Rags To Riches Chapter 738

 Woo~! Woo~!

                Qin Ming's plan to conceal his identity went very well. With his excellent driving skills, Song Ying lost his pursuers on the Okinawa prefectural highway in the middle of the night and met up with the Dark Ministry's men halfway and took the Shinkansen to Tokyo instead.

                For that was where the Toei Society's lair was located.

                Qin Ming looked at the Dark Division's men, most of whom had been injured when chased by the Toei Society's assassins, each as frosty and listless as an eggplant.

                "You all did a wonderful job, I'm proud of you." One by one, he pacified the men of the Dark Division, with the seriously injured ordered to recuperate first.

                Qin Ming's gesture of putting himself down and calming them down had touched the members of the Dark Ministry very much.

                Because they had been trained as killing machines by Huan Yu since they were young, Chang Hong Xi had too much going on and lacked concern for them, and stampo himself was a people in great need of recognition and affirmation, Qin Ming had inadvertently enlisted their hearts and inspired their samurai loyalty.

                "Originally, I offered my blood and flesh for the young master." A few, in a flurry of excitement, led the way and knelt down to show their loyalty, while the others also knelt in unison towards Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming hurriedly helped them up and said, "Everyone should leave in batches to avoid being discovered by the people of the East Ying Society. My goal is still the same, to deal with the East Anglian Society, my plan is not to come openly with real weapons, but to engage in special assassinations, so your strength will be needed to follow up, please take care of yourselves."

                A junior captain at the head of the group said, "Young master, there are actually quite a few of us, and we all agree more with your leadership. But there are some companions keeping an eye on other betrayers all over the place, be cautious against them acting recklessly, as long as they free up their hands, our team will not be short."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, how come this was not mentioned at first?

                He asked, "Those betrayers don't have time to deal with them now, who is the leader of the Dark Ministry organisation in Stampin?"

                A few people from the dark division looked at each other and said, "The leader is a betrayer, he cooperated with Layden to assassinate you last night and was killed by the young master in return."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this Dark Ministry system was really messy enough, the Chief Captain of the Dark Ministry had even led a rebellion ah.

                "What is your name." Qin Ming asked.

                "Young master, my name is Momoya Kojiro."

                Qin Ming pointed to the junior captain Momotani in front of him and said, "Good, Momotani Kojiro, I am now appointing you as the chief captain of the stampo dark division, you only have one day to deal with the stampo dark division and return to normal, no matter what means you use. Those that are not loyal to me, dispose of them all."

                "Yes!" Momotani answered and took orders, his expression suppressed with joy, suddenly promoted from a junior captain to the chief captain of the dark division that governed the entire Stampo region, a position that in China would have been the same as Ah Long's.

                The assassination squad left in batches, so Qin Ming took Song Ying and Jiang Chengwu, found a civilian car, made some disguises and set off for Tokyo as travellers.

                When Rokuro Yamamoto learned of his son Yamamoto's tragic death, he was furious and mobilised all his forces and connections, even using the influence of the royal family to set up arrests across the country.

                Of course, everyone in the Huan Yu Century Group knew very well that it was a time of infighting within the group, and it was important to stand on the right side.

                If you stand on the right side, you will soar to great heights, but if you stand on the wrong side? If you stand on the wrong side, you'll be dead and buried.

                For those who are on the fence, I am afraid that they will just pass away for the rest of their lives.

                Some people took the initiative to contact Qin Ming, wanting to provide help, but also some people do the opposite of pretending to be loyal to try to set Qin Ming's position, but also some people out of the strong response to Chang Jun Dong brothers, want to put Qin Ming to death.

                Qin Ming passed several road blocks along the way, all by getting out of the car and avoiding detours.

                Because Qin Ming and Jiang Chengwu did not have passports, they could be checked.

                "Fuck, this stampo is too clean, find a rubbish heap, a telephone pole can't even cover it up." Qin Ming had just reached the road at the edge of the Osaka solution when he had to stop again to go around the nearby groves and villages and towns.

                But there were also many police and mafia members here in the village and town, just looking around for people with Qin Ming's photo.

                Occasionally, they even saw a group of mafia members fighting in a firefight.

                Qin Ming had to go around to the small woods outside the village.

                He was expecting the grove to be empty, but he still saw two policemen and shouted at the duo to stop from afar.

                "You guys, wait a minute."

                Qin Ming and Jiang Chengwu exchanged a glance and Qin Ming said, "The other side has weapons, do it after close range, one person at a time, no room for error."

                "Yes, Young Master." Jiang Chengwu's face was grim as he answered.

                Two policemen from the mountain patrol came over, but kept a certain distance and spoke a bunch of Japanese with a country accent, meaning to ask Qin Ming where he was from and if he was a Chinese.

                But Qin Ming did not understand, Jiang Chengwu also did not understand.

                He underestimated Jiang Chengwu and immediately pretended to have a stomachache, squatting on the ground and wailing.

                The two officers then wondered, Jiang Chengwu immediately spoke up North Korea, the two officers saw the situation, then lowered their guard and walked up and asked about the situation.

                As soon as the two approached, Qin Ming immediately jumped up and, with the advantage of strength, easily controlled them.

                Qin Ming had just got the man under control, and before he could do anything, two more people suddenly followed behind him, shouting for Qin Ming to stop, and let a dog out, which immediately pounced on Qin Ming.

                The wolf dog immediately jumped at Qin Ming. Qin Ming saw the opportunity well and kicked up, directly killing the police dog and sending it flying backwards.

                "You guys, stop it!" The two police officers who appeared behind him immediately drew their guns and ran over.

                Jiang Chengwu frowned and said, "Not good, young master, it's a two-two system patrol. It's an m60 cherry blossom revolver."

                "Retreat." When Qin Ming saw that there were people coming again, he knew that he couldn't get past this border, so he fist-fucked the man to the ground and immediately ran towards the village and town.

                As soon as Qin Ming ran, they immediately blew their whistles, knowing that this was the man the top had requested to be arrested, that was immediately sprinting at full force towards Qin Ming.

                "Stop!" The police officers coming after him were still shouting.

                Qin Ming quickly fled back to the town. There were many mafia and police officers patrolling the village and town, so if he made any unusual movements, he would immediately be discovered, and the most troubling thing for Qin Ming was that there were not as many people here as in China.

                He was about to arrive in Osaka, and the dark forces that supported Qin Ming were waiting for him, but one step away was not enough.

                Qin Ming was worried, when suddenly a car drove by and stopped.

                Thinking it was an enemy, Qin Ming was about to make his move when he saw a woman in the car, wasn't it Mu Xiaoqiao?

                "Get in the car."

                Qin Ming's whole body was confused, how did Mu Xiao Qiao appear back here? But there was no time for that, as the pursuers were coming behind him, so he immediately got into the car.

                As soon as the two of them got into the car, Mu Xiaoqiao stepped on the gas and left directly.

                When the police officers arrived behind them, there was no trace of them.