Rags To Riches Chapter 734

 "Young Master is going to take on the East Anglian Society? Isn't this too hasty?"

                Song Ying was very shocked by Qin Ming's decision, as the East Anglo Society's main base was stampo ah.

                Especially as countries had different national conditions and laws, the East Anglo Society could now even be said to be the largest mafia in stampo.

                Of course, the video that the East Anglo Society had gone for was also stifling and there was the shadow of the Heavenly King behind it.

                Song Ying had to remind: "Young master, according to our internal information of Huan Yu, the East Anglo Society was introduced into Huan Yu by the then chief ally of Huan Yu back in the days of the stampo Heavenly King before World War II, because of the degree of reform he had achieved. Now it has become the personal money-making group of the King of Stampo. It is managed by his vassal, Rokuro Yamamoto."

                Qin Ming stroked his chin and said, "Then it means that the person the Bai family wants to marry is the Yamamoto family."

                Song Ying said, "Young master, you are the one who wants to unify Huan Yu, purging the rest of the Supreme Board is inevitable, but you can't rush it. Rokuro Yamamoto will share 90% of the benefits he receives from the Huan Yu Century Group to the stampo Heavenly King every year. If we are still in stampo territory and the Yamamoto family is fucked by us, then I'm afraid we won't be able to get out of stampo."

                Qin Ming said forcefully, "Then we must move too. The Toei Society's attack on the Dark Ministry's men is a provocation to me. I know they want to sit back and watch the tiger fight, but a thousand things should not be done. If I don't fight back, I will be looked down upon by the people of the East Ying Society, and I am afraid that there will be more and more trial moves in the future."

                Seeing Qin Ming's eyes blazing with fire, Song Ying knew that he could not be persuaded.

                Qin Ming ordered, "The betrayers of the Dark Division will not come back for the time being. Xiao Ying, you immediately investigate where the Dong Ying Society is located in this city."

                She immediately answered, "Yes Young Master, I will go immediately."

                Late at night, the Rizhao Hotel, a famous hotel for decades, was also the hotel where the Bai family was related to the Yamamoto family.

                At this time, Bai Yuchun had already gone through a round of meetings in the presence of elders from both sides.

                He is now having tea with Eidou Yamamoto in a Japanese style courtyard. Bai Jingchen's intention is for Bai Yuchun to make Eidou Yamamoto feel happy by all means, preferably by rolling in bed and getting pregnant in one shot, so that the union will be a quick success.

                Because the down-and-out Bai family needs strong external support to repeat the glory of the famous Bai family of yesteryear.

                But Bai Yuchun is not that kind of person.

                Because her adoptive mother was weak and deceitful but extremely traditional at heart, her lifelong personality of devotion like an old king's cow also resulted in Bai Yu-chun being very introverted and subtle, yet stubborn at heart, while also being extremely traditional in her approach to marriage.

                She is a traditional woman who is determined to save her first time, and the countless times to come, for her husband's wedding night.

                Unable to do what her brother wanted, Jun Shirayama just sat on the tatami, sipping her rice tea in small sips.

                "Our young master Eido said that you are so beautiful, Miss Baek, even better than in the pictures." Suddenly, the interpreter on the side spoke up.

                "Ah, thanks." Bai Yuchun responded with a slightly embarrassed look.

                "Did our Young Master Young Do say that it was something I did wrong?" The interpreter asked again on his behalf, "I am very pleased with Miss Bai, what does Miss Bai think? Is it that you are waiting for the boy you went to the shrine with today?"

                Bai Yuchun looked up in surprise, "Eh?"

                She seemed surprised, how could her blind date know about this?

                And inside, she had indeed been thinking about Qin Ming, because the only person who could save her life right now was Qin Ming.

                However, she knew that was impossible, her crap, involving Qin Ming in it, it would bring Qin Ming countless troubles.

                Bai Yuchun shook her head and said, "No, that person today, is my friend in China, he happens to be traveling here too so he just talked for a while, it has nothing to do with him. I'm still thinking about it."

                Yamamoto Eidou burbled and the interpreter followed, "So it's decided then, is it? Your Bai family is in decline in China, your family no longer holds high positions in politics, and your family's business is getting worse and worse, it can't even hold on to its market value of five billion anymore, can it?"

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and lowered her head, was the family's situation more than that?

                Months of money, her father's investments had failed and she currently owed the bank over a billion, without additional investments the Bai family's wealth would shrink further.

                But the Bai family didn't have many friends in Beijing, or even in China.

                Especially with the Zhao family to make enemies, that is to create trouble, many magnificent families, in order to please the Zhao family, even if they have nothing to do with the White family, will also be malicious relative to the White family, not to mention, the Zhao family and the talented, out of the Li family is still so good relationship.

                "Yes." Bai Yuchun responded feebly, and it felt like the air had been drained from his lungs.

                "Yes, it's our Bai family that has begged others, where's the idea of that?" Bai Yuchun took a deep breath, she knew she had no choice, she raised her head and said, "Mr. Yamamoto Eidou, I have no, no ...... opinion about you either."

                Yamamoto Eidou, who was sitting across the table, smiled confidently and said, "Then you will be my wife in China, no problem, right?"

                "Eh? What do you mean by wife in Huaxia?" Bai Yuchun's body suddenly stiffened.

                Yamamoto Eidou's interpreter continued to pass on the topic on his behalf, "Hm? Didn't Mr. Bai Jingchen make it clear to you? I, Yamamoto Eidou, will not have one wife, nor will I have two. Countries, there are many other excellent women like you from famous families as my wives, and whenever I have work to do in China, you will accompany me as my wife and do your wifely duties. Of course, you will have to bear and raise my children, and I will pay for them, so you don't have to worry about starving to death. Without my orders, you must not move around, understand?"

                When Bai Yu Chun heard this, she drew a cold breath of fear. It was like a pet in human form, a pet to be called and waved away, and to listen to its orders.

                No, what was the difference between this and a domestic animal? It is simply a human being who is a tool for conception.

                Bai Yu Chun asked, "Why do you need so many wives?"

                Yamamoto Eidou said in a very ordinary way, "Why? Of course it's for elite selection, what about raising the next generation, but you have to compare more. Isn't there a saying in China that the nine sons of a dragon are different from each other? Famous women from all over the globe have given birth to my children, and only the ones with the best genes and abilities will be received by me and nurtured as the heirs of my Yamamoto family."

                "Moreover, the growth of the family will also benefit the development of the industry and even the pawns of the alliance."

                "Oh, but rest assured, Miss White, that I am one of the Yamamoto family's heirs, not a wife to be used for political alliances."

                "Moreover, my real fiancĂ©e is a woman from the Abe family, and mine is a strong candidate to take control of the Toei Society in the future."

                "This time, when we join forces, our Toei Society will invest in your Bai family's loss-making projects, and if we do, we will all have money to earn. Moreover, if you stay in China, it will be even better if our children can take over the interests of the Bai family in the future, no, that is also inevitable, I am sure that my children with Miss Bai will be excellent."

                Bai Yuchun looked at Yamamoto Eidou, who was talking so highly and complacently in front of her, and the expressionless interpreter, and her three senses completely collapsed, she was terrified, as if she was in the den of a beast, and her fate was to be eaten.

                She was already terrified beyond words and her whole body was trembling.

                "Save me, Qin Ming, save me ......" Bai Yu Chun bit her lips tightly, she had nothing else to think about at this moment, but to hope that the heavens would give her a miracle.

                Clatter, dong~!

                The wooden door of the tatami mats was pushed open and a contemptuous and rude rebuke rang out: "You really think of yourself as an emperor and the whole earth as your harem? Is that the extent of the Yamamoto family? Yamamoto Eidou, you still want to own this woman? You are not worthy!"