Rags To Riches Chapter 714

 Qin Ming's sudden appearance broke the deadlock.

                Zhao Zhen and the others all thought he was Zhao Zhengyan, but he came up and denied it.

                Li Shun wondered, "This doesn't make sense, Huang Shengjiu, on the list you gave, it said it was Zhao Zhengyan, why did you change the person?"

                Huang Shengjiu said, "That's because we made a mistake. What? Is your Li family afraid? Don't dare to fight? Qin Ming is also a member of our Huang School, no?"

                The little provocation immediately made Li Shun fall for it, and he grunted, "Fine, whatever moves you have, I'll take them all."

                Qin Ming winked at the women who were worried about him at the side, indicating to reassure them.

                And Huang Shengjiu came over and said, "Are you sure?"

                Qin Ming said, "Whatever I say, you may not think I can do it. But this situation is already a sure loss. Why not let me give it a try?"

                Song Yixing hung his hands and said, "Ninth Uncle, we are all from the Yellow School and should trust each other in the face of the aggressive Li family. What method do you have, just say it."

                Qin Ming said, "Good, as long as you guys trust me."

                Qin Ming took a step forward and said, "Everyone, I believe you have all heard about the incident at the Guang Festival Temple a few days ago. It just so happens that I was there at the time."

                At those words, the Zhao family fell silent.

                By all rights, Qin Ming currently had a marriage alliance with the Zhao family, but he was acting completely unlike his in-laws, which made Zhao Zhen look very displeased.

                Qin Ming said, "I just want to say that when Zhang Quanzhen left that day, I sent someone to keep an eye on him, and I know his whereabouts like the back of my hand."

                At this statement, the crowd was in an uproar again, what did this mean? What did it mean? Did Qin Ming betray Zhang Quanzhen on his own initiative?

                The next second, Qin Ming added, "But I don't care about his safety, I just want to maintain the reputation of my Yellow School, and I don't want to lose this competition. How about this, let's change the betting agreement for the competition. I'll take the remaining two matches. As a condition of compensation, once I lose, I'll voluntarily hand over Zhang Quanzhen."

                "Wow!" Everyone on the Yellow School's side had their jaws dropped, wasn't this an act of betrayal of a fellow countryman?

                Many people did not know that Zhang Quanzhen's real disciple was Qin Ming, so they were very puzzled by his actions.

                "What assurance do you have of winning?" Huang Shengjiu said with a frown.

                Qin Ming asked rhetorically, "And what can you do about it? Both to make the Li family accept defeat in silence and to leave Zhang Quanzhen unharmed? And still win over the Li family in terms of face?"

                Huang Shengjiu was suddenly silent, this situation was already lost for their Huang School.

                Across the table Zhao Zhen got up and said, "There is no need to go to such trouble, let Li Shun and Song Yixing continue their match, they are already sure to win anyway."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Master Zhao, that's a good point. However, none of the Yellow School's gentlemen know where Zhang Quanzhen is. Even if they keep their agreement and do not provide assistance, you will not be able to find it, believe it or not?"

                Zhao Zhen's face sank as he said, "Oh, there is news that something has happened to him, Little Chang, and now that Young Qin is sitting at the helm of the Huan Yu Group and is already at the helm, he does speak with a big enough mouth."

                "But in line with my status." Qin Ming said proudly, "These are my terms, so you guys search for them."

                Li Shun said, "Elder Zhao, I have no problem with that. I guarantee that I can win."

                Li Dakai, who was the final presser, also said, "Elder Zhao, please trust our Li family. Our two families have worked together for many years. Old Mrs. Chang died in front of me, and this Qin Ming is considered half an accomplice, so I don't mind if Qin Shou teaches him a lesson. That day at the Guangzui Temple, I knew he was on the level, not very good."

                Zhao Zhen was silent for a moment and said, "Young Qin, by all rights, you and our Zhao family are still in-laws, and within the group, our Zhao family has supported you much. For you to act in such a manner is too chilling to me."

                "Your way of doing things doesn't chill my heart?" Qin Ming cursed in annoyance, "Zhao Zhen, don't pretend to be benevolent here, what you did three days ago, I will never forget it in my life. I'm done with your Zhao family, it's just a political alliance anyway, there's no engagement, it's just a verbal agreement, so let's just part ways."

                Zhao Zhen listened and nodded his head angrily, saying, "Fine, fine, in that case, then as young Qin wishes, as long as we win, you will bring Zhang Quanzhen to me."

                The two sides agreed, and Qin Ming body down Song Yixing.

                In the middle of the hotel grounds, Qin Ming and Li Shun were facing each other, they were of similar age, but Qin Ming was a halfway house, Li Shun had trained martial arts since childhood, even Song Yixing was no match for him with one move.

                Li Shun said proudly, "Young Qin, you shouldn't go into this mess, and the stakes are a bit high, but it's just what I want."

                After saying this, Li Shun stepped forward and grabbed at Qin Ming's throat.

                He wanted to defeat Qin Ming in one move to show how powerful he was.

                But Qin Ming saw through his intention and blocked his throat with his hand.

                Boom, Li Shun only felt that one hand had caught the wall, Qin Ming's skin was as hard as iron, his inching power struck Qin Ming's skin to no avail.

                "This ......" Many of those present were martial arts experts, but when they saw Qin Ming's defense in this manner, they were all very shocked.

                Is this the bronze skin and iron bones that have been honed since childhood to become? It was so hard that it was so powerful?

                Song Yixing was even more dumbfounded, he couldn't be clearer about what level Qin Ming had, how could he be stronger than him in just three days?

                In the face of everyone's surprise, Qin Ming smiled confidently.

                After two days of "torture", his muscles had been destroyed and then healed, and after countless repetitions, his body had been completely transformed by the Lin family's parasites.

                Qin Ming thought back to the two days he spent in that isolated room, it was a dull and painful experience.

                But all the pain was worth it, he was no longer the same as before.

                Li Shun missed a move, took a step and threw another punch, an inch of energy exploded, and the wind of the punch was visible to the naked eye, giving the impression that it was not easy to resist.

                But Qin Ming fought with his strength, punching Li Shun head-on.

                Bang, the sound of the two fists clashing against each other was very ear-splitting.

                Qin Ming did not move at all, but Li Shun was shaken and took several steps back.

                Li Shun was so appalled that he sank his Qi into his abdomen and took five steps back before he could stabilise his feet and exclaimed, "How is this possible?"

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth lifted, "Nothing is impossible. You think you're the only one in the world who's the best?"

                Li Shun took a deep breath, a breath inhaled into his lungs, his limbs and bones became open, and after his muscles tensed up, he charged up again, this time with an extremely fast kick, as fast as lightning, the average person would not have seen Li Shun throw a kick.

                But Qin Ming threw another punch, a punch at Li Shun's incoming kick!

                Ka! The low sound of a fracture irritated everyone's eardrums.

                Li Shun's body fell backwards and ended up falling out, knocking over a crowd of onlookers.

                Li Shun covered his legs in even more pain, no longer able to get up, how could he not believe that he had lost?

                The crowd was in an uproar, looking at Qin Ming incredulously.

                There was no doubt that Li Shun had lost.

                Qin Ming raised his hands and slowly lowered them again, pointing at Li Dakai, saying, "Next!"