Rags To Riches Chapter 725

 Qin Ming actually had some dissimilarities.

                He used to know that Zhao Songli and Qin Mo were not his parents, and that he was merely impersonating Zhao Zhengyan, but now he found out that they were really his real parents.

                Qin Ming could see that Zhao Songli's expression was also torn, as if he had not yet recovered from the shock.

                Qin Ming could guess from Zhang Quanzhen's words that knowing that he had been switched had been known only to Zhao Zhen and Zhang Quanzhen, as well as the mastermind behind it, Chang Hongxi.

                As to why Zhao Zhen did not tell Zhao Songli the truth, he was not quite sure.

                He said, "You are worried about Qin Mo and Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi, right? I didn't do anything to her, I just had Yang Xiaoxuan watch over her for the time being, so it will be fine if you go back and explain the situation."

                Zhao Songli said anxiously, "Son, I know, it's hard for you to accept it now, and it's hard for me to accept that your grandfather clearly knew, but pretended not to know anything, and has been deceiving me for so many years."

                Qin Ming was silent for a moment, it was true that Zhao Songli could not be blamed for this, he was a good father in every way except for being kept in the dark.

                But Qin Ming really didn't want to suddenly become a member of the Zhao family, and it was hard for him to suddenly leave his original family ties.

                His adoptive parents, who were far away in White Water Town, used to living a life of hardship and unwilling to move to the big city, didn't want to lose him either, did they?

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "It's useless for you to say anything. You're a father, your own son was swapped, one became a wreck, one was tortured since childhood and grew up to be used, yet you don't know anything. Do you think you are worthy of the word 'father'? You can go wherever you are cool."

                With those words, Qin Ming left straight away, went to the tarmac on the deck of the cruise ship, boarded the plane and walked straight away.

                He was mentally tired and didn't want to bother with all this Zhao family business, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Nie Haitang's three daughters, informing them that he was safe but for certain reasons had to turn back from stampo to his home country.

                "Ah ......" After Qin Ming sent the message, he turned off his phone even after excusing that it was out of battery and the circumstances did not allow it.

                Because he knew that the three women would definitely come to ask why, but Qin Ming didn't know how to respond to them for a while, so he simply ignored them all.

                At this moment, a cafe in the capital city was far away.

                Nie Haitang, Mu Xiaoqiao and Sun Changxi received Qin Ming's message at the same time, and their original worried mood was much relieved, but they all found out at the same time that they could not contact Qin Ming.

                "What's going on?" Nie Haitang was very anxious and looked at the two women outside of the two at the side, thinking, "They also received Qin Ming's message? What a coincidence? Why did Qin Ming make a point of informing them? Obviously having me is enough."

                Mu Xiaoqiao, on the other hand, held her phone in relief, "It's good that it's okay, but where did he go again? He made such a big fuss, it's only right that he avoids the Li and Zhao families. Ah ...... can you make it back before New Year's Eve?"

                "That bastard, he said he would come back and give the child a father." Sun Changxi, on the other hand, had her fists clenched with resentment.

                She picked up a glass of lemonade and drank it, her eyes drifting towards the remaining two women, from whom she felt the need to take Qin Ming away.

                Sun Changxi said to herself, "The people Qin Ming likes are undoubtedly them. Humph, what a philanderer, to fall for both of them at the same time? And they are both dainty and individualistic and capable beauties, I'm under a lot of pressure."

                Nie Haitang suddenly stood up and said, "It's already very late, I have to go deal with the Li and Zhao families, they harbour a lot of hostility towards Qin Ming after today's competition, and as a member of the Huang School, I don't have time to wait here with you guys for news anymore."

                Mu Xiaoqiao also stood up and said, "Aren't you just anxious to rush to get the news? You think that high-strung female secretary will tell you? She's the one who won't tell you about Qin Ming."

                Sun Changxi nodded, "What about that Song Ying, indeed, she is cold and hostile to people, but he is Qin Ming's secretary and knows the most about what is going on."

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao both locked eyes and looked at Sun Changxi at the same time, saying, "Sister Sun, we are happy that you care about Qin Ming. But what's your relationship with him?"

                "Eh?" Sun Changxi looked at the two women who were full of hostility towards her, just as they had been when she had once met Song Ying, and her heart seethed, "Qin Ming, you philandering carrot! When you come back, I'll go public with what's in my stomach, I'll see what you do!"


                At this moment, Qin Ming, who had just landed on a certain beach in Okinawa, stampo, rubbed his nose, sneezed and laughed to himself, "Ahhh, it's the end of the year, it's cold. Or is one of the girls thinking of me again?"

                "Young master, I have contacted the president of the Formula Society in Okinawa, Stampo, who is also the head of our Huan Yu's industry in the south of Stampo, as well as a major of the Magnesium Army at the Okinawa base. They will all come to greet you."

                Qin Ming nodded, this little brother who flew the plane was also one of the few people that Huan Yu had trained and was willing to betray Chang Hongxi and follow him.

                In fact, this was also thanks to the full blood change plan Qin Ming had proposed earlier when he was still in Guang City.

                He had actually replaced quite a few people, and this pilot was also a newcomer, having just come out of the training camp not long ago.

                Qin Ming patted him on the shoulder and said, "Well done, after this is over, it's not uncommon to get a promotion and a pay rise. By the way, what's your name? Where are you from? How do you come from?"

                The pilot said, "Young master, I am from Chao Xian, my name is Jiang Chengwu. My parents were defectors, but both died in Korea, and I have been included in the training camps in the Pacific by Huan Yu since I was a child, so I know more about the group in East Asia."

                The two were chatting when suddenly the seaside used to two convoys.

                On one side was a group of businessmen dressed as businessmen, about ten or so people, and more than half of them were bodyguards, led by a man he had met before, the head of the industrial group in the southern region of Japan, Satoshio Inoue.

                On the other side came in a military vehicle, apparently the Magnesium Major of the Okinawa base, Redden.

                "Young master! It's great that you're all right." Both men came forward and both bowed very respectfully and greeted each other in very broken Chinese.

                Qin Ming nodded, his attention focused on Redden.

                Compared to an older businessman like Satoshio Inoue, whose loyalty was not focused on Chang Hong Xi.

                And a young member of the magnesium nationality like Redden, or Huan Yu through means, arranged for him to join the army as a pawn to be planted, his loyalty was going to be tested.

                It was a very sensitive time for Qin Ming, and he was sure that soon Chang Hongxi's second and third sons, Chang Jun Dong and Chang Jun Ye, would also be free and resume their power and start recruiting old men.

                Immediately there would be a struggle within Huan Yu between the heirs, and these old men, would they trust him, Qin Ming, or would they trust Chang Hongxi's two sons?

                Qin Ming could not hold his hand.

                Qin Ming had heard that the Lin family had a method of brainwashing and controlling people's hearts, and spared Chang Hongxi's life, also idly using Chang Hongxi's identity to appease his old minions, and then make a peaceful overture to save the infighting from going on for too long.

                But it was clear that this was still a month away.

                Redden's second sentence was in English: "Young master, are you getting into my car, or Inoue-kun's? We'll take care of the plane, you don't have to worry about it."

                Qin Ming said, "This guy only has four followers with him, so I can't tell from the surface whether he's betraying me or not. Why don't we just give him a slip and see how he reacts?"

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming then responded in English, "Get in your car and rest for the night. Inoue you arrange accommodation."

                A group of Huan Yu's subordinates flanked Qin Ming as he left.