Rags To Riches Chapter 720


                Everyone at the scene, hearing Chang Hongxi himself say this, was dumbfounded.

                "What flesh and blood?" Qin Ming's heart also fluttered and his expression was surprised as he raised his hand to stop Song Ying, who was about to come up to protect him, and made a finger gesture towards her.

                Song Ying mentally comprehended and left.

                Zhao Zhen's side also looked back at Chang Hongxi, his face serious, with tear marks at the corners of his eyes.

                Zhao Zhen asked, "Chang Hongxi, what do you mean by that? Moreover, you want to mention what happened back then. Did I do something wrong back then? Your father, Chang Dekai, was dumping state materials and was going to prepare for an investigation, so I did my part as a brother to your father by letting you know in advance."

                "Bullshit!" Chang Hongxi cursed in agitation, "Don't you see what kind of time it was? I was young and ignorant, and my patriotic heart was used by you like this. It's true that my father was wrong to steal material from the country, but it was medicine, medicine to save my mother, not something to be sold. By telling me, you are asking me to stop my dad, when in fact you are trying to get my mother killed."

                "Poor stupid me, I had to catch my dad turning himself in and ended up in a car accident on the road. That's how my dad died. My mum couldn't wait for her medicine at the hospital and died too. My dad really deserved a brother like you."

                As the crowd listened, there was a moment of silence, what was going on here was so complicated?

                Zhao Zhen was not the least bit abashed and angrily rebuked, "That my father, as your father's teacher, at that time was even the alliance of the highest board of directors of the Huan Yu Group, should have taken over the affairs of Huan Yu, but was inexplicably dead in Magnesium, your father Chang De Kai was suspicious, but never told me the truth, and the great power of Huan Yu instantly fell by the side of your Chang family. Your aunt Chang Rui, moreover, sowed discord between the four of us brothers, making me wrongly blame Bai Moyang and bringing him to his death. What is your explanation?"

                Chang Hongxi pooh-poohed and cursed, "It's all a bunch of nonsense from you! Chang Rui has told me that it was all because you were bent on your own way back then, greedy for power, cutting out dissenters and disregarding brotherly love. Both Bai Moyang and my father were indirectly killed by you. The fall of the Mu family was all because of you. And Zhang Quanzhen, hahahaha ...... he ended up being used for me as well. It's just a pity that he went crazy and killed my aunt."

                "Hahahaha, Zhao Zhen, you don't know, do you? Aunt Chang Rui has always worked for my Chang family. Told me everything about your Zhao family. Feng Dongxiang was also a traitor you planted by my side, which I knew about long ago. Now it has also been solved through Qin Ming's hands."

                The crowd was silent again, it was surprising that this grudge was so long, and at the same time, they all understood that the origin of everything was the Zhao family's fight with the Chang family, ah, this all involved the third generation coming in.

                Qin Ming interrupted their conversation and said, "Wait a minute, how did I become a member of the Zhao family? How is it that flesh and bone are fighting each other?"

                The fat-headed Chang Huan at the back raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Fool, you think your surname is Qin? You are the son of Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, that Zhao Zhengting, is only the son of Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu. Why else would you look so much like Zhao Zhengyan?"

                At these words, thunder rolled through the crowd.

                Chang Hongxi nodded his head and said, "That's right, I arranged everything. Your eldest uncle Qin Zhijiang remembers, right?"

                Qin Ming's face sank, of course he remembered Qin Zhijiang, his eldest uncle who lived in Guang City.

                "Back then Qin Zhijiang was a medical nurse at the hospital in Hai City, and it just so happened that your mother Wang Xiu went to Hai City to borrow money from Qin Zhijiang because she was going to have a baby. It so happened that she was due to give birth within a few days of going there, exactly on the same day as your own mother."

                "Qin Zhijiang was bribed by me at that time." Chang Hongxi smiled lightly, "Later, I brought in an expert to poison your brother, Zhao Zhengyin, and ruined his reproductive system, hahaha. In this way, the Zhao family's lineage was ruined."

                When the crowd heard this explanation, they all trembled in their hearts, what a vicious tactic.

                "You bastard!" When Zhao Songli heard this, it turned out that his son's inability to have children was actually the work of someone sent by Chang Hongxi, he rushed forward in anger and wanted to fight with Chang Hongxi.

                He was beaten up by his bodyguards and left with an expression of resignation, powerlessness and anger.

                Chang Hongxi laughed in triumph: "Yes, that's the look I want on your Zhao family's faces! Hahahaha, I'm so happy today, I've waited for this day for a long time. You all should now understand me, how I felt when I missed my father's death and killed my mother back then, right?"

                "In that case, when you told me that your three sons and two daughters were not your own, they were all words that lied to me." Qin Ming clenched his fists and said, "That Chang Xue, was the one you sent before?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "Not bad, I am a generation of lords, how could it happen that I raised a son for someone else? You think I'm a loser like your father? Right? Zhao Songli?"

                He paused and added, "Chang Xue is my daughter. I sent her to torment you, not to make your childhood too comfortable, you fought every day and went to the hospital twice in three days, and it made me comfortable to see you being tortured. It's just a pity that that girl is still soft-hearted and can't lay a cruel hand on you, instead giving you a strong physique and a steely will."

                Qin Ming tilted his head up, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, saying, "You know what? When I thought you were dead that day, I really vowed to wipe out the Zhao family and avenge your death."

                Chang Hongxi said with a hideous coldness, "Now it's not so bad, you've destroyed half of the Zhao family, you killed your loved ones, even the children. You did it. I'm in such a hurry to come out because there are some people that I want to do it myself."

                Chang Hongxi said in a loud voice, "All of you, listen to the order, you are all elites that the Huan Yu Group has raised for many years. I raised Qin Ming, I will waste him now, tie him up for me."

                However, no one moved.

                Chang Hongxi frowned and said, "You can all think clearly, your loved ones are all in Magnesium. You all have what you have today because I, Chang Hongxi, spent money to train you. You all know very well the internal struggle within Huan Yu, bloodshed is inevitable! In the future, with my glory, you will all be rich and prosperous!"

                But still, no one moved.

                It was the crowd's turn to be surprised, Qin Ming's mastery of people was so powerful? How did he manage to lead these teams? How could they all be brought as their own people?

                "Hum hum hum ha ha ha ......" Qin Ming covered his face and suddenly threw back his head and laughed: "Good, what a poisonous plan for decades, in order to make my flesh and bones mutilate each other. The reason for this is to torture me. In order to satisfy your desire to take over the power. Good, it's too good."

                Zhao Songli covered his swollen and painful face and said, "Qin Ming, hold on, don't go mad, be calm."

                Qin Ming moved to walk over to the casket where Zhao Zhen had just knelt and kicked it over, the casket turned over and was empty inside.

                The crowd was aghast!

                Everyone thought that Zhao Zhen had been humiliated and kneeled Chang Hongxi, but it turned out to be a kneeling air.

                Moreover, with this action, Qin Ming proved that he did not seem to be kept in the dark.

                Gritting his teeth, Qin Ming looked at Chang Hongxi and Chang Huan's father and son and said angrily, "Old fox, you have Zhang Liang's plan, I have a ladder over the wall, don't think that I, Qin Ming, am a dullard. Someone, drain all the water from the cistern!"