Rags To Riches Chapter 735

 Bai Yuchun's face turned pale with fear at Yamamoto Eidou's words. This was not a marriage at all, it was just a collusion of short-term interests.

                If she agreed, she would be a toy to be manipulated for the rest of her life.

                Suddenly, the wooden door of the tatami mat was pushed open.

                Bai Yuchun was surprised to see that it was Qin Ming, who had appeared in her life like a hero whenever he was in danger or in trouble.

                Wearing the clothes of a hotel employee, Qin Ming walked in with a plate of sushi and said, "Are you Yamamoto family worthy? It's just a fifth-in-line heir. Your chances of inheriting the Jiying Society are too low, so don't blow yourself out of proportion."

                In response to Qin Ming's sudden intrusion, the interpreter beside Yamamoto Eidou immediately stood on guard and took a ready attack stance, shielding him.

                Qin Ming, however, smiled disdainfully and walked over to Bai Yuchun, saying, "Hey, translator, translate what I just said."

                The translator narrowed his eyes and said, "Do you know who you are inviting?"

                Qin Ming laughed harshly, "Is it you Jiying Society who knows, who you are inviting?"

                "Ignorant." The interpreter suddenly got up and took a step forward, the stampo knife hidden under his kimono was immediately drawn, a quick and vicious draw technique!


                The blade slashed three inches in front of Qin Ming's throat, in a mere half second!

                Qin Ming dodged it without saying anything, power exploded in his hands, the porcelain dish he was carrying burst open, he squeezed one side of it and slashed it with his hand, turning a long bloodstain on his arm the moment the momentum of the translator's blade was gone.

                "Nani?" The interpreter, who had failed to sneak up on him and had been wounded instead, spoke Japanese in fright: "Ari Anai."

                Qin Ming, on the contrary, pointed at the translator's hand with ease and said, "From the moment I came in, you hid your hand, did you think I was defenseless? Dumb ass."

                The interpreter was surprised, "It's no surprise that you were on guard at all, but how could you possibly be faster than me? I have been practising my sword-drawing skills for over twenty years, and just now, from the time I drew my sword to your neck, it was not even half a second. Young master, this man is dangerous, please leave first."

                The words after the interpreter were addressed to Yamamoto Eidou who was standing by.

                But instead of leaving immediately, Yamamoto Eidou reprimanded, "Disgraceful thing, go down."

                The interpreter clutched his injured arm in embarrassment and stood back with his head bowed.

                In less than fluent Chinese, Yamamoto Eidou said, "Are you the man who visited the shrine with Miss Bai today?"

                "Tsk, it's not the one who speaks Chinese. How arrogant." Qin Ming said, "You'll never marry her in your life, you're not worthy."

                "Hahaha." Yamamoto Eidou threw back his head and laughed, "Just you? You are too insolent, judging from your body just now, you are not bad. But you underestimate our Japanese men, where are the Chinese."

                Qin Ming said, "I warn you only once, obey my orders obediently and you will suffer less. Otherwise ......"


                Suddenly, on the side of the wooden board of the tatami, a knife suddenly penetrated and stabbed through the wall board towards Qin Ming's body.

                Qin Ming's reaction was not too quick and he immediately sidestepped to avoid it, but he still received a stab to the arm and blood flowed.

                At the same time, a man dressed as a samurai ronin in a kimono came out of the next room.

                Wasn't that the swordsman who had stopped Qin Ming at the shrine today?

                The swordsman said, "Yah yah yah yah, you are really not afraid of death, you dare to provoke even our young master, to get killed for a woman, although quite sentimental, but too stupid."

                "Ah, Qin Ming are you alright?" Bai Yuchun was very anxious when she saw Qin Ming's arm dripping with blood.

                Qin Ming pulled her to a corner of the room and said, "It's fine, I suffered a sneak attack. Tsk, how sinister."

                The male swordsman said, "Soldiers are not afraid of deception, learned from you Chinese. You are a threat to my boss's life."

                Yamamoto Eidou was very upset when he saw that Qin Ming had avoided the fatal blow and said, "Kishimoto, waste him for me. What a bear's heart and leopard's guts to go against me."

                When Kishimoto heard the order, his eyes flashed and he came at him again, his sword was extremely quick and his grip was strong and precise.

                The tatami mats were walled on one side and a small courtyard on the other, so there was a lot of space. Kishimoto's sword was very vicious, slashing at Qin Ming's vitals, obviously not intending to kill him.

                Qin Ming kept dodging, being forced backwards.

                "You were clearly warned." Kishimoto sneered as he approached Qin Ming, catching an opening and delivering a kick.

                "Qin Ming, be careful." Where had Bai Yuchun ever seen such a battle? Her heart nestled in her throat as she looked around with an open blade and killed.

                Yamamoto Eidou's face was gloomy, the plan to marry the Bai family was an important step in his plan to enter the high society circle of the Chinese capital, the marriage with the Bai family was his springboard.

                Once he entered the high society of the Chinese capital, many aspects of the Toei Society's business would be able to stretch out, then his position in the Yamamoto family could be raised and his competition to be the heir would be extremely favourable.

                In the event of failure, he would also have to fall into disgraceful disrepute and become passive in terms of succession in the capital.

                Therefore, Yamamoto Eidou's heart was far less calm than it appeared to be.

                Yamamoto Eidou turned to Bai Yuchun and said, "Miss Bai, what can you hesitate about? Are you ignoring the plight of your Bai family? If you agree to our alliance now, I can still give you face and let him leave alive."

                Faced with Yamamoto Eidou's persuasion, Bai Yuchun took a few steps back in awe.

                By refusing here, she was betraying her family and leaving Bai Dayou without the money to continue her treatment, and she would become a Cinderella in the future, running around for her life.

                But Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming, who was still killing each other, and with determination in her heart, she clenched her pink fist and said, "Mr Yamamoto, I don't agree to this blind date, please choose someone else. Even if I lose everything, I can't lose my dignity. Besides, he, he showed up and he is fighting for his life for me."

                Yamamoto Eido questioned in annoyance, "Is this the man you are going with? Can he give you happiness? If he was one of the options for your Bai family, then why did you come to join me in marriage?"

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming with a happy face and said, "I feel happy just to see him. Mr Yamamoto please tell your men to stop immediately."

                "Damn it!" Yamamoto Eidou was furious, Bai Yuchun's refusal would defeat many of his plans, he pointed at Qin Ming in anger and said, "Kishimoto, kill him for me."

                "Inch Power!"

                But with a fierce shout, Kishimoto, the swordsman who was close after all to Qin Ming, was suddenly sent flying by Qin Ming with a fist to the chest.

                The whole man flew backwards and landed in front of Yamamoto Eidou, spitting out a mouthful of old blood, unable to stand up.

                Yamamoto, who was just screaming to kill Qin Ming, instantly froze like a wooden chicken.

                Qin Ming slowly withdrew his hand and said, "Baiyu Junchun, well said. How can you leave your own fate in the hands of others?"

                Yamamoto was so frightened that he grabbed the door and cursed, "Bastards, you give me ......"

                Before he could finish his words, a blackened pistol was held against Yamamoto's forehead, but it was Song Ying who walked in with Yamamoto's head pinned down, saying, "Young master, the scene has been cleared. It seems that these are not the same group of people who attacked the Dark Ministry."

                Qin Ming craned his neck and said, "It doesn't matter, a small fish is still a fish, it's quite good to be bait."

                Yamamoto suddenly realised that something was wrong, if it was a bride snatcher, how could it have gone this far, he asked, "Who are you people? I am a member of the Toei Society. The biggest black organisation in Stampo, if you hurt me, my father will not spare you."

                Qin Ming smiled as he walked forward, reached out and put his hand on Yamamoto, saying, "Really? Then hurry up and call your father and say, a man called Qin Ming, looking for him."

                When Yamamoto Eidou heard this from Qin Ming, he swallowed, he finally realised that this guy was not here to steal a marriage, he was here to deal with his Toei Society.