Rags To Riches Chapter 728

 "How is the war on the West Asian continent?"

                In a certain dimly lit round-table room, five or six people were seated, and in the middle a medium but low voice rang out.

                A childish, impatient voice came from the side and said, "What else is going on? The Maoist oligarchs have just received this year's dividends from the Huan Yu Group, tens of trillions of dollars, and are sharpening their knives to consolidate their position. Magnesium is still the same, relying on the colorful countries, supporting the local opposition, sending weapons in secret and engaging in trade penalties. However, it doesn't affect the return on our investment."

                Suddenly, a female voice on the right said, "This is a good thing, good for our development. The Zhao family also got a share of this year's dividend, and our Li family got a good share."

                The childish, impatient voice said, "But we will always have a shortage of money for maintaining stability every year, and for research and development of armaments. There is also the need to expand our influence on the African continent, all with considerable investment. If we don't eat up Huan Yu and rely on the Zhao family's dividends, we won't be able to rise quickly, and our economic development will probably have to fall into the middle-income trap, and when that happens, the various curmudgeons will have to turn on our Li family again."

                Suddenly, the man in the middle of the round table raised his hand, and the people next to him stopped talking.

                That elder said, "I just finished reading the report, I didn't expect that old Zhao was also involved in the recent incident, I was wondering why he was so risky to go on the Yongfu cruise ship, huh, it turns out that he had a plan long ago, ginger is still old and spicy. The Chang family is completely finished this time. We need to hurry up and give the Chang family a plunge and completely eradicate all of the Chang family's presence within China."

                The impatient voice added, "Don't worry about this, Family Head, we are already working on it. Originally, if Chang Hongxi was to get his hands on us, we would still be in real danger. Zhao Lao managed to come back alive, and I guess the Zhao family suffered heavy losses. Oh, he actually fell into the hands of that Qin Ming, what a gutter."

                The man in the centre added, "Well, Anping, it's good that you're taking Qin Ming seriously. Although he's from a peasant background and has no more than a bachelor's degree, he can sense that he's being cheated, so he's really quite capable. Don't touch him for now, he'll probably have to take care of those two brothers from the Chang family."

                "In the future, we, the Li family, will also have to deal more with Zhao Songli, and also Qin Mo's side, to make good relations. The future head of the Zhao family will definitely be Zhao Songli's, the remaining three sons don't need to think about it."

                The dimly lit room gradually became a blur, no one knew who these people were and what they were plotting.

                And at this time in the capital city, people were celebrating the arrival of New Year's Day and the tide of return was gradually beginning.

                The kidnapping of more than half of the Zhao family that had just occurred in the capital city had subsided in just two days, as no one had died.

                Instead, the Zhao family is hosting a banquet, feasting on the celebrities of the capital city and holding a grand celebration to welcome Zhao Songli will back to the Zhao family and into the family tree.

                At the same time, Zhao Zhen remarries Zhao Songli's birth mother, Fang Ying.

                Many people knew of Fang Ying's existence as a young model whom Zhao Zhen had found in his middle age and secretly gave birth to Zhao Songli, though without a name, but everyone knew it by heart.

                It just didn't occur to them that Chang Rui had only been dead for a short time, and the murderer, Zhang Quanzhen, had not yet been found before he remarried.

                Those who know the inside story naturally don't say anything, while those who don't are speculating on the variables of the future head of the Zhao family.

                Inside the Star Island Hotel, in the middle of the banquet was the dance floor, with many famous and handsome men dancing, while the main characters of the party were the Zhao Songli family, receiving congratulations from many people.

                After halfway through the banquet, Qin Mo walked rather wearily to a corner.

                She was in the most complicated of moods.

                Qin Mo had just learned the truth of everything, that Zhao Zhengyan had become a vegetable and that Qin Ming was really his son and Zhao Zhengting was surprisingly not.

                She knew that a new storm might be coming soon.

                "Ugh, how could this happen? He ......" Qin Mo remembered Qin Ming, the stalwart and cold teenage boy with a slightly evil smile.

                Yet he was stolen by Chang Hongxi and suffered for twenty years in the poor mountains.

                "Auntie, why can't I see my second cousin?"

                Suddenly, a handsome man walked by, Qin Ming would have recognised it if he was there, wasn't this the same man who had been in ? Wasn't this the same Qin Zhongbai whom he had met in an ancient castle in the country?

                "Oh, Zhongbai. Zhengyan he's sick." Qin Mo said, "What? Are you here alone again? You're not too young, so don't let your father worry about you all day."

                Qin Zhongbai smiled, "Auntie, you should help me and persuade my father and grandfather. Like you, I believe in free love. I don't want a political marriage."

                Qin Mo said, "Both of them are old stubborn, I can't persuade them."

                "Who are you calling stubborn? A married woman is just like water that spills out." Suddenly, a pretend sad accent came from behind.

                When Qin Mo saw who was coming, he flattened his mouth and said, "Dad, I'm talking about you, old stubborn. Look, Zhongbai has complained to me."

                "The little brat complains when he sees people, no good." Qin Xiaoguang laughed and said, "Qin Mo, come here first, I want to talk to you."

                The two father and daughter walked aside and Qin Xiaoguang asked, "I heard that the new heir to the Huan Yu Group, that is, the adopted son of that Chang Hongxi, Qin Ming. is actually a child of our old Qin family?"

                Qin Mo nodded: "Songli and the family grandfather both said so when they returned. In fact, I gave birth to identical twins back then. It was just swapped, and Zhengting was not actually my own child, but the child of an ordinary family. I've had a DNA test with Zhengting and there really is no Xuan Yuan relationship. He is also very confused now ......"

                "Zhao Zhengting, since he is not your own, then leave it alone. But this Qin Ming thing, this can be big or small, he's not seen in good health, and he's still the alliance leader of Huan Yu now." Qin Xiaoguang's fist clenched and the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile, but then quickly suppressed it and said, "Do you know what this means?"

                Qin Mo's willow brows tightened as she said, "I know."

                Qin Xiaoguang pressed on again, "What about the Qin Ming people?"

                Qin Mo said, "Because he was worried about the lack of protection when he returned to the border, he didn't trust the Li family and the coordination of this aspect of China, and took a detour to Stampo. Dad, don't spread this around."

                "Dad knows the power." Qin Xiaoguang said, "No, this boy Qin Ming, you can wait to fight for him to come over and not enter the Zhao family tree. He is also surnamed Qin, I guess he will not easily agree to change his surname, that's just right, let him enter our old Qin family genealogy."

                "Dad, this ......" Qin Mo looked very embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

                At this time, Lin Yuanwang came over with his daughter Lin Yurou.

                Meanwhile on the other side, Sun Renli and Yang Lu pulled Sun Changxi over towards Qin Mo as well.

                Qin Xiaoguang was trying to convince his daughter when he suddenly saw the two arrivals and was quite surprised, saying, "Heh, isn't this little Lin and little Sun? Are you looking for my old man? Or are you looking for Qin Mo?"

                When Qin Mo saw the two families and looked at the young and beautiful Lin Yu and Sun Changxi, he had a bad feeling and said, "You guys ......"