Rags To Riches Chapter 715

 Qin Ming broke Li Shun's leg with a single punch, and his skill stunned the audience.

                Many of the martial arts masters in the audience were shocked by Qin Ming's dominating sword strength.

                It is important to know that human strength is the most difficult to train. Although many people have breathing discipline methods passed down since ancient times and practice hard day and night to strengthen their bodies, many people are trapped by the bottleneck of inch strength, their muscles cannot reach the toughness required for an instant burst, then they cannot continue to hammer.

                And Li Shun's name is known to many, he has been practising martial arts since he was a child and was able to defeat countless old-timers in his early twenties.

                Qin Ming, on the contrary, was easily beaten back by Li Dakai at the Guangzui Temple that day, how could it be expected that after three days of absence, he was no longer a Wu Xia Meng.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath, after his body was transformed by the force compulsion, Qin Ming only felt full of power, others had worked hard for decades to practice, but he had taken a shortcut.

                "I'm sure I can win." Qin Ming was full of confidence.

                The referee glanced at Li Shun and said, "Li Shun breaks his leg, the ninth match is won by Qin Ming of the Yellow School, and the total score is tied five to five. It goes to the final overtime tie-breaker."


                As soon as the words left his mouth, Li Dakai jumped out.

                Li Dakai raised the corners of his mouth and said, "I thought Li Shun would be able to close it out, I'm just here to go through the motions, but it seems that I underestimated you."

                Qin Ming looked at Li Dakai, within his eyes, if Li Dakai had not taken Chang Rui away that day, perhaps it would not have triggered the subsequent events.

                There were too many secrets that Chang Rui had left unsaid.

                When Li Dakai saw that Qin Ming was silent, he dashed forward and punched him tentatively in the left side of the face.

                Qin Ming took a step back to avoid it.

                However, Li Dakai immediately changed his stance and threw two kicks in quick succession, hitting Qin Ming squarely in the chest.

                Qin Ming took a few steps backwards after being hit by the kicks, but he patted his chest and was not seriously hurt.

                Li Dakai kept his feet up and said, "It seems that your martial arts level has not changed much, only your physical quality has changed. Although I don't know what method you have used to improve your physical quality, but kung fu, it doesn't rely on brute force."

                At these words, the people around were all astonished.

                There were actually some people who could see that Qin Ming's kung fu was somewhat sub-standard, but it was still his one-punch defeat of Li Shun that was more shocking.

                Any kung fu, fighting machine in the world, needs time is accumulation.

                Obviously Qin Ming was only a beginner, and the gap was too great against someone like Li Dakai who had been practising martial arts for years.

                However, Qin Ming's physical quality was so strong that an ordinary person would have been ruined after receiving those two kicks from Li Dakai just now, but Qin Ming was fine.

                However, in the eyes of the martial arts experts present, the two kicks that Li Dakai had just delivered were expected and not difficult to dodge, but Qin Ming could not avoid them.

                Qin Ming clenched his fist and said to himself, "The secret has been discovered, not bad for a realm expert of the Li family."

                Next to him, Li Shun, who had his leg broken, suddenly laughed: "Heh heh, so it's just strength. Qin Ming, you won't be able to get carried away for long, only brute strength is useless, just a sandbag to be beaten."

                Huang Shengjiu also secretly reminded, "Raise your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, Qin Ming, idea to protect the hood, throat, heart, hips, toughness and eyes ......"

                But not waiting for him to finish, Li Dakai rushed up, and then flew up to sweep a foot across.

                Instead of retreating, Qin Ming advanced and punched through again.

                But Li Dakai's foot reached half the distance, turned around, landed on his foot as his centre of gravity, avoided Qin Ming's punch, and kicked Qin Ming from the side with his other foot.


                Qin Ming's left cheek was kicked and his whole body flew backwards.

                "Good!" The people on the Li family's side clapped their hands and shouted in approval.

                While Qin Ming was a little uncomfortable from the kick, he shook his head, took a deep breath and continued to clench his fist.

                "I can't compete in a martial arts fight." Qin Ming rubbed his somewhat numb cheeks, and his ears were producing ringing in his ears, making him very uncomfortable.

                "But compared to muscle strength, and resistance to fighting, Li Dakai is inferior to me." Qin Ming said in his mind.

                He licked his lips and continued to mutter in his mind, "He must also understand that he can't give me a chance, but I have to give him a good break and make him think I'm no longer able to fight back."

                With a whoosh, a dark shadow swept past as Li Dakai once again rose to his feet and kicked Qin Ming over.

                Qin Ming rolled a few times on the ground and got up again.

                And at that moment, Li Dakai once again grabbed towards Qin Ming's hand, he pulled it up and was about to break it in the opposite direction.


                Qin Ming was the one who had his arm removed.

                The pain was enough to make the average person wail.

                But Qin Ming did not feel anything, he broke away from Li Dakai, put his arm back on by himself and twisted it again, scaring the crowd in, and Qin Ming was not a monster? He didn't even feel anything?

                The man who was in the room was a little more than a little more than a little more than a little.

                "Good!" The Li family applauded and shouted, they had found a flaw in Li Dakai, a blow to Qin Ming's waist and kidney would be very fatal, even if Qin Ming's defence was amazing enough, he was bound to fall to the ground.

                However, after landing on the ground, Qin Ming endured the pain and suddenly lunged down with a handful of Li Dakai's right foot which had a foothold of weight.

                At the same time as Qin Ming sold his own break, he also caught Li Dakai's break.

                As soon as he saw Qin Ming pinch his foot, Li Dakai immediately shifted his weight and tried to throw Qin Ming out with a flying kick.

                But it was already too late.

                Qin Ming's arms shot up and his ten fingers moved together, crushing the bones of Li Dakai's right foot with his bare hands.

                Li Dakai's expression was even more painful, and although he held back from crying out, he could no longer stand still.


                Qin Ming received another blow to his back, a punch from Li Dakai that was even harder than a hammer.

                Even though Qin Ming was a man of steel, he could not withstand such a close range attack to the back of his heart and spat out a mouthful of blood.

                But the fight wasn't over yet, they were still trembling together and Qin Ming grabbed one of Li Dakai's two outside feet and did the same.


                Both of Li Dakai's leg bones were broken and he could not stand any longer.

                Qin Ming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and slowly stood up, looking at Li Dakai who had fallen to the ground, he showed a mocking expression in a triumphant gesture.

                Twenty years of hard training was no match for Qin Ming's two-day shortcut, ah.

                Qin Ming pointed at the Li family's group and said, "The victory has been decided, your Li family must keep their word and not trip up and find trouble in giving our many friends and seniors of the Yellow School for no reason."

                The Li family looked at each other and all shook their heads and sighed, and one of the Li family elders was so disappointed that he left early.

                Eventually, Zhao Zhen stepped forward to preside over the situation and said, "Qin Ming, we are willing to bet and accept defeat. We, the Zhao family and the Li family, promise that we will not trouble your Huang faction people for no reason. The two factions are still as friendly as before."

                "But ......" Zhao Zhen turned his words and stared at Qin Ming, saying, "What you said just now is that you have been sending people to keep an eye on Zhang Quanzhen. Then you are aware of Zhang Quanzhen's whereabouts? Please hand over the murderer, otherwise, our two families will not rest."

                "Yes, hand over the murderer." The Li family's group also echoed Zhao Zhen.

                Qin Ming walked forward with a faint smile, but with a murderous look on his face, and said, "Good, since Elder Zhao wants to know, then you have to meet my conditions."

                Zhao Zhen asked, "What are the conditions?"

                Qin Ming suddenly became furious and said, "You return my righteous father's life."