Rags To Riches Chapter 721

 The water in the cistern, which was quickly drained clean, had some severed arms and legs left in it, as well as remnants of blood-red liquid.

                The megalodon shark looked very obvious after dehydration, not moving at all, and those severed limbs, too, were obviously fake.

                Qin Ming said, "The giant-toothed shark is fake, it was bought in a bionic machinery company for tourists to enjoy."

                At this statement, those from the Zhao family were all excited and said, "Qin Ming, where is my child? She's only three years old, what happened to her?"

                "Qin Ming, I knew you wouldn't lay a hand on Xinran, they still have a marriage contract, where is she?"

                "Where's my daughter-in-law? Qin Ming, since you haven't killed anyone, it proves you still have a conscience, where are they?"

                Qin Ming waved his hand, signalling the Zhao family to keep quiet as he said, "Throw these people into the sea and try to send them away."

                A group of heavily armed men in black immediately took action and executed it, sending all the people from the Zhao family away.

                Qin Ming said again, "Don't worry, Zhao Zhen, I didn't kill any of your sons and grandsons. The blood in the water was synthetic plasma, the severed hands and feet, were prosthetic limbs prepared in advance, they went down the drain, down the drain just now, and were saved by my men, they should now be in the escape boat under the ship, and will soon depart towards the territory of China."

                At these words, Zhao Zhen's expression suddenly relaxed a lot, and then his gaze became gentle and benevolent as he said, "My son, I did not expect you to have such a heart to not fall for this deception, good, very good."

                "How is that possible?" Chang Hongxi's expression was stunned, completely devoid of the excitement he had just felt, he covered his heart and his breath caught in his throat as he said in shock, "How could you know? Could it be that you couldn't bear to kill the Zhao family's people? Did I come out early?"

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "No, I just said it. That day at the sanatorium, when I saw you die, there was a moment when I really wanted to kill the entire Zhao family to avenge your death. Because I got to where I am today thanks to your promotion. Unfortunately, I was wrong."

                Chang Hongxi questioned, "Then how did you know that, with this bureau of mine? I even went out of my way to delegate authority and let you operate. You have no reason to doubt me."

                Qin Ming affirmed, "That's right, from beginning to end, I have never doubted you, so little that I have not wavered."

                "The person who doubted you was me." In the cold, among the group of people behind Qin Ming, three masked men, who had taken off their masks, were not the long-lost Ah Long? There was also Zhang Quanzhen as well as Feng Dongxiang, one of the Four Patriarchs.

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted as he said, "Ah Long, come and explain."

                Ah Long stepped forward and said, "On that day at the Guangzhi Temple, Zhang Quanzhen killed someone in anger. I wasn't there, I went after Feng Dongxiang. He was quite a good runner but not as good as I could run. He was also quite a good fighter, but not as good as I could fight either."

                Feng Dongxiang's old face flushed and he said, "Get down to business."

                Ah Long said, "After I caught him, I questioned him as to why he betrayed the young master. He said no, he was following your orders and took the opportunity to pay a visit to Chang Rui, who is after all your aunt."

                "When I heard that, I thought to myself, isn't this different from what Huang Jin, one of the Four Patriarchs, said? Is this an internal struggle? Once there's infighting, there's bound to be a problem."

                "Infighting at this level of the Four Patriarchs is a big problem for each one of them to manage the industry in several continents of the Universe. I'm just worried about hiding people first if they give to stir up trouble."

                Qin Ming nodded, interrupted Ah Long and said, "Then when I went back to school that day, Ah Long contacted me and I agreed to what he did. Not to deal with Feng Dongxiang for the time being."

                He paused, then pointed at Zhang Quanzhen and said, "When I made my move against the Zhao family, my teacher rushed back to Laiging City in a frenzy to stop me. I then asked my teacher to come along with me to act."

                "Chang Hongxi! If you hadn't lied to me, everything would have gone like that. But you lied to me and sneaked onto the ship. I knew what you were going to do the moment you got on board. I also knew I had been tricked, you know?"

                Qin Ming picked up those photos on the floor of Liang Xing and Phoenix's appearances at the sanatorium and said, "These two, you deliberately got someone to dress up in disguise, deliberately showing their horses and giving them to Song Ying to photograph. You used it to deceive me, right? Hey, I really believed it at first."

                "I've always felt that there was an invisible hand controlling me to target the Zhao family, and that was you. But you had a rhetoric of not being anxious, but I always felt anxious. The proof of this is that you would send Feng Dongxiang to greet Chang Rui."

                "Assuming Feng Dongxiang is not one of your people, then Huang Jin must be one of your people. Huang Jin, judging from his actions, is your pawn to drive me. And, after you used it once, you let him die in the sanatorium too, didn't you? That wasn't a fake body."

                "The purpose was to make me believe it. Because it's hard to confront Feng Dongxiang without Huang Jin dead."

                Chang Hongxi fell silent, tugging at his clothes with a deadly grip as he stared at Qin Ming with a sinister stare, how could it be? How could it be? How could the effort be lost?

                He had sacrificed so much, how could this kid have gained insight?

                Qin Ming said in a cold voice: "When the betrayer Feng Dongxiang was to die, and Huang Jin, who was loyal to you, was also to die, and everything was pointed at the Zhao family, I felt something was very wrong. In this world, apart from you, no one would ask me to rush to overthrow the Zhao family, and if I were to rush to destroy the Zhao family, the price I would pay would not be small. And you didn't ask me to destroy the Zhao family immediately on your lips, or even ask me to join with the Zhao family in marriage."

                "Wouldn't that be a contradiction?"

                Faced with Qin Ming's question, Chang Hongxi lost control and cursed, "To let you join with the Zhao family in marriage is to let you share a room with your blood relatives! To bring another disgrace to the Zhao family! It's just a pity that you're an infatuated bastard who insists on not marrying that Nie Haitang or Mu Xiaoqiao, so stubborn."

                Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli were silent, Chang Hongxi had such a plan, it was a good thing Qin Ming didn't like Zhao Xinran, otherwise he would have gotten involved with his cousin and his cousin, it would have been an irrational ethical relationship.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath and said, "You know what? When you did get on board, I was still mentally convincing myself that the group was other board members sneaking in, not you. Unfortunately, you still let me down."

                Chang Hongxi grimaced and asked, "Why did they all listen to you. According to my set of brainwashing and the fact that I spent so much money to train them from a young age, it doesn't make sense for them to all betray me."

                Qin Ming laughed, "The only one who betrayed you was Xiao Ying, Ao Mei, oh, Corrie? Olsen didn't betray you, she was a pawn arranged by Chang Huan to be by my side, right? I just found out too."


                The blonde Corrie? Olsen was caught out by Song Ying.

                Corrie? Olsen said incomprehensibly, "Young master, I didn't betray you, I really didn't. This is all Song Ying's jealousy."

                Qin Ming grunted, "Come on, don't give me any more drama. Ah Long, serve up the evidence."

                Ah Long threw out a computer and said, "Corrie? Olsen, from the very beginning of Chang Hongxi's assassination, you were acting as an agent with the purpose of lurking around the young master, right? This is a video of you arranging for Chang Hongxi to go on the cruise, how secretive."

                When Corrie saw the footage, she was speechless and said, "Then why do you trust Song Ying? She also came out of the same training camp as me. Besides, why are all these people on the ship not following our orders and following yours instead?"

                Song Ying gave Corrie a spiteful sweep. Olsen, said, "I am the one who swore allegiance to the young master, and, besides, he is the only one who has really cared for me in all these years. Chang Lao he raised me, but I have been on assassination missions for him for so many years, and I have long since paid it back."

                Qin Ming let out a long breath and said, "Alright, no more nonsense. Gentlemen of the Lin family, make a move to clear the scene."

                With a brush and a swish, the armed black-clad men around the venue all ripped off their masks, none of them were foreign faces, all of them were Chinese, and moreover, they were from the Xiangxi Lin family!

                Chang Hongxi was shocked again, "You kid, when did you change people? Obviously when the cruise ship went to sea, they were all warriors trained by the Huan Yu Group."