Rags To Riches Chapter 716

 Qin Ming's sudden outburst of anger left Zhao Zhen baffled.

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Don't you pretend to me, didn't you send my righteous father to be killed? I still have proof."

                Zhao Zhen ignored Qin Ming's anger and said, "It seems the news is true. Chang Hongxi he is really dead. Qin Ming, you cannot conclude that I did it because of that."

                In the middle of the meeting hall, with Qin Ming's victory, the crowd from the Yellow School still wanted to hold a celebration feast.

                But instead, they saw Qin Ming clash with Zhao Zhen.

                As the two went toe to toe, getting closer and closer, seemingly about to make physical contact, the bodyguards around Zhao Zhen immediately pushed Qin Ming away.

                Qin Ming did not move and let the other man push him away.

                Then Qin Ming took three heavy steps back, covering his chest, and exclaimed, "What is that? Is that a needle? You ......!"

                Qin Ming screamed, then fell headfirst to the ground.

                The sudden change of events left everyone present stunned.

                Unlike before, because there were more opportunities to lie after flying to the top, Qin Ming's acting skills were now very much online, and no one could see any flaw at all at all.

                Immediately, someone came forward to help Qin Ming, and Nie Haitang and other women also came forward to protect him.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was the most displeased and angrily rebuked, "Zhao Zhen, what exactly are you trying to do? How can you sneak in secret?"

                The bodyguard beside Zhao Zhen had an innocent look on his face.

                Zhao Zhen's old face sank as he said, "We didn't do anything, he was the one who faked the fall."

                "The man is dead."

                As soon as Zhao Zhen's words left his mouth, a doctor on the Huang faction's side announced Qin Ming's death, saying, "The pulse is gradually getting weaker until it doesn't beat anymore. Moreover, there is a wound here on his chest."

                That doctor peeled open Qin Ming's shirt, and there was a needle wound there on his chest, which was still blackened, obviously a poison needle.

                When the crowd saw it, they all said in unison, "How vicious."

                The man had no pulse, so he was really dead.

                The situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse, now it was Qin Ming's turn to have an accident, and he was dead?

                The crowd did not believe the doctor's judgment.

                Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao even pounced on him, scrambling to do artificial respiration, but in the end, there were still doctors to resuscitate Qin Ming.

                But it was no use, Qin Ming was as motionless as a dead fish.

                The two women were so anxious that tears fell from their eyes, and anyone who saw them would know what was going on.

                In fact, Sun Changxi was so frightened that she almost fainted and would have fainted if not for the help of the people next to her.

                But Sun Changxi quickly calmed down again, she remembered what Qin Ming had told her two days ago, telling her to trust him and that it would be fine.

                At this moment, Sun Changxi suddenly calmed down, she did not believe that Qin Ming had died so simply.

                But how the people at the front judged, Qin Ming was silent.

                Huang Shengjiu couldn't help but reprimand, "Zhao Zhen, you are also vicious enough to use underhanded tricks after losing the match, do you really think that our Huang School's people are easy to bully?"

                "Sneaking in before the match and using poisoned needles afterwards, you are really bullying people too much. We at the Yellow School are telling your two families today that this matter is not over!"

                "Your Li and Zhao families, too, will be nailed to the pillar of shame of the martial arts world!"

                Zhao Zhen cried out hysterically, "This is a misunderstanding! There must be something wrong here. Leave the man to us and I will use the best medical team to restore the truth."

                But before Zhao Zhen could finish, a team of nurses and medical staff walked in, and wasn't the first one Song Ying?

                She was wearing a mask, so onlookers couldn't see her face, but those who were familiar with her could tell a thing or two by looking at her figure and eyes.

                But the scene was buzzing with noise and accusations.

                Song Ying, posing as a paramedic, carried Qin Ming and was about to leave.

                Naturally, the Li and Zhao families refused to do so, but if they left, would they not be guilty of murder?

                Li Rongbao stepped forward and said, "No, we have doctors of our own, and with modern science, it is not difficult to cheat death. Doctor Ma, you come."

                At this moment, there was a special family doctor on the Li family's side who indicated that he would go up to examine Qin Ming.

                The people on the Huang faction's side naturally obstructed this, but Huang Shengjiu waved his hand and said, "Then examine him, you are given little time, perhaps there is still a chance of getting him to the hospital for resuscitation now."

                The Li family's doctor, Dr. Ma, was given the opportunity and immediately went forward to examine Qin Ming's body.

                The "wound" on his chest was getting thicker and thicker black, proving that the toxin was spreading.

                After some examination, that doctor also said in a very embarrassed manner, "It's probably a heart attack, hurry up and put on a defibrillator to see if it can be resuscitated."

                This answer made both the Li and Zhao families embarrassed, it looked like the heart had really stopped and needed to be resuscitated, no delay was needed.

                Song Ying hummed, "Then you guys should get out of the way."

                With that, Song Ying and a few of her men who were posing as medical personnel carried Qin Ming away.

                Mu Xiaoqiao and the other three women followed them out, but they were suddenly blocked by a group of people. After struggling and pushing, they tried to follow Qin Ming again, but found that he had already disappeared?

                The three women were so anxious that they ran downstairs as fast as they could.

                However, halfway through their run, they were grabbed by a group of men in black and tied up to leave the hotel.

                "Hey, who are you people? What are you doing?" Mu Xiaoqiao questioned as she struggled, "Security guards? Security guards!"

                Nie Haitang also threatened, "I'm warning you, you better let go of us, do you know who my boyfriend is?"

                Sun Changxi said sharply, "Not yet, don't presume to identify yourself."

                The leader of the group, a man in black, turned his head impatiently and said, "Don't move, three of you, it's Secretary Song who asked us to send you home. Secretary Song, Song Ying, you know each other, right? Talking is for your safety. Look, a taxi, go up."

                The three women were driven out of the hotel, and when they saw the taxi, they refused to get in, saying angrily, "Where is Qin Ming? We won't leave until we see Qin Ming."

                At that moment, Qin Ming was being led by Song Ying up a special staircase towards the roof of the building.

                When they reached the roof, Song Ying took out a special syringe of green liquid, pointed it at Qin Ming's heart a little off-set, and gave it a shot.

                "Cough~!" Qin Ming coughed violently, and then vomited furiously.

                After vomiting for a full thirty seconds, Qin Ming felt much better, took a deep breath, and said, "Thanks, Lin Yurou, your Li family's compulsion is really powerful."

                At that moment, beside a plane on the roof, the pavilioned Lin Yurou grinned, "It's good to be able to help you, but do you really want to do that?"

                Qin Ming said, "My righteous father has given me everything, I can't watch him die in vain."

                He took a satellite phone, entered the special frequency band and gave the order, saying, "All units, move immediately and follow plan A."

                Having given the order, Qin Ming watched as the group got into a helicopter and left the scene.


                A large explosion ensued at the hotel, and then smoke rolled in.

                The people from the two factions in the tournament venue were still arguing non-stop, the sudden explosion made them all raise their guard, the thick smoke represented a big fire, everyone stopped arguing and started scrambling to leave the hotel.

                Qin Ming looked at the smoky hotel and asked, "Beach and the three of them have already left, right?"

                "Yes, Young Master." Song Ying responded, "They won't have any safety problems."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Try to keep the Zhao and Li families locked up inside the hotel as much as possible, all we have to do is stall for time. Let's go and pound the Zhao family's lair!"