Rags To Riches Chapter 727

 Satoshio Inoue and Raiden heard that Qin Ming was going to kill them both, wasn't that rather killing them than letting them go?

                Looking at Qin Ming, he raised his gun and shot at the middle of the two.


                Spurred on by the sound of the gunshot, Inoue Satoshio shouted, "Young master, I'm innocent."

                But Layden, who was on the side, subconsciously dodged and, realising that he had not been shot, immediately pulled out a sabre and stabbed at Qin Ming.

                If Qin Ming immediately aimed at Redden again, then with Redden's physical ability, he would be able to kick the gun away before Qin Ming could shoot.

                He knew Qin Ming's background very well, just an ordinary Chinese student with no physical ability at all.

                But he was wrong, Qin Ming knew from the start that the two men were not far apart and that his false shot was to test their reactions at their limits.

                Obviously in this situation Satoshio Inoue was still begging for mercy, while Raiden had already bared his fangs.

                The Huan Yu Century Group, a global corporation without any legal control, had been clear to Qin Ming for a long time.

                He watched the moment Raiden's sabre stabbed over, narrowed his eyes, stood up and took a half step back, while holding a gun against Raiden's blade.

                "IMPOSSIBLE!" Layden was appalled, because the strength of his arm, he himself knew very well, not to mention ordinary people, ordinary soldiers are no match, what makes Qin Ming, a student, have that much strength?

                The moment he was surprised, Qin Ming took a step forward, his hand quickly grabbed forward and pulled Layden's wrist, then pulled back, four or two pounds, in the moment of pulling, Qin Ming gave a smooth push, throwing Layden out and hitting the hotel wall.

                "OH, FUCK," Raiden broke out, "FIRE."


                As soon as the words left his mouth, Layden was killed by a shot from Qin Ming.

                At this moment, Layden's men at the door rushed in, Qin Ming took a deep breath and suddenly charged, Inoue Satoshio who was watching on the side had his pupils shrink, the impact that seemed like a panther really shook him to the core.

                "Is this still human?" He thought to himself.

                Four of Raiden's men rushed in and were looking for targets when they were hit by one of Qin Ming's punches, cracking ribs and bursting hearts as they all spat blood and died.

                It was almost a matter of three seconds, and several of the subordinates that Layden had brought in were dead.

                Qin Ming looked at Satsuo Inoue who was kneeling on the ground and said, "The shot just now was aimed at the middle of you, just to scare you and see how you two would react."

                Inoue froze and hurriedly said, "Young master, I ......"

                Qin Ming said, "Well, cut the crap and find someone to clean it up. There's a major from the base dead here, and a few Magnesians, can you handle it?"

                Satoshio Inoue hurriedly said, "Don't worry young master, in your Chinese language, I am already familiar with it."

                Qin Ming changed his room and left Jiang Chengwu in charge of watching the door for him, before he went to sleep.

                However, he did not dare to sleep too much and rested a little for a few hours.

                Early the next morning, Qin Ming found a computer and published a notice within the Huan Yu Century Group, stating that he had been framed by the Chang Jun Dong brothers and calling on the people of Huan Yu not to believe the words of the Chang Jun Dong brothers, and that he was the legitimate heir of Chang Hong Xi.

                The notice was issued, but Qin Ming was not sure how many people would believe it.

                After breakfast, Satoshio Inoue came again and said, "Young master, the people from the Toei Society want to invite young master to Tokyo as a guest."

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin and said, "The Toei Society, one of the oligarchs of the Supreme Board. You can reply, but I will arrange the time. Also prepare a Japanese interpreter for me."

                Satoshio Inoue said, "Young master, there is no need to worry about that, they will prepare it for you. Moreover, the top management of the Toei Society, all of them know Chinese and are very smooth, and they are very fond of Chinese culture. Furthermore, it's easy to find an interpreter to add to your security risk."

                Qin Ming was stunned that there was such a thing, and he said, "OK, then no translator."

                On his side, Qin Ming agreed to the meeting with the oligarch of the East Anglian Society, and asked Jiang Chengwu, "Has there been any news from Song Ying?"

                Jiang Chengwu said, "The news came this morning, Secretary Song has initially controlled the situation and the Zhao and Li families have no intention of pursuing you, Young Master. They also said that they hope you will return soon, young master. Secretary Song said she would be able to come to Okinawa tonight. She sent us a set of action codes, members of her carefully selected dark organization in Japan."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "Take this set of action codes and gather some people from the Dark Division to come over."

                Qin Ming was quite surprised that Song Ying had calmed down the matter in Beijing so quickly?

                He was very pleased to have such an excellent secretary, Song Ying's presence had really done a lot for Qin Ming.

                After arranging some things, Qin Ming was also free. Looking at the lively atmosphere outside the hotel, he remembered that today was New Year and that Stampo himself was celebrating New Year.

                Qin Ming touched his pocket and took his mobile phone to call home, but he didn't know what to say.

                His biological parents of over twenty years had suddenly become his adoptive parents, and although he still respected them in his heart, he always felt that something had changed.

                He was hesitating when his mobile phone rang first, surprisingly it was his elder brother Qin Chaoyang calling.

                "Hello, brother?" Qin Ming answered the phone and asked, "What's up?"

                "Nothing, brother, it's New Year's Day, I've already received my parents to Guangzhou City, I wanted to go to school to look for you, but the school said that you took a leave of absence on your last internship study trip, saying that there was something at home and that you wouldn't return to school for the time being, what happened?"

                Qin Ming explained, "Oh, that was an excuse. Actually, I had something of my own, but it's all sorted out."

                Qin Chaoyang said, "Oh, it's good that you're okay. Can you come back tonight? Mum and Dad are nagging you. Susu, let mum and dad come and give your brother a call."

                Qin Susu said from the side, "They're taking a nap. Second brother? Second brother, when are you coming back?"

                Suddenly noticing that Qin Susu had grabbed the phone, Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "I'll definitely be back for the New Year. I have things to do now."

                Qin Susu said, "I heard that you've become the vice president of a multinational company? Is that true?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, I'm just working for someone. Don't think about anything else, tell your parents that I miss them."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, his eyes were a little wet, he didn't know what the future would bring, but he really wanted to go back to his family now.

                Qin Ming gathered his mood, knowing that this was a critical moment and he could not take it lightly.

                He led Jiang Chengwu out of the hotel, using Satoshio Inoue as his guide, with the intention of wandering around.

                Only, just as the two of them walked out of the hotel, they were being watched.

                On the floor opposite the hotel, a cold-faced man took out his walkie-talkie and said, "Target out, but there are two young men of similar age, similar height, same clothes, both wearing hats."

                Saying this, the man took out a picture of Qin Ming and looked at it, seemingly failing to recognise it clearly, and then looked out of the window, where Qin Ming had already got into his car and gone.

                Then, an order came over the intercom, "Shiga-kun, you are in charge of surveillance and tracking is fine, don't make rash contact. It will be detrimental to our position in the Toei Society."

                "The president said that now is the time when their Chinese are fighting internally dog-eat-dog, we need to bide our time and fight back and then the position of alliance leader can fall into the hands of our stampo people. Everything is for the future."

                The man spying on Qin Ming followed suit, "Everything for the future."