Rags To Riches Chapter 739

 Qin Ming followed Mu Xiaoqiao's car, but arrived at Osaka City without any problems, and the checkpoints along the way did not check Mu Xiaoqiao's car too much.

                He was surprised and asked, "Shiao Qiao, how did you ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said smugly, "I just arrived too, and I was going to drive to Okinawa Prefecture to look for you, but then I saw many people on the road looking for someone with your picture. I have a lot of business over here in stampo and know the owner of a famous traditional kimono shop, she gave me easy access, and I borrowed this car from her."

                Qin Ming said, "Thanks to you this time, are you here to do business in stampo?"

                As soon as she said this, Mu Xiaoqiao was full of jealousy, she had come to catch the adultery seemingly live on CCTV, only to find Qin Ming in trouble again once she arrived.

                But thinking of Qin Ming, she thought of his experience on the Yongfu cruise ship, and hadn't even had the chance to ask.

                When she thought of the cruise ship, and when she thought of Qin Ming not answering her calls, she became angry.

                Once she was angry, despite all the worried words in her heart she wanted to ask, she held back and finally grunted under her breath, "Bastard, don't want to talk to you."

                "Uh ......" Qin Ming's head tilted, how come he was fine just now and suddenly he was angry again?

                The city of Osaka was relatively prosperous, as it was the second day of the New Year and there were many celebrations, which added a lot of trouble to the detection of the Toei Society linked to the police.

                Qin Ming first Jiang Chengwu went to Song Ying and asked him to mobilise the people from the dark division, as well as the president of the Stampo Ben Region, head of industry of the Huan Yu Century Group, to find out if the subordinates of the commercial group were loyal to him.

                In the past, when he was in Guangcheng, Qin Ming had met the president in charge of the industry of the Stampo Region, a rising star, and would not have too much contact with Chang Hongxi, but contact with him was necessary.

                He would not have much contact with Chang Hongxi, but it was necessary to get in touch with him. This was because Qin Ming also needed the local strength on the stampo side now.

                After the explanation, Qin Ming followed Mu Xiaoqiao to the hotel on his own.

                It was only after Qin Ming entered the hotel room that he really stretched his brow, the day and night of this chase had really made him tired.

                Mu Xiaoqiao approached the window and looked downstairs, asking worriedly, "Now even the police officers from Stampin are after you, who have you offended?"

                Qin Ming let out a long breath and said, "Stampo Heavenly King, one of his dogs."

                "Stampo Heavenly King? Isn't that a member of the royal family?" Mu Xiaoqiao jumped back in shock and looked at Qin Ming with wide, watery eyes, as if to confirm with him properly.

                But it was true that the Dong Ying Society had that kind of background.

                Basically, the members in the top board of directors of Huan Yu now were all gentry from various countries, like the Zhao family and the Yamamoto family in their respective countries, not only were they outstanding economically, they also had power to rely on, so Chang Hongxi couldn't mess with them after so many years.

                However, Qin Ming is different from Chang Hongxi, the external environment and the internal environment are also very different, but he has a reasonable excuse, this is the Toei Society first.

                "Qin Ming, you ......" Mu Xiaoqiao was a little angry at Qin Ming for not answering her calls, but now that she thought about it, she was afraid that it was for various security reasons.

                After she figured it out, she wasn't capricious anymore and obediently sat beside Qin Ming, saying, "Can't we just have some calm and steady days? It worries me to see you always getting into danger."

                Saying this, Mu Xiaoqiao slowly lay on top of Qin Ming's chest.

                Mu Xiaoqiao lamented, "How nice it would be if time could go back in time? You had just joined the family and I cherished you properly, so I wouldn't have to compete with Nie Haitang now."

                Qin Ming smoothly wrapped his arm around Mu Xiaoqiao's slender little waist and said, "Don't worry, I will give you an explanation. It's just that now ......"

                "I know, now is not the time." Mu Xiaoqiao stared at Qin Ming sorrowfully and said, "But can't you just take more care of yourself for her and me and not put yourself at risk?"

                Qin Ming was very surprised that because of his safety, Mu Xiao Qiao had dragged herself and Nie Haitang along to advise Qin Ming not to take any risks.

                Obviously, Qin Ming's safety was already higher in Mu Xiao Qiao's mind than competing with Nie Haitang.

                What more could a husband want from a wife like this?

                He hugged the woman he loved and smelled her fragrance.

                Qin Ming slowly told what happened on the Yongfu Cruise that day, as he was the one he trusted the most, Qin Ming did not hide anything.

                After listening, Mu Xiao Qiao understood more or less, Qin Ming's situation was not safe, not that he did not want to pull out, but it was difficult for him to pull out without getting all his enemies killed.

                Mu Xiaoqiao curled up in Qin Ming's arms and said, "Then you have many of them too, why do you have to be personally involved?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "I was forced to come to Stampo, plus the group is now in chaos internally, any law in the world is invalid for our Huan Yu Century Group, the volume is too big, enough to destroy a country's economy. So it has led to many people being reckless."

                "I've just come to power, if I weaken my momentum, I'll give it a low look, I want to make an example of the monkeys, this first step is the hardest, but once I've taken it, it's much easier to follow."

                "What's more, we Chinese look at things from both sides, there are good and bad things, how can my people be motivated if I, a boss, don't act? Since I am in the middle of it, I am great bait, and the enemy will be prone to take risks and reveal their weaknesses easily."

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head and said, "I don't care what big ideas you men have, I just want you to be safe and sound."

                Qin Ming assured, "Xiaoqiao, don't worry, I promise, I promise to return alive."

                "Take me to your hometown for the New Year?" Mu Xiaoqiao asked with a shy blush on her pretty face.

                "Uh ......," Qin Ming didn't dare to promise this haphazardly.

                "Humph!" Seeing that she couldn't trap Qin Ming, Mu Xiaoqiao puffed up with anger again and suddenly raised her chin and kissed him with a mouthful.


                After a long time of lips parting, Qin Ming once again felt Mu Xiao Qiao's warm and soft lips, causing his soul to tremble, such a stunning beauty, he was also on a rise of evil fire and could hardly hold it.

                He couldn't help but go up and down on Mu Xiao Qiao, caressing her softness.

                "Mmm ......" Mu Xiao Qiao also met Qin Ming's movements, and the two of them rolled twice in a row on the bed, looking like they were about to move on to the next step.

                Qin Ming's phone rang.

                Mu Xiao Qiao was annoyed and depressed as she watched Qin Ming leave her tender place, and picked up the phone.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's mouth puffed out in anger, a little jealous.

                "What? Really?" Qin Ming was surprised when he heard Song Ying's call and said, "Are you sure that Rokuro Yamamoto has arrived in Osaka?"

                Song Ying said, "Yes, the general president in charge of the stampo area, Jun Kurosaki, is a family friend of Satoshio Inoue, the head of industry in Okinawa Prefecture, and Satoshio Inoue guarantees that Jun Kurosaki is reliable. I have currently sent someone to put Kurosaki's family under control, so as to guard against him betraying us."

                Qin Ming was silent for a moment. The bigwigs of the Toei Society had come to Osaka to besiege Qin Ming in person, apparently not to die, and this was the perfect time for God to help Qin Ming!

                But Kurosaki Jun, the head of Stampo's regional industry, whom he had just contacted, had a guarantee, but what he said was still unpredictable in terms of truth and falsehood.

                Song Ying asked, "Young master, what's the next step?"

                Qin Ming said, "You arrange the meeting."