Rags To Riches Chapter 726

 Qin Ming followed Redden's SUV and drove above the market of Okinawa, as there were still a few days before New Year's Day, and it was New Year's Day in Lower Stampo, so the streets were quite busy.

                At this moment, Layden, who was driving, said: "Young master, the group's briefing has come down, I didn't expect that the boss he was assassinated. But the second youngest and third youngest are asking questions to discredit you again."

                Qin Ming's expression twitched, his original plan was to directly inform Chang Hongxi of his death, then he forced Chang Hongxi to die, considering that the highest board of directors, would know some of the truth and let him compete with Chang Jun Dong and Chang Jun Ye, and he would then execute the profit sharing for the year.

                Then those big oligarchs, having gained the benefit, would also choose to sit back and watch the tiger fight, and he would use this time to solidify his power.

                But the Lin family's special compulsion made him change his mind.

                In a month's time, Chang Hongxi would be able to make his "comeback", and he would be able to regain Chang Hongxi's old troops at the cheapest cost, so that Chang Jundong's brothers' position would completely collapse.

                Qin Ming said, "I don't want to talk too much, I will naturally know the truth in a month. Do you trust me, or do you trust Chang Jun Dong and the others?"

                Lei Deng said, "Naturally, I do believe you, Young Master, oh, you are the boss now. I will always be loyal to Chang Lao's designated successor. Without Chang Lao's talent development program, I wouldn't be who I am now."

                Qin Ming looked at the blonde Raiden in the driver's seat and he felt okay.

                When he arrived in the city, Qin Ming was also dazzled, after all, it was a foreign country, everything was not too familiar and all in his ears was some Japanese.

                He stayed at a luxury hotel and Satoshio Inoue even asked him if he wanted a woman. Qin Ming remembered that it was legal to find women in Japanese fancy shops, but he was physically and mentally tired and had no intention of doing so, he just wanted to go to bed early and talk about what he had tomorrow.

                "Hoo ......" Qin Ming dismissed his men and looked at the luxurious Japanese hotel, his mood was hardly calm.

                Because he didn't know that he was sleeping when he was suddenly attacked by someone.


                He was thinking this when suddenly the hotel door was violently kicked open and three men in black rushed in swiftly before shooting towards the bed where Qin Ming was.


                It was like the crazy shooting inside a movie.

                But after firing for a while, they found that they had hit the air.

                And the moment he heard the kick in the door, Qin Ming made a move and stuck to the wall in the blind spot.

                "Shit." Qin Ming gritted his teeth in annoyance, this hand of Chang Hongxi did give him a lot of trouble, especially since more than half of the armed forces of Huan Yu were once very loyal to the Chang family, this was Chang Hongxi's skill, but now it had become Qin Ming's biggest trouble.

                Qin Ming pressed himself against the wall and said in English, "Would you rather believe Chang Jun Dong and his men's lies than me, the heir handpicked by my righteous father?"

                "Baka yalu, die pinch~! Rebel, oh grin da set, Chang Lao allegiance twine~!"

                In return, a bomb was thrown at Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming raised an eyebrow, these people must have thought he didn't know any kung fu, right? Or extremely slow to react, right?

                Qin Ming then looked at the moment the grenade was thrown over, grabbed a towel, took a deep breath, steadily tied his horse stance, and put his arm into force, inching power~!

                Ho~! The soft force of the towel was flung and the grenade was knocked back.


                The grenade exploded at the doorway, Qin Ming used a mirror to look at the doorway close to the wall, it could be described as tragic, four people fell in a pool of blood.

                And at that moment, Raiden and Satoshio Inoue, who had heard the explosion, came running over.

                "What's going on? Are you alright, young master?" Both of them inquired at the same time, looking worried about Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming didn't reply, glancing at the doorway guard, who had been put down but not killed.

                And Jiang Chengwu rushed over as an afterthought.

                Qin Ming swept a glance at Layden and Satoshio Inoue and said to himself, "Tsk ...... this is a pain in the ass. It's not good to investigate who gave the order without a close friend."

                Qin Ming asked, "Look, what are they all about?"

                Satoshio Inoue examined the dead men and said in surprise, "It's someone from the Dark Ministry? How can this ...... be?"

                The so-called Dark Department is actually an assassination squad within China, with the same attributes, responsible for both overseeing the general group leaders and protecting the safety of the top brass, usually directly delegated to the allies of the highest board of directors of Huan Yu.

                But the recent reforms of the last few decades have led to a change to direct allegiance to Chang Hongxi, and his designated successor.

                Originally, Qin Ming was not afraid, but I guess these people were affected by some of the comments made by the two Chang Jun Dong brothers in Magnesia attacking Qin Ming.

                Redden immediately accused, "Inoue-kun, you called over the men from the Dark Ministry, right? How dare you make a move against the young master? Come on, men, tie him up."

                Immediately, several foreign army men from left and right brought Satoshio Inoue under control.

                Satoshio Inoue said, "No, young master, although I informed the men, this is a necessary arrangement for the safety of your trip in stampo."

                Raiden barked, "Is it your turn to do such things? What is your status? Just a president of the Southern Industrial Group in Stampo. The chain of command of the Dark Ministry is something you can mobilise? Since Shao also didn't mobilise the Dark Department, there is naturally a reason for the young master. You, on the other hand, have been secretly tipped off, how outrageous, fuckyou, take it down."

                Satoshio Inoue was furious, "Redden, you're spitting blood, Young Master, he's in trouble! Please investigate thoroughly."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "All come in, I have something to say. Layden you get a few people to clean up the scene."

                The crowd followed and went Qin Ming back inside the inn.

                Qin Ming held his chin and crossed his legs as he looked at Redden and Inoue Satoshio in front of him, one of them was definitely lying and Qin Ming needed to judge it well, otherwise his plan to take a detour to stampede back to China would have to fall through.

                Qin Ming said slowly: "Between you, one of you must have a problem. A joint effort has been made to assassinate me by trusting the dark side of Chang Jun Dong's brothers."

                Satoshio Inoue and Layden stared at each other at the same time, their eyes full of hostility.

                Inoue Satoshio said, "Young master, I have worked diligently for the group for decades, and it is the group that has made me who I am now. Last time at the East Asia Group summit, I even saw you destroy Chang Jun Dong's conspiracy plan with my own eyes, and at that time, Chang Lao also praised you. This time when you announced that Elder Chang had been killed by a sneak attack, Chang Jun Dong immediately issued a notice to the entire group saying that you had done it, and that you were from the Zhao family, which I did not believe."

                Lei Deng also said, "Me too. Young Master, you are the heir appointed by Elder Chang, and my life exists for you."

                Qin Ming held his chin and thought, "In the past, Chang Hongxi used me to act to confuse people, but now there is a convenient side to it. Oh, the Chang family father and son are moving stones to smash their own feet."

                He took a breath, and the corners of his mouth lifted up in a slight curve as he said, ". I don't have the interest or the time to investigate each and every one of you. So, I have decided to kill you all and get it over with."

                At these words, both of them were startled, but seeing that Qin Ming had already raised his gun, this was really going to be a killer!

                Suddenly, one of them moved.