Rags To Riches Chapter 712

 In the middle of a resort area outside of Beijing.

                As a property of the Huan Yu Century Group, Qin Ming chased away all the tourists, leaving only a few of his cronies behind.

                Qin Ming vacated a secret room and said to Song Ying with an expressionless face, "You prepare to eliminate the Zhao family's team immediately, right after the competition with the Li family the day after tomorrow. Things may get a bit rowdy, but my mind is made up, I want to use the entire Zhao family to pay for my righteous father's life."

                Song Ying nodded, then looked at Lin Yurou and said, "Young Master, is her method really okay?"

                "Don't worry, it's fine." Qin Ming said.

                After giving an account of the preparations for revenge, Qin Ming and Lin Yurou entered the secret room.

                Just after entering the secret room, Qin Ming felt the smell of blood pounding in his face, and there were many herbs and decoction utensils beside him.

                Lin Yurou said, "I will use a special force compulsion to help you strengthen your muscles, during the process you will experience false hunger and need some herbal assistance, if you can't resist this process you may be in a coma for ten and a half days as a result. Are you ready?"

                Qin Ming said, "Okay. Come on."

                After the words were said, Lin Yurou walked over, sat in Qin Ming's arms and kissed him on the mouth as he looked at him in surprise.

                Qin Ming was about to question what this was for.

                He then felt some bugs that would move around in Lin Yurou's mouth crawling towards his mouth, a wave of nausea, but he endured it.

                Not long after, the two of them separated and Lin Yurou wiped the corners of her mouth, her cheeks coincidentally red, and said, "This kind of force compulsion is not easy to cultivate, although it is disgusting, it is also the first time I have used something like this."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched as Lin Yurou seemed to have sensed the emotions he had just felt.

                He smiled gently and said, "It's not disgusting, and you're helping me. Thank you."

                Hearing this lotus flower, Lin Yurou's heart warmed and she said, "Then you should endure well next, I'll go out first."

                Just as Lin Yurou left, Qin Ming was still thinking about how much it would hurt later, when suddenly his heart tightened, as if he was grabbed by an invisible hand, and the pain went into the marrow of his heart.

                "Ah!" Qin Ming fell straight to the ground in pain.

                The pain then came simultaneously from his hands and feet, the pain that tore through his muscles made it completely impossible for Qin Ming to stand up, and the pain was continuously increasing, constantly stimulating every inch of skin and every pore of his body.

                "Ahhhh!" Qin Ming once again let out a howl of pain, but he still had to endure it.

                This was the path he had chosen, and he had to hold on to it.

                Not only did he have to help Zhang Quanzhen and win the competition, he also had to defeat the Zhao family and avenge his righteous father.

                Outside the doorway, Lin Yurou looked at Qin Ming's painful appearance, it was also very hard to bear, and sighed, "I hope you can hold on, it has been a long time since anyone has been able to survive this earthen method."

                Time passed, and the roar of pain coming from Qin Ming in the secret room became louder and louder.

                At this time, the Zhao family in Beijing was still sending people everywhere to arrest Zhang Quanzhen, and at the same time they had to cooperate with the Li family to start a ring war with the Huang School.

                The Yellow Faction is very powerful and has complicated connections. Once Zhang Quanzhen relies on the Yellow Faction to hide, I am afraid that the Zhao family will not find Zhang Quanzhen until they die, so they must use a competition to coerce the Yellow Faction to stop helping Zhang Quanzhen.

                Two days later.

                The Yellow School had found nine young martial arts masters to meet with the Li family at a high level inside a five-star hotel.

                The atmosphere at the meeting was unusually serious.

                Seeing that the match was about to start, and it had been two days since they had seen any sign of Qin Ming, Nie Haitang and the other women gathered together, all very anxious, they were all members of this martial arts circle, and all knew very well how capable the people in this circle were, and suspected that Qin Ming had been secretly injured by someone from the Li family, so he could not come to the scene.

                At this moment, Huang Shengjiu walked over and asked, "Have you seen Zhao Zhengyan again?"

                Song Yixing said, "No news, there is no way he would run away from the battlefield, don't worry, Ninth Uncle."

                Huang Shengjiu frowned and said, "Zhang Quanzhen's disciple is not that unambitious. I am worried that he is late, the first one sent by the Li family is weaker, it is best to send him out, the first match, less than a life and death battle, it is safe to shoot him on the field."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Ninth uncle, we can't contact him now, and his people haven't come ......"

                Song Yiling said, "Something seems to have happened to Huan Yu Group recently. But the news is tight and it's hard to tell if it's true or not."

                Huang Shengjiu was silent for a moment and said, "Then we can only put off his order of precedence to a later date. The young masters on our side really can't lose. The Li family's all-round persecution is not only a result of the ongoing dispute between our two sects over reputation, but also to get Zhang Quanzhen. Zhang Quanzhen has quite a reputation in the Huang School, and if we were to lose this, many people would have to abide by the bet and not facilitate him ah."


                Suddenly a gong was struck and a man in the shape of a referee stood out in the middle of the venue and he said in a loud voice, "Everyone from the Yellow School, seniors from the Li family. They are both masters of the martial arts and masters of their craft. Today, each of the two families will send ten young talents to fight, both to win and to die. If the Huang School loses, they will follow the Li Family's orders and will no longer interfere with the shooting of Chang Rui by Zhang Quanzhen. If the Li Family loses, they will promise the Huang School an apology and compensation of five billion for the incident."

                "Now we have the two sides of the tournament to come out."

                The opponents had been chosen from the start and there was not much foul play, it was all about their own abilities.

                However, one person was clearly missing from the Yellow School's side, and that was Qin Ming.

                Li Shun, who was in the queue, asked, "Why is there one of you missing? Oh, it's not like he's a deserter, is it? I heard that that person had vowed to participate in the ring, how come he left again when it came down to it?"

                Outside the arena, an elder from the Li family said, "Huang Shengjiu, this is not a trick by us, you are one man short and you can only be awarded a loss."

                Huang Shengjiu was silent for a moment and said, "Let's say you can win six games against us, it's not impossible to stay until the end if you don't have enough people."

                Hearing this, the referee waved his hand and said, "Good, without further ado, first round of the tournament, Li family, Li Jun."

                With a wave of Huang Shengjiu's hand, Song Yiling walked out.

                The two sides exchanged glances and immediately fist and kicked each other, with each move being a fight for life.

                But after dozens of strokes, both sides' arms and bodies were red and swollen with injuries, but both sides still had long breaths and no intention of admitting defeat.

                At that moment, outside the hotel, Song Ying led a group of people from the assassination squad and said, "Surround the hotel and place bombs at the building fulcrum."

                "Yes." A group of assassination squads who had long ago dressed as hotel attendants quickly entered.

                After Song Ying finished her side of the story, she immediately made a phone call, "Corrie, what about the movement of the Zhao and Li families?"

                The person on the other end of the line said, "You still can't trust me to do my job? All I need is an order from the young master, and I'll go on a killing spree."

                Song Ying hung up the phone, read another entry on her phone, and turned around to enter the hotel.