Rags To Riches Chapter 719

 Just after eleven in the middle of the night, Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli, both father and son, stepped onto the special plane Qin Ming had prepared for them and set off towards the Yongfu cruise ship.

                Although said to be a commercial cruise ship, it was not within the territory of China, having broken through the island chain and swum beyond the high seas long before giving Zhao Zhen his war letter.

                There were many battles between China and Magnesia, and the home base of the Huan Yu Century Group was officially in Magnesia, where capital is absolutely liberal, so no longer being within China, Qin Ming had more room to manoeuvre instead.

                All he needed to do was to say hello and he could get some support from the magnesium military.

                The fact that Zhao Zhen's father and son went to the meeting alone was quite appreciated by Qin Ming, who had thought that Zhao Zhen would not come, then he would have left one of the Zhao family at sea and captured it on video and sent it to him.

                "But now it's not so bad." Qin Ming sat inside the cruise ship's luxurious office, watching the screen broadcast the entire time the two Zhao Zhen fathers were being escorted over.

                At this moment, Qin Ming was surrounded by three more masked men, and he asked, "All ready? Have the audience also arrived?"

                The three men did not say anything, but made an "ok" gesture.

                Qin Ming nodded, picked up the intercom and ordered, "All hands, enter plan B."

                In the lobby of the first floor of the cruise ship, Qin Ming had a huge cistern modified and a long-hungry giant tooth shark placed on it, with the sons and daughters of the Zhao family dangling from it.

                The moment Zhao Zhen walked in and saw this scene, he was so angry that he almost fainted and stumbled before falling over.

                Zhao Songli looked carefully, but he did not see his wife and children, and his heart froze.

                He had asked Qin Mo to take the children back to the sea city and they had disappeared. He had been very worried but had to come here with his father to the Yongfu Cruise Ship.

                "Slap, slap, slap."

                Qin Ming clapped his hands as he walked down from above, he hadn't seen him for a small half day and his level of alignment with Zhao Zhen was different.

                Qin Ming said, "Master Zhao really has the guts to come right here with his son, just you dare to risk your life, I admire you."

                Zhao Zhen narrowed his eyes and said, "It's true that you faked your death as a trick, it seems that everything today was a premeditated and purposeful act on your part to take advantage of my Zhao family's lack of security personnel."

                Qin Ming said, "Could it be that my righteous father's death was not a premeditated act on your part?"

                Zhao Zhen said, "I say again, I did not kill Chang Hongxi. Qin Ming, I am generally too old to lie to a little doll like you."

                Qin Ming sneered, "Hmph, you may deny it, indeed, at times like this, you are even less able to admit it. I will come straight to the point, today I am dealing with your Zhao family to take revenge for my righteous father. Zhao Zhen, kneel before my righteous father's coffin, kowtow and admit your mistake, then kill yourself and follow my righteous father, and I will spare your children and grandchildren."

                "Dad, save me ......" Zhao Songzhi's face was bloodless with fear at the sight of the giant tooth shark below, wasn't this an extinct creature? Wasn't it the strongest fish in history that only existed in movies? Where did this beast Qin Ming find it?

                "Grandpa ......" the young Zhao family children were all crying for help.

                "Qin Ming, you and Zhao Xinran are still married ah, how can you do this?"

                "Taiji, help, help ......" a young child was also begging for mercy.

                Seeing this scene, Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli both turned blue.

                Qin Ming said, "I, Qin Ming, am a man of my word, and I am responsible for what I have done. If you do as I say, they will all be saved tonight, if you don't do as I say, they will all die."

                At these words, Zhao Zhen hurriedly said, "Qin Ming, you have no enmity with them, let them go and I will stay here and talk to you clearly."

                Qin Ming threw out a stack of photos, "I no longer want to talk to you about being clear or not. This is the evidence, the evidence of the day you besieged the squad of my righteous father's sanatorium and were photographed by my men."

                When Zhao Zhen looked at it, wasn't it the head of the bodyguards he had kept, the duo of Liang Xing and Phoenix?

                Qin Ming said, "The two of them were not in your outposted team looking for Zhang Quanzhen, correct?"

                Zhao Zhen was silent as he sighed, "I really didn't send anyone to kill Chang Hongxi, this is a misunderstanding."

                "You are still sophomoric, look at him as a corpse." Qin Ming cursed angrily, "It seems you refuse to admit your mistake without seeing the coffin."

                He took out a remote control and pressed it, then half of the man hanging from the cistern clattered downwards.




                "Dad, help me."

                "Aaaaah~! Qin Ming you shall not die well."

                Amidst a sea of screaming bodies, half of the captured people from the Zhao family all fell down.

                The giant-toothed shark in the pool immediately stepped forward and frantically tore into them, instantly gushing out a large amount of blood, so red that it was impossible to really see what was really in the pool, but the blurred figures in there could be seen struggling.

                "Ahhh!" Zhao Zhen saw this scene and his bloodshot eyes widened in anger as he pointed at Qin Ming, his lips biting out blood.

                "Qin Ming, you beast! You devil!" Zhao Zhen cursed, "You don't even spare the children, what crime are they guilty of?"

                Qin Ming grunted heavily and said, "The rest of them, throw them all into the Pacific Ocean and feed them to the fish. You don't want to admit fault anyway, Old Zhao."

                "Yes, Young Master." Huan Yu's men immediately went to do so, and soon the remaining dozen or so people were also taken away.

                Zhao Zhen hurriedly said, "Wait a minute, is it true that you will let them go if I kneel down and admit my mistake?"

                "Yes." Qin Ming said, "I'm as good as my word."

                Zhao Zhen wanted to kneel, but Zhao Songli held him up and said, "Dad, you can't kneel, we didn't do it, we didn't do it, we have no shame. Qin Ming, you have lost your conscience, do you think you can win? You will not even be able to stand in China again in the future. Our Zhao family will hunt you down with all our might."

                Qin Ming smiled fiercely, "Is that so? Then look at your wife's current situation, are you still going to hunt me down and kill me?"

                Qin Ming snapped his fingers and immediately someone put up a large screen, a hotel, with Qin Mo tied to the bed unable to move.

                "You!!!" When Zhao Songli saw his wife being captured, that anger rushed straight to the top and he charged towards Qin Ming regardless: "Bastard, I'll kill you."

                But he was immediately blocked by the black-clad bodyguard next to him and thrown back with a violent beating.

                Qin Ming said, "Zhao Songli, I will finish my business with your father first, and then take care of your family. Even if I have some losses in Huan Yu, your Zhao family's losses will definitely be greater than mine."

                Zhao Zhen chilled his face and instantly knelt down, facing Chang Hongxi's casket, saying, "I admit my mistake, you let my children go and I stay, so what? Don't you dare to do what you dare? You promised me you would do it."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Give Zhao Lao a knife and tell him to kill himself in front of my righteous father's coffin."

                "Hold it!" Suddenly, a vicissitudes and low voice came out through the loudspeaker.


                The door on the first floor suddenly opened, a group of people rushed in, arranged on both sides, then a wheelchair slowly came in, and the person in the wheelchair, wasn't it Chang Hongxi himself?

                At this moment, Chang Hongxi had swept away his previous decrepit appearance of having cancer and had become energetic, with a rosy complexion, which did not look like he was ill?

                Qin Ming was taken aback and said, "Righteous father? How do you ......"

                "Hahaha ...... good, Qin Ming, well done." Chang Hongxi stroked his palm and laughed, saying, "Good job killing, good job killing. Haha, hahaha."

                "You're not dead, righteous father." Qin Ming hurriedly took a few steps forward, stopped again and asked, "Then the corpse from that day ......"

                Suddenly, another familiar voice came from behind Chang Hongxi: "Hahaha ...... corpse, that was just my father's masterpiece."

                When Qin Ming looked, his pupils suddenly shrank, it was Chang Huan, the eldest son of Chang Hongxi, who had almost killed him and Nie Haitang that day.

                He should not be locked up in some island prison in the Pacific, but now he was here?

                After being dumbfounded, Qin Ming changed his tone and questioned, "You lied to me?"

                Chang Hongxi took a long breath, looked at Qin Ming, and said, "Yes, I lied to you."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Why?"

                Chang Hongxi gripped his clothes tightly with his fists and said; "Because it was waiting for this scene, this scene where you buried the Zhao family with your own hands. I have been waiting for me for decades, just like when I was tricked by Zhao Zhen and killed my father by mistake, I want to make your Zhao family, bone and flesh, mutilate each other!"