Rags To Riches Chapter 733

 Qin Ming was worried about how to protect his two boys when the sound of a helicopter rotating its propellers came from overhead.

                A woman jumped down in the air, and against the sunlight, Qin Ming saw a flash of pink panties.

                As the woman approached, Qin Ming recognised that it was Song Ying!

                Song Ying had a bouncy rope hanging from her back, and when she fell less than five or six metres, she suddenly pulled out her silenced gun.

                Those betrayers from the Dark Ministry were shocked and immediately raised their guns to shoot.

                Unfortunately, they were too slow, there were snipers pointing at them from above the plane, and at the same time, Song Ying's gun speed was no match for them.

                Four shots were fired in quick succession, all of them hit and all of them were killed.

                After pulling the elastic rope upwards, Song Ying immediately untied it and jumped down in the air, but in Qin Ming's direction.

                When Qin Ming was stunned, he stretched out his hand and smoothly caught Song Ying, giving her a princess hug.

                Song Ying's heart nest trembled, in fact she just wanted to land beside Qin Ming, she didn't expect Qin Ming to catch her, that's why she changed her posture, when Qin Ming hugged her, Song Ying's heart blossomed.

                "Young master, I'm late." Song Ying said shyly.

                Qin Ming said happily, "Not late, just in time. Have you resolved the domestic matters?"

                Song Ying nodded and said, "Yes, because of the Zhao family, things calmed down very quickly. After all, Young Master, your true identity has changed and the Zhao family has also contributed to help."

                Thinking about his true identity, Qin Ming also had a headache and asked, "When the Yongfu cruise ship docked that day, did the Chinese army come on board and search the ship?"

                Song Ying's face froze as she said, "Yes, there were. The one in command knows Li Anping, he is a high ranking officer in the army and a member of the Li family."

                Qin Ming nodded, "I was right to take a detour, leaning ashore in that situation would have reduced me to a hostage long ago."

                As the two men were talking, suddenly a dozen black cars sped up the road outside the factory and a group of men in typical stampo gangster dress came pouring in.

                A middle-aged man in the lead looked at the scene and then at Qin Ming and the others.

                Suddenly, he led more than twenty people to bow towards Qin Ming at the same time: "Oh hush, young master. Secretary Song!"

                Song Ying's expression darkened as he disgruntledly stepped forward to teach a lesson, speaking fluent Japanese, "You're late, a full hour later than I had scheduled. Ryuguwon Shinpei! I gave you instructions not to put the young master in danger, and this is how you respond to me? Look at all the dead bodies on this ground, do you want to be part of it?"

                The man in the lead immediately fell to his knees and said, "I'm terribly sorry young master, but we were an hour late because we were attacked halfway by the Toei Society. If you don't believe me, please take a look at our driving record, and the bullet marks from the car shock, and also, some of our members were injured."

                "The East Anglian Society? One of the members of that top board." Qin Ming looked at the individual members who had all been shot, and knew that things were not going to be easy.

                He was currently in a rather passive position and didn't want to make any more enemies, moreover, these were people who were willing to support him and should be bought off properly.

                Qin Ming thought about it and said soothingly, "You are all loyal and righteous warriors, true warriors who possess the spirit of Bushido. I do not blame you for being late, but rather I am touched that I will reward you heavily for what happened. Besides, I am not made of glass, and I can solve this little problem of a dozen men attacking me on my own. I'm counting on you for future security."

                When those members of the Dark Division who had arrived saw that Qin Ming did not reprimand them, but instead spoke nicely, they were all very touched, especially those who had been injured by the attack when they arrived, and were even filled with tears.

                All of them said with one voice, "Yes! Young master! I am willing to go through fire and die for Young Master."

                Song Ying saw this wave of courtesy from Qin Ming to buy the hearts of the people, and she said reverently, "Young Master, I was impulsive just now, and at times like this, I really shouldn't be overly harsh."

                Qin Ming patted Song Ying's shoulder and said, "You will never need to blame yourself for me. You are the person I trust most in Huan Yu. I am relieved that you have come so early."

                Suddenly being well received by Qin Ming, especially when Qin Ming's big, pale hand grabbed her shoulder, made Song Ying's heart beat faster and her cheeks flushed scarlet as she said shyly, "Young Master, this is my job. Doing my job well is basic."

                Qin Ming said, "All right, this is not the place to talk, you can ask them to take care of the scene first."

                Getting into the car, Qin Ming could finally relax his tense nerves, now that he was surrounded, with the protection of the Dark Division and Song Ying around, he didn't have to worry too much about having to be attacked while sleeping.

                Song Ying sat to the side and reported to Qin Ming on the work that had been done in China over the past few days, as well as the meaning of the Huan Yu Group's magnesium countries and the whole of America being out of jurisdiction at the moment.

                Meanwhile there was quite a lot of turmoil on the Chinese and Asian side, but because the people in the assassination squad had all been replaced by Qin Ming and were all Qin Ming's direct descendants, those in charge of the industries did not dare to act recklessly and were still relatively honest.

                The European side, because Qin Ming once promised the head of the whole big eu is Pete? The company's business is a very important part of the economy.

                Qin Ming asked: "Of the four patriarchs, Feng Dongxiang stand us, has gone to South America to stabilize the situation there. Huang Jin has died, I plan to promote Yang Xiao Xuan to the top, although he is of Chinese descent, he was raised in Magnesia and is completely Magnesian. He also comes from the Chamber of Commerce and is an experienced gangster."

                Song Ying nodded, "Yang Xiaoxuan has certain talents in both business and combat, and can take Huang Jin's place."

                Qin Ming nodded again and said, "Maine? Did Hathaway get in touch? What's her attitude? She was quite happy with me in the beginning. It's just that times have changed."

                Song Ying said, "She is verifying your words, young master, and the words of the two brothers, Chang Jun Dong, and wants to know the truth. I have investigated about her, she was being chased by her enemies back then, and it was Chang Hongxi who saved her and helped her take revenge, so she is very grateful to Chang Hongxi. That's why she can't know the truth."

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin, "That's also a hidden danger, but there's no time to bother with him now. What about the last of the Four Patriarchs? Oh, I remember, it was Uncle Duan, the guy pushing the wheelchair behind Chang Hongxi, who is also dead."

                Song Ying nodded: "Young Master, in fact our biggest problem at the moment is North America, or more directly, it should be Magnesium, which accounts for 30% of the Huan Yu Century Group's interests and cannot be lost. If we can't recover it in the long run, the other members of the top board might have a problem with it, and it won't be good to set off a bigger assassination campaign then."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted as he said, "Yes, everyone is watching me and wants to see how I die. But then, they also overestimate the Chang brothers and underestimate me too much."

                "Then let's make an example of them first."

                Song Ying was puzzled, "Then who is Young Master going to make an example of?"

                Qin Ming took out a wooden plaque, wasn't it the same emblem that someone from the East Ying Society had thrown at him?

                Qin Ming said cruelly, "The East Ying Society, it has offended me in every way. Against my friends, against my men, against me, I am going to show them that I, Qin Ming, am not a fierce dragon but a river!"