Rags To Riches Chapter 730

 "Oooh ......" Bai Yuchun suddenly burst into tears, lowering her head, tears rustling down.

                Qin Ming was more torn, and he was busy comforting her, "What's wrong? Is it because your brother and sister-in-law didn't do a good job?"

                Bai Yuchun suddenly looked up and asked, "How did you know that my brother and sister-in-law had come to see me again? However, they didn't give me a hard time like they did before."

                Qin Ming asked again, "So did they help you?"

                Bai Yuchun was stunned and suddenly asked, "Did you ask them to come to me? To help me?"

                "Uh, well ......" Qin Ming did not want to say yes, because in his eyes, it was nothing, since Bai Dayou had changed his ways and they had a twenty-year brother-sister relationship, he was just doing it as a favor.

                But unexpectedly, Bai Yuchun cried and cried again, "Brother he was beaten into the hospital by our Bai family in order to help me, whoops ......"

                "......" Qin Ming narrowed his eyes speechlessly, that Bai Dayou ah, really can't be relied on, in the past, being an evil person was flourishing, this good person was directly beaten into the hospital.

                Qin Ming felt somewhat responsible for overestimating Bai Dayou's level. Seeing Bai Yuchun crying so sadly, he kindly consoled him, "Come on, don't cry, it's okay. If you have anything to tell me, you still trust me, right? We are good friends. I'm not much of a good person, but I'm not above sticking my neck out for my friends."

                "Oooh ...... Qin Ming ......," Bai Yuchun cried even harder to control when she heard these gentle words.

                Suddenly, she flung herself into Qin Ming's arms, as if releasing the pressure left and right, removing all pretense, only by snuggling up to the person she liked and letting out a cry could she feel the pain.

                Qin Ming opened his mouth, feeling that this was inappropriate, after all, he was a man who was a father-to-be.

                There were three other women at home waiting for him to go back and make arrangements, and it would be bad to mess with another one of these.

                But he was soft-hearted, he knew a bit about Bai Yuchun's situation, she was a soft woman on the surface, but inside she was very strong, she could let go of everything and cry, so it was clear how much trouble Bai Yuchun had encountered.

                Qin Ming looked around and saw that no one was there, so why should he be the one to go along with it? She needed comfort at this time.

                He wrapped his arms around Bai Yuchun's small waist, which was so slender and light that it was comfortable to hold, and the faint scent of her body, with the strands of her hair rubbing against the tip of her nose, made Qin Ming's mind wander.

                After crying for a long time, Bai Yuchun finally recovered her emotions and settled down in her heart.

                She raised her head to look at Qin Ming, and suddenly her pretty face was scarlet, before she realised that Qin Ming had been hugging her, she was so happy in her heart, she didn't know why, as long as Qin Ming was by her side, it was as if she had the whole world at her fingertips, and she wasn't afraid of anything.

                Bai Yuchun thought about it and said, "Actually, I ......"

                Bias Bai Yu pure is about to say, suddenly two men and a woman, holding a camera device and microphone came over this way.

                Moreover, the cameras were labeled with cctv, surprisingly it was a domestic TV station that seemed to be here for an interview.

                The female host said, "Ah, there are so many people, there's not enough material for the interview. Er? There are two over here."

                When the hostess saw Qin Ming and the two of them, she came over and asked in Japanese, "Hello, are you local people?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm from China. I'm here for tourism."

                The hostess was delighted and said, "Oh, so you're a tourist, that's great, can you give us an interview? We are from the CCTV network live radio station about our Chinese compatriots going out to celebrate all over the world on New Year's Day this year, and really, it's really hard to find your compatriots here in Okinawa."

                An interview?

                Qin Ming didn't want to participate in something so boring.

                He shook his head and said, "No, please don't disturb us."

                The hostess was stunned and said awkwardly, "Don't be so cold, young man, we're still one material short of closing time, help us out."

                Qin Ming scratched his head, looked at Bai Yuchun and asked, "What do you think?"

                Bai Yuchun said, "I think it's okay, being on TV hey, my dream as a kid was to be on TV too."

                Qin Ming said, "Then you do the interview, I'll wait aside."

                In the end, Bai Yuchun was the only one to be interviewed.

                After the hostess prepared herself, she said, "Hello, friends and viewers, while the whole country is celebrating the arrival of the New Year's Day holiday together, many domestic tourists have chosen to spend their holidays in the pleasant climate of Okinawa Prefecture, which coincides with the New Year in stampo, so it can be described as lively, standing beside me this is Miss Bai ...... Please ask Miss Bai, did you just have a falling out with your boyfriend?"

                "Eh? Boyfriends? They, we ......" Bai Yuchun panicked when she heard that, how could she answer this? How could this host not follow the rules?

                At this time, the anti-camera staff turned the camera towards Qin Ming who was standing aside playing with his mobile phone.

                When the camera came back, Bai Yuchun was already blushing like an apple, still not knowing how to answer.

                The hostess laughed, "It seems that our Miss Bai is very shy. Then may I ask Miss Bai, nowadays our country's living standard has improved and many people choose to travel for holidays, may I ask are you happy?"

                Bai Yuchun, still in a daze, said shyly, "My surname is Bai. Oh no, I'm happy, happy ......"

                The hostess laughed, "Hahahaha, I can see that you came here with your boyfriend for a trip, right?"

                The camera's lens turned again towards Qin Ming, who was still playing with his phone with his head down.

                Bai Yuchun felt compelled to explain clearly, as much as she wanted to, it was either that or not.

                She hurriedly said, "He, he's not my boyfriend."

                "Oh, so Miss Bai is already married, it was my mistake." The hostess hurriedly corrected, after all, the two had just hugged each other, so if they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, then they were husband and wife.

                "Ah? This, this ......" Bai Yu Chun was speechless, how did this get darker and darker?                But her mind fantasized for a moment, if she was really Qin Ming's wife, how good would that be?

                But just that momentary fantasy made her joyful and her happy expression spilled out.

                The cameraman was very keen to catch such a shot. This is national happiness! Excellent publicity material!

                The hostess asked again, "So, Miss Bai, are you satisfied?"

                Bai Yuchun, already a little dizzy, said, "I, I am Han Chinese. Oh, I am content, I am proud that my country is now rich and strong."

                The camera pulled back to the host as the hostess rattled off the closing terminology.

                When the interview was over here, Qin Ming walked over and said, "Let's find a quiet place to talk."

                Bai Yuchun nodded and followed behind Qin Ming.

                At this time, the live broadcast of this scene was released on a television channel far away in China.

                A sultry and indignant voice came out from the middle of a certain luxury flat.

                "That bastard!!!"


                With a loud bang, Mu Xiaoqiao angrily grabbed a remote control and smashed it against the television screen.

                Ten minutes later, she went out the door while holding her suitcase on the phone and said into the phone, "Xiao Li, there's nothing more for the company at the end of the year, I have to go on a business trip, so you can take care of anything first."