Rags To Riches Chapter 729

 The banquet scene, outside the laughter and singing and dancing of the upper class people of the capital.

                Yang Lu was very anxious to find Qin Mo, she had already heard some news, some news that was bound to be made public in the future.

                So she had to do justice to her daughter, that damned Qin Ming who had knocked up his family's daughter's belly!

                Sun Renli and Yang Lu only had such a daughter, although her daughter was a bit rebellious, but she did not expect to be so rebellious as to get pregnant before marriage, this was something that would bring shame to the Sun family and be nailed to the pillar of shame if word got out.

                The noblewomen of Beijing who chewed the cud would make such a common problem in China today as embarrassing as it could be.

                On the other side, Lin Yuanwang narrowed his eyes and looked at Sun Changxi, observing her for a while before saying, "This Sun family's waifu seems to be pregnant. How come you're so indisputable? You didn't get pregnant twice?"

                Lin Yurou flattened her mouth in aggravation and said, "It's a safe period, I can't control it either."

                Lin Yuanwang added, "Now the whole clan is worried about your marriage. Since you're not pregnant, do you have to have Qin Ming? Nowadays, society is very enlightened, marrying a wife is not like marrying a virgin, you really chose him?"

                Lin Yurou's pretty face flushed as she recalled the past moments with Qin Ming, although Qin Ming had often been mean to her, he had never disliked her and had always come to her aid when she and the Lin family were in trouble.

                She had been attracted to Qin Ming's heroic temperament, and despite his rejection of her time and time again, she instead fell more in love with him time and time again.

                "Dad, I choose him." Lin Yurou nodded her head affirmatively.

                Lin Yuanwang looked at his daughter's shy look, yet he was a little bit happy. He sighed, only feeling that his daughter was the first-class in the country in terms of background and looks, but she had fallen for a man of Qin Ming's higher level, so it was really a mistake to meet Qin Ming for life.

                But who let him spoil his daughter? The two of them are successful or not, but they have to try it out.

                "Elder Qin, Miss Qin ......"

                As soon as his words left his mouth, Sun Renli over there followed suit, "Elder Qin, Miss Qin ......"

                Both sides locked eyes and both frowned up, feeling a bit awkward?

                Qin Mo saw two important members of the Sun and Lin families, each with their own daughters, she quickly guessed and said, "You guys ...... are looking for Qin Ming, right?"

                "Not bad." Lin Yuanwang and Sun Renli said in unison.

                Qin Mo said, "I'm afraid I don't have the authority to make decisions about his affairs. Whether he recognises me as his mother or not, it's not clear yet. So you'll have to wait until he comes back."

                "Then when will he come back?" Yang Lu was dissatisfied, Qin Ming could wait, but her daughter's stomach couldn't.

                Qin Mo is also willow eyebrows tightly gathered, thinking of Qin Ming: "You child ah ...... why so many peach blossoms? It's just that I'll give you a ride first."

                At this time, Qin Ming, who was far away in Stampo Ben Okinawa, sneezed.

                He rubbed his nose and muttered, "Tsk, which girl misses me? I don't dare to turn on the phone. Turning on the phone must not give a burst of calls."

                Suddenly, Jiang Chengwu whispered, "Young master, we're being followed. There are quite a few people on the other side, I don't know if they are friends or foes."

                Qin Ming frowned and cursed, "Damn it, coming out for a temple fair is not even peaceful. There are quite a lot of people here, in celebration of the New Year, they won't make a rash move, instruct everyone to be careful. When will the men from the dark division arrive?"

                Jiang Chengwu said, "Of the three dark divisions of the Kyushu system, only one has explicitly stated its support for Young Master, with a total of one hundred people. The system over in Honshu has to take the Shinkansen to come over, so it will have to be later."

                "So few people?" Qin Ming wondered.

                Jiang Chengwu explained, "Stampo is still relatively peaceful at home, and our dark division, also rules some local gangs as an associate force. Moreover, the Dark Ministry organization here in Stampo allows itself to develop its own business, and the Dark Ministry of the Kyushu system, which runs many casinos and yellow industries, is probably unable to draw manpower at one time."

                "......" Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said to himself, "What a slacker. In that case, let's play a golden trick, you guys cooperate well later."

                The people around him all looked at Qin Ming strangely, not quite understanding what was meant by a golden cicada shedding its shell.

                When they followed Qin Ming into an eatery with many customers, it wasn't long before Qin Ming disappeared.

                After entering the shop, Qin Ming stole a set of the shop's chef's work clothes, then slipped out through the back door, wearing a hat and easily and leisurely escaping from the surveillance.

                With his mouth agape, Qin Ming skipped off alone towards the shrine in the county to experience the customs of a different place.

                But he had just stepped out of the alley when he bumped into a woman head-on, the other party's soft body hitting him lightly and smelling a refreshing fragrance.

                "Ah~!" The other party let out a cry of surprise as she was knocked to the ground by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was about to apologise when he saw that the person he had bumped into was actually an acquaintance.

                "It's you?"

                "It's you?"

                Bai Yuchun was very surprised, how could Qin Ming be here? No, it might not be Zhao Zhengyin either.

                "Qin Ming?" Bai Yuchun, out of a woman's sixth sense, felt strongly that the person in front of her was Qin Ming.

                "Well, I am." Qin Ming had stopped playing the impersonation game and admitted it outright.

                Suddenly, Bai Yuchun pounced up and hugged Qin Ming, then rolled over and pressed herself against the wall, hooking her hands around the back of Qin Ming's neck in an ambiguous posture of a lover.

                Qin Ming was confused and asked, "What for?"

                Bai Yuchun said, "Shh, don't make a sound, someone is chasing me."

                As soon as Qin Ming heard this, he also understood, so he lowered his head and pressed his body close to Bai Yuchun, covering her.

                Soon, a few Chinese accented bodyguards could be heard conversing at the entrance of the alley, "Is the lady over here? No, go check over there ......"

                Qin Ming wondered why Bai Yuchun, who had become a wealthy family's daughter, with no clothes or food, had to run away?

                He looked down at her, only to see Bai Yuchun's face flushed, her eyes flustered and shy, and looking further down, he realised that he had flattened Bai Yuchun's breasts by pressing them.

                Qin Ming hurriedly left, scratching his head, and said, "Uh, sorry."

                "No, it's fine. I also want to thank you for saving me again." Bai Yuchun smiled sweetly and said, "Otherwise I wouldn't have had even a moment's freedom."

                Qin Ming looked around, it was not the right place to chat, so he reached out and pulled Bai Yuchun along, pulling her all the way towards the crowded area.

                Because of the New Year congratulations, the temple was crowded and everyone was heading upwards towards the staircase.

                As she walked through the crowd, Bai Yu-chun looked at Qin Ming's hand holding hers, strong and pert, and her recently panicked and restless heart gradually calmed down again.

                She inexplicably felt a little heartbroken. How good it would have been if she had been at university, that unnamed lake she would never forget, and the two of them had eaten fried chicken together that night, forever, even if they had turned into big fat girls.

                How much better it would have been if her father had found her that day and Qin Ming had promised to let her stay. She would have given up all the glory and wealth and become a poor girl, and would have stayed in Guangcheng and by his side.

                As things change, she gradually feels that she is getting further and further away from Qin Ming.

                When she was in despair, she came across Qin Ming in a foreign country, as if the heavens had shown her a little mercy and extended a hand.

                Qin Ming went up to the local temple, bypassed the crowd of shrine worshippers and pulled her to the grassy clearing behind the shrine.

                He muttered, "Well, there shouldn't be anyone watching here. Tell me, what troubles have you encountered this time?"

                Bai Yu-chun looked at Qin Ming, and as she listened to him say this, her nose suddenly sank and she cried.