenience to us. But most of Stampo's secret agents follow Qin Ming's orders and the ones who don't trust him have been unreachable and I'm afraid they've been cleaned up by that woman Song Ying."

                Chang Jun Dong said, "That traitor Song Ying, my father originally used him to monitor Qin Ming, but she escaped to Qin Ming's side, in vain our Chang family has cultivated her, catch her please leave her alive, I want to teach her a good lesson."

                Hans tapped the table and said, "We just need to know that Qin Ming's whereabouts. I have also brought a team of elites over, a full fifty of them, plus your men, Mr. Yamamoto, so as long as we are sure of his location, any number of shadowy men around him will be useless. My team is the best in the army, paid for by me, and if it weren't for politics, I could have brought more."

                Rokuro Yamamoto said, "The latest news is that Qin Ming has broken through the various police barriers and entered Osaka City. Toshi Kurosaki will get in touch with him next, and we will hear from him soon, so everyone will act immediately. Both of you please follow me to the war room."

                Meanwhile, Qin Ming was at a hotel where he was staying, preparing to leave.

                Mu Xiaoqiao, who had only just seen Qin Ming, was very upset and said, "What can I do for you?"

                Qin Ming said, "You are helping me by going back to China now."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nodded unhappily, "You think I'm a burden? Hmph, I know you've worshipped Zhang Zhen Zhen as your master and are very capable of fighting."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "I am worried about you, they want to kill me, but they all have guns, they are on the principle that they would rather kill than let go, it would be dangerous for you to follow me. I know you're not afraid of danger, but I can't let you take the risk."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nuzzled her little mouth and said, "Fine, fine, I'll listen to you, I'll go back to my country. You have to be careful too."

                Hearing this reply, Qin Ming was half relieved and left in response.

                But as soon as Mu Xiaoqiao turned around, she hummed, "I'm not going back, you just look down on me and can't help, I'm going to use my own efforts and do it to show you."

                Qin Ming left the hotel and went to the place where Song Ying had arranged the meeting point.

                He went first to the dark organisation here in Osaka, a super-sized yellow entertainment venue.

                It was not considered a property of the Huan Yu Century Group, it was just something that the usual dark members who had nothing better to do had put together, after all, there were quite a few mafias here in Stampo, and it was difficult to recruit minions who did not join the establishment without money.

                Qin Ming came to the top floor and looked at the empty office building, standing in unison with a bunch of black-clad tattooed, grim-faced men and women, more than a hundred of them, the remaining heard watching live on other floors and listening to the boss's lecture.

                "Oh boo, hello boss!" One by one, they shouted in an irregular pronunciation.

                Qin Ming gestured towards the crowd and waved, and said a few words from a script he had memorised beforehand, such as today you follow me, tomorrow you will not forget everyone when you sit in the kingdom, and those members of the Dark Ministry were very excited to hear this, and the group was thrilled.

                Not all of them were Stampo nationals, but there were many foreign orphans who had been trained, survived the war, and were then released to Stampo.

                Without significant merit, it is harder to move up in this life, and move on to bigger things.

                Anyone with ambition wants to be promoted, not a mafia camouflage identity in Stampo.

                After talking and mobilising, Qin Ming met with the head of the stampo industry, Toshi Kurosaki.

                He was very polite and humble in front of Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming exchanged a few pleasantries and said: "Mr Kurosaki, the situation is special now, so you should tell us what you know as soon as possible. I can't go deep into Stampo Ben, I can only return to China and I will have the advantage in the general situation."

                Kurosaki Jun got up and bowed, "Yes, boss, I have already made contact with Rokuro Yamamoto and tricked him into trusting me, and I know where he is staying, at the Japanese garden of Itaranju, one of his lovers. Moreover, they have contacted the traditional noble magnate of the Enamel Kingdom, the Earl of Flame-light, and I heard that they have pulled a team of battle-hardened warriors over to unite against you, boss."

                Qin Ming asked, "Is there any other news? How many of them are there, for example?"

                Kurosaki Jun shook his head and said, "I'm very sorry, boss, I don't know how many people they have organised. Oh, Rokuro Yamamoto asked me to make contact with you and trick you over to the Niwa Chemical Factory, where he will then make a good setup to ambush you."

                Qin Ming frowned and looked at Jiang Chengwu, who immediately understood and sent someone to investigate near the Niwa Chemical Factory in Osaka.

                Kurosaki Jun said, "Boss, now is the best time to raid them, if it's late, I'm afraid that Yamamoto Rokuro will change places again."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Good, Xiao Ying, mobilise your men immediately for a surprise attack!"

                "Yes!" A group of men heard the order and prepared to cop their weapons and set off for a big job.

                And at that moment, Kurosaki Jun sneaked his hand into his pocket and sent a message with the mobile phone in his pocket.