Rags To Riches Chapter 718

 Qin Mo looked in the rear view mirror and stared at Qin Ming and said, "You should have heard of it, right? There's a guy who looks like you, named Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming pretended to look like Zhao Zhengyin and said, "Well, I've heard my teacher talk about it. He's sort of my senior brother, and we've actually met. But didn't really get to talk."

                Qin Mo let out an oh and said, "Take off your clothes and let mum take a look."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, so suddenly? Where had he aroused Qin Mo's suspicion?

                Qin Ming was surprised, but he did not panic, he knew very well how many scars Zhao Zhengyan had on his body.

                He took off his shirt to reveal his white skin, this was all because Song Ying had spent an hour helping him to disguise himself, since he wanted to deceive people, he naturally had to do a full set.

                Qin Mo looked at Qin Ming's chest, there was no wound that had turned septic from the poisoned needle stabbing, she immediately sent a message to her husband Zhao Songli.

                Qin Ming saw that he had successfully tricked Qin Mo and the corners of his mouth lifted as the car drove inside the school.

                Qin Mo said, "Okay, you go to the dormitory and pack up, we will go back to ...... immediately"

                Qin Mo just turned back, she saw a finger of black hole gun pointing at her, her expression suddenly changed, surprised, "Xiao Yan you ......"

                Qin Ming suddenly pulled Qin Mo's hair and pulled her entire upper body into the back seat, while exposing her hand hidden behind her back, surprisingly trying to get a knife.

                Qin Ming praised, "What a woman in danger. Sorry, I'm not your son Zhao Zhengyan. I am Qin Ming, and my stomach these are plastered with silicone."

                Qin Mo was pulled by the hair and tilted her head, "Qin Ming, are you crazy? Our husband's family, the Zhao family, is a director of the Huan Yu Century Group at the same time as you, my mother's family is even a big client of Huan Yu, and you have offended the Li family, what exactly do you want?"

                Qin Ming was furious and punched him, saying, "Hypocritical hypocrite. My righteous father, a man who is almost in the ground, was forcibly killed by you, and I want to avenge him today. All your Zhao family members are dead, but the evidence will not fall on my head, so I will see who will avenge your Zhao family. I have a lot of scapegoats!"

                As soon as the words left his mouth, several men from the assassination squad came next to the car and brought Qin Mo under control.

                Qin Ming said, "Deal with the scene and continue with plan A."

                Underneath the bustling capital city on a dreary night, there were hidden waves and dark surges.

                In the circles of the gentry, everyone knew that something had happened to the Zhao family, that numerous descendants of the Zhao family had been arrested, that the murderer was thunderous, and that although it wasn't dripping, not much had been revealed.

                Especially when the Zhao family was in trouble, Zhao Zhen was trapped in a hotel, his mobile phone was inexplicably stolen, and the people around him were also without a mobile phone, making it almost impossible to contact the outside world.

                It was obvious to anyone that the Zhao family was in for a hard time.

                It was late at night before Zhao Zhen came out of the police station and returned to his empty home, and the blood all over the floor, with many of his bodyguards bruised.

                An incident of this magnitude was suppressed by the leaders above.

                The general public did not know about it.

                This was what the Zhao family expected, that the family scandal would not be publicised, and that when the general public found out, they would only watch and laugh because they hated the rich.

                The only person standing beside Zhao Zhen was the current head of the Li family, Li Anping.

                Li Anping rushed back in a dusty manner and said, "Old Zhao, I heard that something happened to the Zhao family, I just came back from the army, I didn't expect it to be so serious. The death of Chang Taijun was only a short time ago, and this incident, the target should be very clear."

                Zhao Zhen nodded and said, "I'm afraid it's someone from the Huan Yu Century Group. Alas, with Chang Hongxi dead and Qin Ming also dead, the group's top ally is in limbo, and China is the global economic engine. The Group has many constraints on its side of China. With Chang Hongxi and Qin Ming both dead, our Zhao family is indeed the best candidate to win the alliance."

                "But ......" Zhao Zhen pondered for a moment.

                Li Anping asked, "What's wrong?"

                Zhao Zhen rubbed his hands together and said, "I didn't send anyone to kill Chang Hongxi. Isn't he dying of cancer? Why do I need to stink up my reputation? Aren't I being planted with evidence? And Qin Ming's death is even more confusing. Ah Qi is a member of your Li family and has been responsible for protecting me for six years, how could he have assassinated Qin Ming without orders?"

                Li Anping's face was ugly, Chang Rui had died as a result of their Li family's poor protection.

                Now, he was also accused of assassinating Qin Ming when their Li family's bodyguards pushed and shoved him, which made Li Anping also very stifled.

                Li Anping said, "What do you mean? Everything is a conspiracy? Was it the Stampo's East Anglian Society? Or the Count of Flame Light in Europe? They are the only two within the group that are doing something so radical and not willing to be lonely."

                Zhao Zhen couldn't quite decide, he always felt that something was wrong.

                At this moment, a subordinate ran in and said, "Elder Zhao, someone has sent a letter of war."

                Zhao Zhen took the so-called war invitation and saw that someone had asked him to go up to the Yongfu Good Cruise Ship in the harbour immediately, and if he did not go up after the time, he would kill all the people of the Zhao family who had been captured.

                Zhao Zhen finished reading the war note and mused, "Yongfu Cruise, a ship belonging to one of the travel agencies of the Huan Yu Century Group, this has been commandeered, so obviously someone from within Huan Yu is dealing with me."

                Li Anping said, "What about that Qin Ming? Which hospital?"

                Zhao Zhen shook his head, "I have sent someone to investigate over. After Qin Ming's death was confirmed in the hotel, he was admitted by someone from Huan Yu, and outsiders have no control over it. My guess is that if Chang Hongxi and Qin Ming are really dead, it should be one of their own people fighting for power, or too enraged to take revenge on me. If they didn't die, then it was all a conspiracy."

                Li Anping said, "You can't get on this cruise ship. Old Zhao, the Zhao family is in trouble, and I, the Li family, cannot ignore it since, after all, the two families have been related for many years."

                Zhao Zhen shook his head, "If I don't go on it, I won't be able to save my Zhao family's bloodline."

                Li Anping said, "Then I will send a warship to follow you."

                Zhao Zhen smiled, "Inside Huan Yu, many people have been mercenaries or have joined the army, they must have staff who have thought of this layer. If we push too hard and cross the blockade chain, it will become an international incident, and I don't want to drag the country down. Besides, Huan Yu has a lot of economic influence within China, and once it's torn apart, it's no joke to set the country's economy back ten years."

                "It's not worth the country sacrificing that much in this matter. In the end, it's just infighting between the top board of directors, attached to what the Huan Yu Century Group has always done."

                Li Anping said anxiously, "But you, the Zhao family, have made many contributions to the country's economic development, and now that something has happened to the Zhao family, and this can't even help, I, Li Anping, am too ashamed of this Standing Committee."

                "Report." At this moment, a junior soldier ran in and said, "The criminals who created a riot and robbed the Zhao family in Beijing this afternoon have all been arrested, and the criminals have confessed to the facts they committed. But the hostages are nowhere to be found."

                Li Anping frowned and said, "No word? Then give me every means to pry their mouths open."

                The little soldier added, "According to the explanation, they completed their mission by handing the man over to a man called Grey Snake. Grey Snake is an ordinary businessman in the city who runs a hotel, his whereabouts are currently unknown and he is being traced."

                Li Anping cursed, "Fuck, isn't this still not finding anyone?"

                Zhao Zhen waved his hand and said, "Forget it, Anping. This is a basic play to clear suspicion. Within Huan Yu, after two generations of transformation by the Chang family's father and son, there are many dead soldiers, and the more we trace them, the more we prove that this has nothing to do with Huan Yu Group. I've seen this kind of thing a lot."

                Li Anping asked, "Elder Zhao, what do you say? I'll give my full assistance."

                Zhao Zhen pondered for a moment and said, "There is only one way for me to go."