Rags To Riches Chapter 723

 "Hey, Little Li, withdraw the missiles, it's okay."

                On the side of the cruise ship, Zhao Zhen used a satellite phone to call Li Anping, who was far away in China, where the missiles inside China were his last resort.

                Zhao Zhen hung up the phone and said rather emotionally, "It's lucky that there are still some cards left unused, isn't it, old Zhang."

                In the shadows, Zhang Quanzhen slowly approached.

                Zhao Zhen looked back at him and said, "I was able to get this grandson of mine back thanks to your decades-long search. You even paved the way for him to come back step by step."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled sarcastically, "It's not bad. Zhao Zhen, tell me, back then you were the one who uncovered Chang Dekai and then told Chang Hongxi to inform him of his escape?"

                Zhao Zhen nodded: "Back then, my father had just died, the cause of death was unclear, De Kai was vague to me, and I was resentful, so I was the one who exposed him. But then I also knew that what he stole was just some special medicine, his wife needed that medicine, but the distribution hadn't come down yet. I informed Chang Hongxi because I wanted that boy, to let De Kai know, so that he would just be on guard."

                "I didn't expect ......" Zhao Zhen slumped despondently on the boat pole.

                Zhang Quanzhen asked, "The car that hit and killed Chang Dekai back then, you wouldn't have sent someone to do it, would you?"

                Zhao Zhen, with a look of reminiscence, lamented, "You and I, brothers for decades, even though I was deceived, killed Bai Mo Yang, and turned against Mu Hai Ran, you still believed in me and forgave me for my initial mistake. Outwardly distancing yourself from me and defending yourself against Chang Hongxi, why are you now doubting me? I am not the kind of person who calculates his own brother."

                "The cause of my father's death was only not made clear by Chang Dekai, and I tried to find him to ask him about it at first, not to mention doing it."

                "Chang Dekai's death, for this reason my Zhao family, also suffered a lot of attacks from the Chang family, many deaths and injuries, I know there is a hidden agenda inside, I did not even say."

                "Moreover, the death of many people up and down the Chang family, it was also not my doing, I took the blame for this black pot. You and I have been looking into it all these years, haven't we? But all to no avail."

                Zhang Quanzhen clenched his fist, sighed and said, "That day at the Guangzui Temple, Chang Rui never told me the truth from the beginning to the end. I could see that she was holding back, I shouldn't have killed her, according to the agreement, it would have been better to seriously injure her."

                Zhao Zhen shook his head and said with a sullen face, "I haven't spoken to her for a long time, twenty years by my count. She hides in the Buddhist nunnery day after day, eating and chanting. Whether she says it or not is the same, the evidence is overwhelming, she married me for a purpose. It is also her purpose to separate us from the brothers, and it is also her purpose to help Chang Hongxi destroy my Zhao family. If you don't do anything, all of our work will be undone."

                "That's all, I'm tired." Zhang Quanzhen said wearily.

                Zhao Zhen said, "But the matter is not over yet, who is manipulating in secret, the person who turned our five brothers against each other, who is behind this, who is behind this, you cannot take it and leave it like this."

                "I'm tired." Zhang Quanzhen said, "Besides, I've become a wanted criminal."

                "That's because you didn't follow the plan ...... Forget it, there's no point in pursuing it further." Zhao Zhen said, "If you don't do it, Qin Ming he will do it too. He is a brilliant boy, he has lost a lot of weight since he was a child, and he was used by Chang Hongxi, which was also unexpected by you and me. If you hadn't spotted him early and not aroused Chang Hongxi's suspicions, our plan would have failed long ago. And the way he is behaving now, he will surely be known to the person behind the frame-up of our brothers in the first place, and he is equally dangerous."

                "Besides, aren't you his advisor?" Zhao Zhen smiled, "Now is the time when Huan Yu is in the midst of a messy split and internal strife. In the past, this would come once every hundred years, and Chang Hongxi is a talented man and a lord who has transformed Huan Yu into his own."

                "But many of the oligarchs have long been disgruntled, and they went back to let Qin Ming triumph to the throne. Because with Qin Ming on top, they can recklessly and secretly make trouble, and when the time comes, they will start to show their claws."

                "Then Qin Ming will be in great danger."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I've read that boy's face, his life is better than yours. He will survive."

                Zhao Zhen shook his head, "I am not yet old and ignorant, I don't believe in this, only when all my enemies are dead will my Zhao family be considered safe. I have come through a mountain of corpses and blood, I have lost a lot, I cannot lose more. Old Zhang, you can not help me in the next matter, but you cannot not help him."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "And what if Qin Ming is already tired at heart? He is not a person who is greedy for money and power. It's possible he'll have to give up his position. Not everyone is like you, who likes to fight from the moment they are born until they die."

                Zhao Zhen's face sank.

                The Yongfu cruise ship made its way towards China, but not everyone thought the return journey would be so smooth.

                Before he even got close to the territorial waters, Qin Ming received word that the Chinese navy had set off, and this was to besiege his ship.

                Qin Ming had made a mess of the capital city, and if he were to go back suddenly, Qin Ming knew that those warships would simply take control of him regardless, not giving him any chance to speak.

                Thinking about the internal struggles of Huan Yu, or the Li family's attitude towards him, Qin Ming feared that things would go beyond his expectations.

                Qin Ming gathered his most trusted men, Ah Long and Song Ying, together, along with an Ao Mei who had her hands and feet tied.

                Song Ying said, "Young Master, those members of the Supreme Board of Directors have just passed basically all of them, acknowledging you to succeed Chang Hongxi and take over the position of the alliance of the Huan Yu Century Group."

                Qin Ming nodded, "In this way, I will be rightfully recognized. But I'm also a sensitive person now. I am afraid that the Chinese side will not easily let me go back. Once I'm under control, it's not likely that something will happen."

                Song Ying nodded, holding a tablet computer and analysing the information, and said, "Yes, young master. Chang Hongxi's second and third sons are all issuing statements saying that you murdered Chang Hongxi and cannot be the rightful heir, encouraging Chang Hongxi's old men to oppose you."

                "But fortunately for you, everything was made too real by Chang Hongxi to deceive you before, and many of his old minions felt that what Chang Jun Dong and Chang Jun Ye said was false. Still believe that you were promoted by Chang Hongxi."

                "And those who don't care too much are better controlled and will do as they are told as long as they are given favours."

                "The members of the European and Asian branches are relatively stable at the moment, and all are willing to follow your orders, young master. One of the Four Patriarchs, Mayn? Hathaway is in Australia, stabilising a group of industries in charge and is requesting to speak to you."

                "The only thing that is very confusing is the Americas, especially the many industry heads in Magnesium."

                Qin Ming waved his hand, indicating that Song Ying did not need to read any more of this, and said, "We don't have any laws to rely on. The only thing we can rely on is the military power in our hands. The Huan Yu Century Group is a super monster, but the armed forces hidden in the shadows of the countries have been mastered through Chang Hongxi's operations for so many years."

                "His centralised reforms have been very successful. I want to continue his reforms."

                Song Ying was stunned and asked, "What do you mean, Young Master?"

                Qin Ming grimaced and said, "Those who obey me will prosper and those who go against me will die. If we don't give Chang Jun Dong and Chang Jun Ye a break, we will kill as many as we can. Never take custody this time, never be soft."

                When Song Ying heard this, he also understood.

                After arranging Song Ying's task, Ah Long took over and said, "The route is ready for me, and over in Stampin, there is already a group leader from the group ready to meet you. It's fine to go to Moss Bay. South East Asia would be a bit far, not enough fuel for the plane."

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Zhao Zhen still can't be trusted too much. Ah Long, you take Ao Mei and stay behind. Go back to China and get rid of all my lawsuits and cases. I'll go to Stampo Ben first to meet the oligarchs of the East Anglian Society, and then I'll go back when you've got things straightened out."

                The two men asked in confusion, "Then who will you take with you to protect you, young master?"

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth lifted, "I'm not the silly kid who only knew how to fight in the streets now, I'm the best bodyguard myself."