Rags To Riches Chapter 713

 "The Li family wins."

                Inside the hotel, the fight between the Li family and the Huang faction had reached its final stage.

                After the Yellow School had been sneaked up on by the Li Family beforehand and put down a number of people, they still won and lost in each of the written tests, already showing that the rising stars of the Yellow School were very powerful.

                However, the Li family has now won five out of the ten bouts, and the Yellow School has only four disastrous victories.

                Huang Shengjiu's face looked ugly as he approached Song Yixing again and asked, "Is your senior brother coming or not? Nothing has happened, has it?"

                Song Yixing shook his head, "This ...... I don't know. Uncle Nine, do you have any follow up manpower yet?"

                Huang Shengjiu sighed, "There are none who can practice to inch strength and attach to age. If there was I wouldn't look for him, a halfway decent person. The Li family is also underhanded, sneaking up on our people in a big way before the negotiations. There's not much evidence for it by preference."

                Huang Shengjiu nudged his chin and said helplessly, "Look, the two people left on the opposite side are the most powerful finale, Li Shun, who is hard to find a rival among his younger peers. Li Dakai, at the age of twenty-five, is already able to reach Qi unity, and his instant burst of strength is comparable to that of a brute bull, he has also been a soldier and is proficient in all kinds of fighting. You are the only one left on our side, and even if you win against Li Shun, no one will be able to beat Li Dakai. It's already lost."

                Song Yixing said, "Ninth Uncle, this senior brother of mine won't be absent, don't worry, I'm sure he's doing something and is rushing over, let's try to stall for time."

                On the side, Sun Changxi looked anxious, why hadn't Qin Ming appeared yet?

                She came to Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang's side and asked, "Where is he?"

                "I don't know." Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head.

                Nie Haitang furrowed her willow brows and muttered, "Sister Sun, I heard that you were there that day at the Guangzhi Temple, were you there with him?"

                Sun Changxi was puzzled, "No, what's wrong?"

                Nie Haitang had a strange expression as she said, "I heard that someone saw you hugging together?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's heart also thumped when she heard this, she had the impression that Qin Ming seemed to be quite familiar with the Sun family's eldest lady, did the two have some kind of underground relationship?

                Sun Changxi's eyes dodged as she said, "That's just him protecting me."

                When the two women looked at her, they both had a bad feeling about it. This expression on Sun Changxi's face made them very depressed. How can a man become bad when he has money?

                At this time, there were not many people from the opposite side of the Li and Zhao families, but Zhao Zhen and Zhao Songli were present.

                Li Shun, who was about to take the stage, said, "Old Zhao, our Li family is sure to win this competition. Song Yixing is the only one left on the other side. I know that man and he is indeed a master, but not as good as me. I'm afraid I don't even need my cousin's hand."

                Zhao Zhen nodded with a sullen face and said, "It's been many days, and with the means and influence of our two families, we can't find Zhang Quanzhen, the murderer. It must be the people of the Yellow School who are sheltering him, as long as they win this competition, he will have nowhere to escape, and if the people of the Yellow School do not even have that much credibility, then they will strike at them one by one and avenge my wife as well."

                Li Shun hurriedly said, "Elder Zhao, this is too risky, it must not be done. Their General Manager Zhu is a man of integrity, and since he has promised to do something, he will definitely do it."

                "Match eight, it's Li Shun, versus Song Yixing." The referee shouted.

                Song Yixing and Li Shun came out at the same time.

                Unlike the grimness on Song Yixing's face, Li Shun was in a very relaxed stance.

                Li Shun laughed lightly, "The most powerful of the nine of you seems to be dealing with my fourth brother, you can be ranked as the second strongest, it's hard for you. However, I am second only to my third brother among the ten of us, so I am also ranked second. But it looks like my third brother doesn't need to fight."

                Song Yixing glanced at Li Dakai, who was holding his arms motionless at one side, that was the most powerful one, and he couldn't touch it.

                If Qin Ming came, Song Yixing did not feel that Qin Ming could win either.

                "Cut the crap, let's see the moves." Song Yixing took a deep breath, he could only do his best and listen to God's fate.

                Whoosh, he took an inching step and instantly rushed in front of Li Shun, then grabbed across his arm, that arm flung the pot and unexpectedly blew a gust of wind.

                Li Shun's feet seemed to have taken root, but his body leaned back at a 15° angle, looking like an acrobatics, dodging it very easily.

                Then, Li Shun gave his back foot a lurch and thought his weight and kicked back.


                Song Yixing's arms resisted, but he was knocked out of the way by Li Shun's kick, and his feet were still firmly on the ground, but after a few steps he fell to the ground.

                When Song Yixing stood up again, he couldn't lift his hands up.

                The crowd was appalled.

                Huang Shengjiu sighed, "The Li family's martial arts attainment is really profound, worthy of its centuries-old heritage. We have many average descendants in the Yellow School, but it's really impossible to find one like Li Shun who is in his early twenties and yet so strong."

                The people of the Yellow School actually understood that Li's family alone could challenge the entire martial arts family of the Yellow School, so they did have real skills.

                The people of the Yellow Faction looked on and shook their heads, very disappointed, this was a loss.

                Li Shun lifted his head proudly and said, "Well, if I win one more match, our Li family will have won six matches. Senior Huang Shengjiu, please tell us, Zhang Quanzhen, the murderer, where is he?"

                "Wait a minute!" Suddenly, an angry shout came from the doorway.

                The crowd heard it like thunder and looked back in surprise, who was the one with such a loud voice?

                Only to see that at the doorway, there was Qin Ming standing.

                Everyone recognised this face, but they felt that it was different? It seemed to have become a little whiter?

                With his head held high, he walked to the open space in the middle of the venue and said in a loud voice, "My senior brother has not yet conceded defeat, so what makes you say you have won, Li Shun?"

                The referee nodded his head and said, "Indeed, Song Yixing, are you willing to concede defeat?"

                Song Yixing looked at Qin Ming, who snatched the words, "Of course so that you will not admit defeat. Moreover, we, the Yellow School, have a deal to make with you."

                At this moment, Zhao Songli immediately came over and pulled Qin Ming, saying, "Zhao Zhengyan, don't take matters into your own hands. This match is no joke, come here for me."

                But Qin Ming backhanded him and opened Zhao Songli's hand, saying, "Mr. Zhao, I know that I look quite similar to your son Zhao Zhengyan, almost like a model. But you have mistaken me for someone else, my name is Qin Ming."

                The crowd was shocked, and many people who did not know Qin Ming immediately rushed.

                This caused both Zhao Songli and Zhao Zhen to stare.

                The two fathers and sons did not usually see Zhao Zhengyan often, and their concern was usually relayed through others, or given monetarily, while Qin Ming had been posing as Zhao Zhengyan in recent months, so they both took Qin Ming for Zhao Zhengyan.

                Zhao Zhenzhen even secretly confirmed the simultaneous existence of the two on several occasions.

                Suddenly Qin Ming denied it and none of them were quite comfortable with it.

                Since it wasn't Zhao Zhengyan, Zhao Songli couldn't intervene.

                Li Shun frowned and grunted, "What do you have to trade now? I can continue to compete with Song Yixing. There's no chance of you coming out even if you come. Your Yellow School is set to lose, so who are you to flip the tables?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted as he said, "There are certainly ways, and there are naturally conditions."