Rags To Riches Chapter 73-74

 Chapter 73

When Bai Yuchun invited Qin Ming, her mother, He Menggu, had no problem with it, but her sister-in-law was the only one who had a strong opinion.

                Sister-in-law Bai chattered, "What's the point of going? This kid didn't save me from death in the bar last time. It's obvious that Pure has the money to temporarily ease the debt, but he has to handle Pure and ignore me."

                Bai Dayou glanced at Qin Ming, his chin held high and his nose hair pointing upwards, he grunted, "Bastard, look at your poor face, do you have a crush on my sister?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this couple was really a pair of unruly people, a good match under the sun.

                Seeing this Bai Dayou, Qin Ming felt surprised again.

                At first he thought that Bai Yuchun's mother, He Menggu, was too ordinary looking and thought that she had been beautiful when she was young, but she had worked too hard and had lost her shape in her old age.

                When he saw Bai Dayou today, he saw that this guy was also very shabby looking, with a face full of pockmarks, a mouthful of betel nut teeth, and nose hairs that stood out in particular.

                He wondered if Bai Yuchun was the one they picked up. Is he too genetically mutated? Or was their dad the most beautiful man in the world?

                Never mind, Qin Ming didn't think it was appropriate to ask on this occasion.

                But he was not one to suffer losses either, and he said, "What's the matter? Did you give Nian Lao Liu a penny of your 11,000 interest this month? Did he find someone to stab you again? Were you missing a finger or a hair when you left the bar?"

                Sister-in-law Bai pooh-poohed and said with disgust, "That ...... was someone being kind or afraid of getting into trouble with the police, none of your business. Don't flatter yourself. You dumb ass, say something, your sister is cheated by this outsider, good cabbages are given to beggars."

                She felt that her sister-in-law had insulted her by saying such nasty things in front of her.

                But as soon as she saw her brother and sister-in-law shriveled up again and turned into a good rabbit.

                Bai Dayou said, "Kid, have you bought a car yet?"

                Qin Ming shook his head, he personally really did not buy a car, but today there is this idea, buy an ordinary domestic car low profile, and have a car family, in the future will not go out and be ridiculed poor? The car is a good choice for you. The car is not a car.

                Bai Dayou asked again, "So do you have a house in Guangcheng?"

                Qin Ming also shook his head, he personally did not buy a house, but after today he also had this idea, the manor of the cloud hilltop villa was too big a target, he could easily be identified, it was necessary to buy a new house for emergencies.

                Bai Dayou asked again, "Do you have a deposit?"

                This time Qin Ming nodded, he had asked Song Ying for half a million earlier, the money in his card hadn't actually been touched, he had given his classmate Zhang Xiaoyan a live bounty and hadn't spent it much, then he gave Nie Haitang a million on the pretense of stock speculation and she gave back 100,000 as hard cash, so there was still over 300,000.

                "Tch, huh, a poor man." Sister-in-law Bai said in derision.

                Qin Ming sensed that something was wrong, was this couple planning to mock him so that he would know what to do?

                How unexpectedly, Bai Dayou excitedly stepped forward and rubbed his hands together, saying, "How much is there? You know, your brother owes me half a million dollars in loan sharks, so make an IOU and lend it to me, and I'll pay you back when I win the money back. How's that? Promise brother that I won't object to you and my sister being together in the future."

                "Brother!" Bai Yuchun instead pouted and stomped her legs in anger, and actually didn't have much of an objectionable attitude.

                Qin Ming had a dark face, this couple was more nervous than the other, not following the usual rules.

                Sister-in-law Bai was still very angry with Qin Ming and said, "He is a poor student, how much money can he have? I lose if I have 20,000."

                Bai Yuchun was dissatisfied, "Qin Ming knows how to speculate in stocks, he's very good. He also works part-time, so he must have saved a lot of money."

                Qin Ming said in surprise, "Where did you hear that?"

                Bai Yuchun pursed her lips in embarrassment, "Didn't you buy me a smartphone? I logged on to the school network and found many posts about you."

                The school website, Qin Ming was indeed a "celebrity" a while ago, but this girl didn't seem to be too angry after reading about her past, so Qin Ming felt a bit comfortable.

                Perhaps it was because of love, Bai Yu Chun was the type of person you wanted to bully, but also the type you wanted to protect.

                Qin Ming instantly had a better impression of the oddball Bai Dayou.

                Qin Ming had always disdained showing off, but today he couldn't help himself and directly took out his mobile phone bank to show off: "It's not much, more than 300,000."

                "With a poof, Bai's sister-in-law knelt down, crying and wailing, "Big brother, sister-in-law is wrong. I'm a rural woman, I'm just jealous, jealous of your excellence. When you saved me at the bar earlier, I resented you. In fact, I knew that you wanted me to change my ways, but I have already done so. Sister-in-law has stopped messing with those unclean things. Just help sister-in-law."

                Bai Dayou was also excited as he held Qin Ming's hand and said, "Brother-in-law, can you lend your brother a little, not much, just 100,000, brother will give you an IOU, yes, let's have dinner together later, let's get acquainted properly."

                When Bai Yuchun heard this, she immediately turned red with shame: "Aiya, brother~! What are you talking about."

                Qin Ming was crying and laughing, this family were really living treasures, and he was sorry to have missed the scene of them making a scene in the hospital.

                Qin Ming would not be easily fooled. This brother and sister-in-law had cheated Bai Yuchun with fake banknotes and disregarded the life and death of his mother, and now they had sold his sister out for money.

                He Menggu came at this time and said, "Hey, what are you kids doing standing in front of the hospital, your Aunt Lian has already arrived, and they are driving here as a family."

                The group walked to the intersection, only to see an old couple standing in a Honda Gorey, a girl in the car playing with her mobile phone, sullenly.

                He Menggu enthusiastically stepped forward and said, "Ah Lian, Dayou, Chun Chun, call someone."

                Bai Dayou called out plaintively, "Auntie."

                Bai Yuchun was much more polite: "Hello Aunt Lian, hello Aunt Father, hello Cousin Peach. I'm sorry to make you all come all the way here."

                The rather stylishly dressed Aunt Lian, He Menglian, said as she stroked her hair, "It's nothing, gee, who made your mother my sister, we're just two sisters, and since we're both in Guangcheng, we have to take care of each other."

                Bai's sister-in-law grunted in a low voice, "Take care of her, my ass. She lost a thousand dollars when her mother was hospitalized, and she said it was for funeral expenses.

                The voice was not loud, but it was audible.

                Xie Guangkun couldn't hold his face anymore and said, "Okay, don't stand here in the hospital and talk. Get in the car. Tao Tao's boyfriend has already booked a table at the teahouse. By the way, you guys have a car, right?"

                He Menglian said angrily, "How can they have a car? If they had a car, they would have taken it for gambling. Xiaochun, you and your mother should get in the car. Is this boy your boyfriend? Isn't your brother injured, let him help your brother."

                Bai Dayou immediately said, "Where are you going? I'm not talking about the teahouse next to the hospital, okay? The teahouse is so expensive, how can I afford it?"

                Xie Guangkun said disdainfully, "Of course I know you don't have any money. When was your family ever rich? This meal is on us."

                He Menglian rolled her eyes and said, "No, our old Xie has been earning more and more these days, and he has bought a new car. Of course, our Tao Tao is even more capable, her boyfriend is a rich second generation, driving a BMW."

                The more He Menglian said, the happier her face became, and the more proud she was, the more she suddenly turned to her elder sister He Menggu: "Sister, I'm not repeating old things. You shouldn't have married that bastard Bai Jingting in the first place, everyone said you married well at first, but I married poorly, huh? Now that bastard Bai Jingting has a lot of debts and he's all gone."

                Auntie Bai was speechless and nodded uncontrollably.

                Xie Tao on the passenger side lost her temper, "Mom, have you guys talked enough? Can't we talk again at the teahouse? My boyfriend is getting impatient, there's so much pushing going on."

                "Okay, okay, okay, let's go." Xie Guangkun said, "Hey, do you guys have a car?"

Chapter 74

Bai Dayou said, "We don't have a car, so you can drive us back and forth twice."

                Bai Dayou was also thick-skinned, and his daughter-in-law was even more odd, saying, "Why don't you pack up and come back to the hospital to eat? We have to discuss something with the hospital later, so it's good that you're here to help."

                He Menggu chided, "How can that be? Dayou, your Aunt Lian's family is kind enough to invite us to dinner, but you can't be that rude."

                Xie Guangkun grunted, "Tao Tao's boyfriend booked the China Grand Hotel, a famous Michelin restaurant in Guangzhou, you may not be able to eat there in your lifetime. Can't afford to treat you? How shameful are you?"

                Xie Guangkun's words made Bai Dayou and his wife speechless.

                Qin Ming said, "Forget it, you guys get in the car, we'll take the car there later."

                He Menglian took a look at Qin Ming and said disdainfully, "Kid, are you pure and pure boyfriend? Tsk, you don't even have a car, it's too shabby, right? Not to mention the joint venture brands, domestic ones are also cheap, you can't even afford one forty to fifty thousand? How dare you court Pure?"

                Bai Yuchun said with a stern face, "Aunt Lian, Qin Ming is very nice."

                He Menggu also said, "Aiya, Ah Lian, that's all the children's business, we don't care so much, it's good if the children are happy."

                He Menglian demurred, in a parental tone, saying, "Ah ah, how can that be, haven't you learned your lesson enough back then? At least Pure calls me aunt, how can I watch her jump into the fire and not care?"

                Qin Ming didn't want Bai Yuchun to suffer unnecessary speculation, and said, "We're not in a relationship, I'm just one of Pure's many suitors, and it just so happens that at noon, Brother Bai invited me to have a meal together."

                Bai Yuchun was startled and looked at Qin Ming incredulously, saying, "Not ......"

                He Menglian said with disgust, "Aiya, then you are really thick-skinned. We family dinner, you hard to put together a face to come, no car to help make up for the help, but also lick the face to come ah? Pure, you really need to think seriously about such a man."

                Xie Guangkun also said, "Young man, it doesn't matter if you are poor, you have to have ambition. It's good that you rented a car, you have a car and we don't have to come all the way over here. Don't say you don't know how to drive, right? Although my Tao Tao's boyfriend's car was paid for by his family, he has also taken the driving test."

                Qin Ming scratched his nose, how did this sound a bit familiar, suddenly Qin Ming felt that the two Bai Dayou couples were a bit more cute instead, they were more straightforward, and it was good to have money.

                Suddenly, Xie Tao in the car burst out again: "Are you guys bored? Why don't you go to the teahouse and talk? Do you have to stand on the road in this heat? I told you a long time ago that I don't want to hang out with poor relatives, but you still insist on dragging me here. I even asked my boyfriend to locate me, and I asked him to wait for a table.

                He Menggu was so embarrassed by a junior that she kept apologising, "Tao Tao, I'm sorry for delaying your business, I'm sorry. All right, let your cousin and the others go by themselves in the car, it's time to leave, let's just go."

                Xie Tao grunted, "It's long overdue, people are poor and have a lot of things to do, and they're still rubbish."

                He Menggu got into the car, but Bai Yuchun didn't. She bit her lip and said, "I'll go with Qin Ming in the car."

                But Qin Ming pushed her and said, "Are you sure you want to leave your mother alone? Look after your mother, I'll be there soon."

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming with some guilt in her eyes was sorry, but for a while did not know what to say, while Qin Ming was protecting her, she always felt that she owed more and more to Qin Ming.

                After Xie Guangkun's family left, Bai Dayou actually went back to the hospital with his wife in his arms?

                Qin Ming asked, "You just left your old mother and sister like this?"

                Bai Dayou said, "I told them to make do with a meal at a small restaurant near the hospital, but they insisted on seeing some bullshit Michelin, they might as well have a roadside Sha Xian snack. I'm the patient, okay?"

                Sister-in-law Bai also said, "Our family is in such a difficult situation, and they don't pay for it, so they are always sneering and looking for face. Only someone like Mum would go along and scold our poor relatives, saying how great her family is? What's so great about her family? You think we don't know what we're talking about? BMWs, Audis and Mercedes are the only luxury cars."

                Pfft, Qin Ming couldn't help but laugh, this Bai's sister-in-law looked quite funny, she still knew what a luxury car was?

                If the two of them didn't go, Qin Ming could only go by himself.

                Thinking about going their separate ways after dinner later, Qin Ming would have to drive Bai Yu Chun's mother and daughter back.

                He asked Ah Long to drive a big Mercedes Benz, a bodyguard's car, to take him to the Grand China Hotel.

                Qin Ming sat in the passenger seat, and when he saw Ah Long's appearance, he looked like one of those super bodyguards or secret agents in the movies, his eyes and movements were all very dominant and sharp.

                Qin Ming chatted with him about family matters and said, "The six months' salary I gave you last time, is it enough?"

                Ah Long's heart moved and he said, "Just enough. My brother had to pay a lot of money when he was killed by a fatigued driver in a truck. I was in a hurry and my fiancee's family had postponed the wedding because of this, so I went into informal debt collection. My father even said he wanted to thank you in person for saving my family by giving me such a large advance on my salary. My fiancĂ©e also said she had to thank you properly for being a moonshiner."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "We're family members, no need to be polite, let's have dinner with uncle again sometime. By the way, when you're usually with me, don't be so nervous, act it out and look ordinary. Your temperament ...... is too strong."

                "Young master, I will try to act as ordinary as possible."

                Ah Long was slightly embarrassed, he was not a professional actor, but he also understood what Qin Ming meant, Qin Ming usually kept a low profile, then Ah Long had to keep a low profile when he followed Qin Ming.

                When they arrived at the China Grand Hotel, there were quite a lot of people coming and going here, and parking spaces were tight.

                Unluckily, Xie Guangkun's car was stopped at the entrance, and his wife argued loudly with the doorman: "How can there be no parking space? The underground garage is full, isn't there one over there?"

                The doorman explained, "That's the leader's special area, no one knows when the leader will come if they don't park there."

                He Menglian said in annoyance, "You are so annoying, we are here for dinner, we have booked a place, and still we are not given a place to eat."

                The doorman said helplessly, "You can park opposite the mall, it's only three hundred metres, and you can park for free with our small ticket."

                Aunt Lian was furious: "Three hundred metres is a long way to go. We are guests, is this how you treat them?"

                Ah Long drove straight in, as this China Grand Hotel was also one of the properties Qin Ming was about to inherit. The electronic gate at the entrance here had the license plates of all the cars he needed on a daily basis in Guangcheng to land.

                He Menglian beside the Georgian car was so angry that she stomped her foot and pointed at the Mercedes, shouting, "Hey? How can that big Ben get in? You guard dogs, you see our car is not a big plate deliberately to make things difficult, right? You're letting in a Mercedes? Let your manager out."

                A few of the doormen's faces darkened, those who were security guards hated being called watchdogs.

                Qin Ming had also watched the door at the bar, and he had also experienced what it was like to be ridiculed by Li Meng as a watchdog, it really hurt too much.

                What makes you an outsider to slander for no reason?

                The doorman was still in a good temper and said fiercely, "That's our boss's secretary's bodyguard's car!"

                "Bullshit!" Aunt Lian yelled, pointing at Qin Ming who had just gotten out of the car, "Is that man your boss's secretary's bodyguard? That man is with us. Hey, that who, come here."