Rags To Riches Chapter 717

 At the Zhao family compound, ten heavily armed teams, totalling hundreds of men, suddenly set fire and burst in.

                Each of them had a clear purpose and mission, and all of them already had a clear understanding of the people inside the Zhao family through early information.

                When they saw anyone, they beat them up and kidnapped all of them when they saw the Zhao family's direct lineage.

                Originally, the Zhao family's defence capabilities would not be too bad, but recently, in order to avenge Chang Rui and track down Zhang Quanzhen, the Zhao family had sent out quite a few people, and this loophole had also been accounted for by Qin Ming.

                The Zhao family originally had quite a few bodyguards to protect them as well, but when they met they were put down by a round of mechanical sweep, dead or not no one knows, but all those who resisted fell.

                Boom boom ......

                The Zhao family compound exploded not long after, a car sped away in front of the house, while inside was even more chaotic.

                At the same time, a building in Beijing, the top floor of the Zhao Group, also exploded, with smoke billowing and alarms blaring.

                Zhao Songxian, who was in his office working on papers, suddenly saw a team of his own company's security guards rush in, forcibly kidnap him and carry him towards the roof of the building.

                Zhao Songxian was shocked and angry: "What are you doing? How is it possible to break through my security system? Do you know what the consequences of your actions will be?"

                But the men from the assassination squad paid no heed to Zhao Songxian's words and followed Qin Ming's plan to kidnap him straight away.

                At a leisure club in the capital city, Zhao Songzhi, who was taking a hot spring bath, was also taken captive by a group of people who raided him.

                And Zhao Xianwu, who was inspecting work at a property development in Beijing, was suddenly kidnapped by a group of powerful and armed thugs.

                Meanwhile, in a primary school in Beijing, a certain grandchild of the Zhao family, who was attending school, was secretly taken away by a stranger who entered the school.

                On the same day in the city of Beijing, there is an abnormality in the line surveillance of certain traffic locations, which does not work properly.

                The police force is scattered and many traffic routes in the city are blocked.

                The chaos in the city was all a result of Qin Ming's sophisticated planning.

                He invested a lot of manpower and resources, and even paid for some connections and contacts.

                In particular, he made use of Corrie Olsen's hacking skills. Olsen's hacking technology was used to control the public cameras by frequency bands, then he paid people to create panic, and finally ordered the assassination squad to raid the Zhao family and retreat according to the set path.

                When evening came, the three sons of the Zhao family, Zhao Songxian, Zhao Songzhi and Zhao Xianwu, as well as their children, wives and grandchildren, were all captured by Qin Ming.

                The bodyguards responsible for protecting them were either put down or eluded, unaware that the Zhao family had been kidnapped.

                Such thunderous measures made Zhao Zhen, who had only just come out of the hotel fire, pale.

                When Zhao Zhen heard that all his sons and grandsons had been captured, he was furious and anxious, and said to the subordinate who had reported the news, "Use all your strength to go after them."

                The subordinate was embarrassed, "Elder Zhao, I can't reach you. Phoenix and Fatty Liang have all been transferred to track down Zhang Quanzhen and are not in the city. The Li family's experts are also here. Our security system really tried its best, there were too many pairs of releasees and the escape was scattered. The police are currently tracking them down."

                Zhao Zhen's face was very ugly, he touched his pocket, his phone was missing at some point!

                He looked around, all the people who had escaped from the hotel, the group was fine, because the fire was not too big, the fire arrived early, but somehow almost all the roads were blocked.

                And in the panic, many people's mobile phones were missing, not one and a half but dozens of people.

                Not surprisingly, there must have been professional thieves mixed in with the people who had fled.

                Zhao Zhen could immediately guess that the divine thief was not coveting the crowd's mobile phones, but rather blocking him from contacting the outside world, or the outside world from contacting him.

                It happened that today was a special day, and it also crashed into a competition between two factions, while Qin Ming had surprisingly died and the Zhao family was attacked.

                It was not hard to guess that everything was a conspiracy manipulated by someone behind the scenes.

                Zhao Zhen was silent for a long time, took a deep breath, glanced at his fourth son Zhao Songli beside him, patted his hand and said, "The other side doesn't seem to have touched your lineage, so go and take care of your wife and son first."

                Zhao Songli hurriedly said, "Dad, I'm afraid the other side has been planning for a long time about today's incident. If we hadn't sent out too many of our men to chase Zhang Quanzhen, we wouldn't have been caught. Now you are the one in the most danger."

                Zhao Zhen waved his hand and said seriously, "It doesn't matter that the target wasn't me, I didn't lay a hand on the man who was captured. Obviously it's taking the Zhao family's family and children to negotiate with me."

                Before the words left his mouth, a few police officers immediately came forward, "Old Mr. Zhao, you have been charged with murder, please come with us."

                Zhao Zhen frowned, and immediately a follower beside him, pulled out his papers and said, "Open your dog eyes and look at ......"

                Zhao Zhen immediately pulled the man beside him and said, "There are many people and mixed eyes, work according to the rules. It's just a delaying tactic, I'll go to the police station, you find a lawyer. Songli, now that you are in charge of the Zhao family for the time being, don't let the curmudgeons take advantage of the situation, don't look for Zhang Quanzhen first, transfer all the people back, ask for help from your former friends and also your wife's maternal family, this hurdle, our Zhao family has to go through."

                Zhao Songli responded, "Yes, Dad."

                Zhao Songli immediately moved to leave, the first thing he did was to call his children and ask them to gather at a building in the city centre.

                Naturally, Qin Ming put on a little make-up and went to the meeting posing as Zhao Zhengyan.

                Now that the public thought that "Qin Ming" was dead and Zhao Zhengyan was a vegetable, he had excellent cover.

                Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi arrived earlier, Qin Ming had whitened his face a little, removed the scars from his eyes and put on the baggy, trendy clothes Zhao Zhengyan usually wears, pretending to be a fat man who has been looking at his computer for too long.

                Zhao Songli didn't say much and said, "Everyone is here, Mo'er, you take the kids back to Haicheng first. Contact your dad again and ask them to help out a bit."

                Qin Ming listened, surprisingly the old Qin family in Hai City had to be involved, that was also a world class magnate family, but naturally nothing compared to Huan Yu.

                However, within China, the Old Qin Family also seemed to be very powerful.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Now that most of the Zhao family principals have been captured by Qin Ming and Zhao Zhen has been involved, Zhao Songli can't do much on his own for a short period of time. Once Zhao Zhen has changed his breath, he will transfer his troops and join forces with the Li family. My men would be bound to lose. Therefore, my chance for revenge is only tonight."

                Qin Mo nodded and responded, "Good, Zheng Yan, Zheng Ting, Ruo Shi, you guys go back and pack right away, we'll take a chartered flight back to Hai City overnight."

                "Oh." Qin Ming casually replied and left.

                He thought to himself, "I've come to clear my name, and I've heard good news. The plan will have to be brought forward. Got to contact Xiao Ying right away."

                But Qin Ming hadn't gone far when Qin Mo drove up behind him.

                Qin Mo said, "Xiao Yan, get in the car. I'll go with you to the dormitory, right?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this beautiful woman, but a mother who was more concerned about Zhao Zhengyan, Qin Ming didn't even dare to spend much time with her before, lest she reveal herself.

                He looked at the luxurious car, and Qin Mo who stubbornly told him to get in, and after a moment's hesitation, he still got in.

                Qin Ming sat in the back seat, looking at Qin Mo's back, and said to himself, "Hey, Qin Mo, don't blame me for your bad luck in my hands."

                Suddenly, Qin Mo said, "Son, take off your clothes, let mum take a look."

                Qin Ming, who was calculating with his mobile phone, his expression froze, why so suddenly?