Rags To Riches Chapter 737

 "Even if you blow up the building for me, you still have to keep Qin Ming's life in Okinawa Prefecture."

                At the headquarters of the Toei Society, Rokuro Yamamoto roared at the phone, he knew very well that Qin Ming could rise in just half a year and now occupy the top leadership position of Huan Yu, most of the talents that Chang Hong Xi had cultivated for years were willing to believe his words, so it was clear that Qin Ming was not an idle person.

                Since the Toei Society's secret involvement in the assassination had been exposed, there could be no good dialogue in the future. Rokuro Yamamoto knew that the Chinese liked to settle scores after the autumn, so he must not let Qin Ming leave alive.

                After Rokuro Yamamoto hung up the phone, the two beautiful young women beside him leaned up and said, "Yamamoto-kun, even if the other side is powerful, this is still our territory, you don't need to worry."


                Rokuro Yamamoto slapped his woman and angrily rebuked, "Foolishness, which of the people who can have a place in the Huan Yu Century Group are easy to deal with? There is no law in the world that can target Huan Yu, and that is what is most attractive to us."

                "But that's also the root cause of the fact that this group has been killing each other."

                "That Qin Ming, he should never be underestimated."

                "Yukihime." Rokuro Yamamoto suddenly said with a cold face.

                "Creak." The fan door of the tatami was pushed open and a middle-aged woman walked in and answered, "Boss."

                Yamamoto said, "You take half of your men to support Okinawa Prefecture, if Qin Ming breaks through the first line of defence, you will be responsible for stopping him, remember to mobilise other mafia and local government collaborators to help. I heard that Battlefield Black Angel Song Ying is also there, so be careful."

                "Yes." Night Hime answered and then immediately retreated and disappeared.

                Meanwhile, at the Okinawa Prefecture Rizhao Hotel, an explosion caused anxiety for everyone in the hotel, followed by the fire alarm bells ringing non-stop.

                Qin Ming looked at the chaotic hotel, and the fact that all the exits downstairs were controlled by a combination of the Toei Society's men and the police, and all those entering and leaving had to be properly checked, or they could be burned to death inside the hotel.

                Qin Ming cursed, "What a poisonous scheme."

                The man from the dark division followed him and said, "Young master, Yamamoto Eidou's men are under control, what's next?"

                "Kill them!" Qin Ming gave the order coldly and said, "Since the Dong Ying Society has decided to stand in line, I could have guessed that, I didn't expect to stand so resolutely."

                A short while later, the men from the Dark Department came back, indicating that they had completed their mission.

                The group of twenty people were looking at Qin Ming, the hotel fire was just starting to burn now, but there were already quite a lot of people downstairs, so if they rushed to escape, they would definitely be arrested by the people of the Toei Society.

                There weren't any helicopters on top of the building either, and at the same time they couldn't take so many people away.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "These people from the East Anglian Society are really ruthless. This is to involve innocent people as well. You are all raw faces, you can pretend to be tourists and escape along with the other tourists."

                "Young master, what can you do?" The leader of one of the concealed troops said anxiously, "If you are caught, our existence is meaningless at all."

                Qin Ming said, "How can it be meaningless? After you escape, immediately create the illusion that I have already muddled through, so as to attract the people of the Dong Ying Society to chase you. As long as the main force of the Dong Ying Society leaves this hotel, I will also be safe."

                The captain of the dark force suddenly realized and praised, "Young master, good plan. Please rest assured that our Stampin's Dark Division will definitely not be inferior to the assassination squads in China, and will definitely not let you down."

                Qin Ming had arranged the plan and it was left to him and Song Ying.

                Qin Ming said, "Ying, the faces of the two of us, the people of the Dong Ying Society must know, so we can't go out now, the moment we go out we will be surrounded. We must wait until they have attracted the people of the East Ying Society before we can rush out."

                Song Ying said firmly, "Young Master, don't worry, with me around, no one can hurt you."


                Suddenly, there was another huge explosion and the whole building shook.

                Smoke rolled everywhere, and Song Ying looked at Qin Ming, wanting to ask him what to do next.

                Qin Ming pointed to the top of the building and said, "The fire is not that big, it's more that the building has been blasted. Let's find a place to hide and wait for news from the dark side."

                Thanks to the fact that the fire was quickly extinguished by the hotel's automatic fire extinguisher, Qin Ming did not have to worry about suffocation or being burned by the fire.

                The two men found an empty room and hid in it.

                It wasn't long before the two heard a voice from the corridor at the entrance, "Search carefully, the police department has called, feel free to make a big deal out of us."

                "Yossi, a good opportunity to make a mark tonight."

                The two men pressed themselves against the wall and heard the sound of the door locking open.

                With a click, two men walked in and saw Song Ying very frightened looking at the window, also Song Ying was prettier and attracted the two men at once.

                "Are you alone, Miss?" The man from the Toei Society asked in Japanese.

                Song Ying knew multiple languages and communicated directly, "Yes, I am frightened, are you here to rescue me?"

                "Oh, don't worry miss, come, follow me."

                The two East Anglian Society assassins walked step by step towards the middle of the room, and the moment they passed the corner of the wall, Qin Ming suddenly struck out.

                A punch was thrown at the killer's head, and the man tumbled directly sideways, his body fell hard to the ground and immediately fainted.

                "Bastard~!" The man behind him was shocked, and upon seeing Qin Ming, he immediately pulled out his gun and shot.

                When it was too late, Song Ying flung it from a distance of ten paces, a folding pocket knife flung out and directly stabbed the second killer in the heart with unparalleled precision.

                "E ......" The killer died with a sound.

                Qin Ming searched his body and got two silenced weapons.

                At this moment, Song Ying's mobile phone also rang and he said, "Young Master, the people from the Dark Department have succeeded, they have attracted most of the main forces of the Dong Ying Society, now the people of the Society are evacuating the building, they think you have escaped."

                Qin Ming nodded and ran to the window to look, and indeed he saw many cars leaving outside the hotel, I think they must be the assassins of the East Anglian Society.

                Qin Ming handed the two silenced guns to Song Ying and said, "I'm not used to using them, follow me and kill them out."

                "Yes." Song Ying took the guns and ruffled her long black hair, her eyes became sharp, Qin Ming was startled, this was a rose with thorns.

                Song Ying walked ahead, inside the chaotic hotel, layer by layer, going down, coming one by one to kill another.

                Qin Ming followed along, thinking that he had learned some kung fu and had been helped by Lin Yurou's compulsion to be strong enough to help, but as he watched, Song Ying killed the East Ying Society's men as if they were hangers-on, one shot at a time, and she was quick to touch the bodies.

                The two of them made their way down to the underground car park and had already taken out no less than twenty people.

                Song Ying's face did not change, her white dress was even more beautiful despite the bloodstaining.

                The duo arrived at a sedan, stepped on the accelerator and dashed straight out, as most of the people of the East Anglian Society had been tricked away by the people of the Dark Department, and there were no more sedans on the road for them to stop, and in the midst of the crowd, Qin Ming and Song Ying drove their car whizzing past.

                After Qin Ming escaped from the hotel, he picked up Yamamoto Eidou's mobile phone again and called Yamamoto Rokuro.

                "Yo, Mr. Yamamoto, I've escaped." Qin Ming laughed.

                "......" The big brother of the Toei Society on the other end of the phone, Rokuro Yamamoto, had a sullen look on his face, he had sent over sixty men, with weapons and other mafia help, inside a hotel, how could he still let Qin Ming get away?

                Qin Ming continued, "I'm on my way to Tokyo now, wash your neck and wait for me."

                "Damn it! Those stupid pigs." Rokuro Yamamoto slammed the phone down fiercely and said angrily, "Immediately, right now, mobilise everyone and their connections and hunt down Qin Ming!"