Rags To Riches Chapter 722

 The black-clad men on the boat, all under the command of the Lin family's Sister Bai Ying, said, "Your Huan Yu's men? Hehehe, they were all poisoned by us, our Lin family is not much good at it, we are best at playing with compulsions and poisoning."

                Qin Ming hummed, "Speaking of which, the security of this cruise ship. Because Ah Long had to hide, Song Ying had to spy on Ao Mei, Yang Xiao Xuan was injured, and Ah Hu died back in the sanatorium, so it was left to Corrie? Olsen to make the arrangements. The people she arranged must all be loyal to you."

                "Chang Hongxi, you killed three of my assassination squads at the sanatorium, those were all loyal warriors that I promoted, huh ......" Qin Ming's eyes were teary, his fists clenched and he said fiercely, "Today, I will take revenge for them! "

                "All troops listen to the order, give me kill!"

                With Qin Ming's command, the ten bodyguards on Chang Hongxi's side made their move first, several smoke bombs were thrown out.

                Then they tried to pull Chang Hongxi away, but Qin Ming had already arranged it, once the door was closed, there was no way to escape anywhere.

                A barrage of gunfire followed, and all those standing fell in a wave of blood.

                Only Chang Hongxi, who was in a wheelchair, was still alive.

                Even that Chang Huan, too, was all dead.

                Qin Ming saw that the big picture was settled and said, "Xiao Ying, release the news of my righteous father's death when he died, a few days ago at Zhongnanhai Sanatorium, the mole, Huang Jin, colluded with outsiders and successfully assassinated him. I will inherit the position of the highest board of directors of Huan Yu Century Group. At the same time, I will distribute this year's profits to all board members. Anyone who does not approve will not receive a dividend."

                Song Ying bowed slightly and immediately went to do so.

                As the smoke bombs dispersed and the smell of smoke filled the air, Qin Ming rubbed his nose and slowly walked forward, saying, "I should have thanked you for changing my poor life and making me the richest man in the world. Unfortunately, it was all your machinations that separated my bones and flesh, and even ordered Chang Xue to gang up on me and beat me up during my childhood. Now that you've lost, what do you have to say."

                Chang Hongxi blew out his beard in anger, his hands clutching his clothes in a death grip, his eyes looking at Chang Huan who had fallen in a wave of blood, which was in fact his own son.

                "Qin Ming!!! Your Zhao family shall not have a good death, shall not have a good death!!!" Chang Hongxi suddenly broke into tears as he patted his legs, saying, "You know what? My legs were broken when my father and I got into an argument, and although my father finally pushed me away, I was still run over by a lorry. It's all because your Zhao family owes me."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, "What does that have to do with me? At that time, I guess my real parents were only a few years old and I didn't even exist. Is this your reason for abusing, for torturing me?"

                "Let me talk to him." Suddenly, Zhao Zhen, who was on the side, came over.

                "Back then, why did Chang Rui choose me? I always thought that the person he liked was Zhang Quanzhen." Zhao Zhen said, sweeping a glance at Zhang Quanzhen at the side.

                The latter's calm expression suddenly had a ripple in it.

                Chang Hongxi laughed: "My aunt, indeed, liked Zhang Quanzhen the most. He was smart, loved freedom, was debauched, liked to walk around, and had no special background, spent the most time with my aunt, and knew her from childhood."

                Hearing these words, Zhang Quanzhen's breathing became rapid.

                Qin Ming was also a little surprised, at first Zhang Quanzhen but said that he was given up and did not want to fight with his brothers, but Qin Ming obviously knew that the only person he loved in his life was probably Chang Rui.

                This Chang Rui married Zhao Zhen, there seems to be some hidden secrets in it.

                Zhao Zhen said, "It was only a few years after my marriage that I realised that she didn't really like me. That's why I found someone else to give birth to Zhao Songli. In fact, Chang Rui has been secretly helping you again, right?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "My father died tragically, my mother died without treatment, and I was crippled in both legs. My aunt hates your Zhao family to the core. I was all alone in the capital city and became helpless. If my aunt hadn't chosen to cling to you and protect me secretly, I'm afraid I would have died long ago."

                Zhao Zhen sighed long and hard, "Is this why he wants to divide us? To turn me against Bai Moyang, to bounce with Mu Hai Ran's brain, and to stop seeing Zhang Quan Zhen. I did as she thought and did a lot of wrong things."

                "But I don't have to lie with you either. When your mother first fell ill in the country, the medical conditions were not good and she should have left the country long ago. But Chang Dekai never allowed it, and do you know why?"

                "He was right by my father's side when he seized power from Huan Yu. My father, who was his teacher and then still the alliance leader of Huan Yu, died inexplicably in Magnesia. He came back with my dad's remains and ran off to steal official business without speaking to me about wanting to please. Can I not be angry in my heart?"

                Chang Hongxi gritted his teeth and said, "It's useless to say more, people can't come back from the dead. Today I have lost, a defeat, hum ...... but I still have two sons, I still have two daughters. Zhao Turnip is also there. Once I die, Huan Yu in Magnesium will completely fall into Zhao Turnip's hands. Hahaha, in the end, it will still be your Zhao family's flesh and blood."

                After speaking, he looked at Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, you are good, so tiny a breach was discovered by you. However, I must tell you that I have been carrying a signal locator in my body. As soon as I pressed this signal locator, the intercontinental missiles from Huan Yu's base in the Pacific Ocean would be launched over. Therefore, I have not lost, so you will all be buried here with me."

                After saying that, Chang Hongxi pulled out the signal device and pressed it.

                He laughed wildly, "Hahahaha, there's about a minute left, so you guys just use your last effort and struggle to get out."

                When the crowd heard this, they all looked at each other with covetous faces, this was not good.

                Someone couldn't help but say, "Just die, no big deal, you'll be a good man again in eighteen years."

                Song Ying hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Young master, quickly leave in the special helicopter."

                Qin Ming did not move, looked around at the people of the Lin family and said, "All of you from the Lin family have come to help me because of repaying my kindness, how can I leave without them? And ......"

                Qin Ming looked at Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli again, the two of them couldn't leave it alone either.

                Ah Long and Zhang Quanzhen and Feng Dongxiang were also more important people, a helicopter simply couldn't fit.

                "But ......" Song Ying was anxious, "It's too late if we don't go. That base is not far from here."

                Qin Ming immediately walked towards Corrie, who was lying on the ground. Olsen, this super hacker should still be of some use, said, "Hey, you've been on the ground, you didn't take a bullet, right?"

                Corrie raised her head and grinned awkwardly, "Young master, actually I don't want to go against you, but my family is being held hostage by them."

                Qin Ming frowned, "Didn't that sister of yours take over?"

                Qin Ming remembered that Ao Mei had picked up her only relative in the first place, so how come she still had a family?

                Corrie said curtly, "My grandfather and grandmother were both found out by them, in fact, if I didn't have family members they were watching as hostages, I wouldn't have betrayed you."

                Qin Ming said, "You have thirty seconds to stop the satellite missile. The military base in the Pacific Ocean is jointly managed by Huan Yu and the Magnesium Army, you should be familiar with it, right?"

                Corrie said, "OK, boss, I promise with what I have learned in my life. Give me thirty seconds and I will stop the missile, but you really won't kill me?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm a man of my word."

                Ao Mei took back her own dinner computer and after a flurry of operations, the Yongfu cruise ship was smashed through a hole by a thick intercontinental missile, but it did not detonate.

                The crisis was so easily averted that everyone breathed a sigh of relief and marvelled at Qin Ming's ability to calmly think of a solution at such a crisis point.

                He looked at the missile that would not explode and his whole body was in despair. He had been planning, holding back and accumulating power for decades, but in the end he had lost everything.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Set sail and return to China."