Rags To Riches Chapter 711

 With a single order from Qin Ming, all the people of Huan Yu Century in the capital city were concentrated.

                In less than ten minutes, by the time Qin Ming rolled in with a large number of men, the sanatorium was surrounded to the hilt, and in the most special wards, surprisingly, not a single enemy could be found, only dead people.

                Chang Hongxi fell in a wave of blood.

                Qin Ming had thought he would not be too sad, but seeing Chang Hongxi's death, he could not help but shed tears.

                The anger inside him exploded uncontrollably.

                He hugged Chang Hongxi's body and was silent for a long time before suddenly asking, "Where are the men? How did they escape?"

                Song Ying said grimly, "Young master, entered through our hospital's special escape route and left without thinking we had been betrayed. The passage has now been destroyed. The passageway connects to all parts of the city, and I have sent people to chase them at all exits."

                Qin Ming said, "This time's was the work of an inside man, we can't let the betrayer go."

                "Yes." Song Ying answered, "Young Master, don't worry, I will definitely uncover the person."

                Qin Ming said, "Cover up the news and try not to cause too much of a shock. Immediately gather a staff and have Ao Mei extract all the information about the Zhao family. I want to exterminate the Zhao family after the three-day tournament to sacrifice for my righteous father."

                After saying this, Qin Ming wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and silently cleaned up the scene.

                "Yes." Song Ying took a deep breath of cold air, either Qin Ming didn't do it, once he did it, he was rushing to kill everything ah.

                At this moment, the secret escape route of the sanatorium, Duan Bo, Chang Hongxi's personal butler, was pushing a new wheelchair, and wasn't the person in the wheelchair Chang Hongxi?

                The man in the wheelchair is Chang Hongxi, but he is too young to look like an old man who has suffered from the effects of chemotherapy and lost all his hair.

                He looked like an old man in his fifties, with his hair falling out, but he was clearly a middle-aged man in his fifties.

                Chang Hongxi asked, "Is it all done?"

                A fat man next to him, who was not wearing a hood and muzzle, hurriedly stepped forward and took off Fatty Liang's fake mask, turning him into another person.

                He said, "Boss, don't worry, ten minutes is too much time, we are professionals . That boy Qin Ming will definitely not be able to see the flaw, your double is carefully chosen and the blood type is right."

                Chang Hongxi took the hood given to him by his men, "I've been patient for a long time to prepare for this scene. Zhao Zhen, the revenge for killing my father back then, and this leg of mine. I always remember it. Just let Qin Ming personally send your Zhao family on their way."

                Duan Bo, who was pushing the wheelchair behind him, said, "Boss, I'm afraid that Qin Ming won't be able to take down the Zhao family."

                Chang Hongxi said, "He is now a member of the Huang faction, with two identities, Zhao Zhengyin and Qin Ming, the Zhao family and the Li family do not know the inside story, he can make good use of this condition. Moreover, Qin Ming, who looks like a kind person, is just like Zhao Zhen in his ruthlessness, and will never hold back when he decides on something. Let's just wait and see what happens, there are still two days left."

                "Yes." Duan Bo and the others answered and followed behind Chang Hongxi.

                And when they reached the three-way intersection of the passage, Chang Hongxi suddenly pressed towards the wall and a hidden passage came out, and the group ran straight in.

                When the hidden passage closed, Song Ying arrived right behind with a group of people.

                Song Ying looked at the ground, bent down to feel it, and wondered why the footprints were gone.

                But with time running out, she had no more time to think and immediately split into three small teams to chase them in three directions.

                During the night, Qin Ming returned to the dormitory, his expression was unusually grim, his eyebrows had formed a "Chuan" character.

                "What's wrong?" Lin Yurou saw that Qin Ming's expression was not right and asked with concern.

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "Lin Yurou, does your Lin family have any special method that can help people become extremely powerful in a short period of time?"

                Lin Yurou said, "There are many strange worms inside the compulsion, and their effects do vary. There is a way to become powerful, but the process is painful, after all, it is the secretion of the parasite that changes the mysterious system of the human body, the strength is affected by the muscles, changing the toughness of the muscles in a short period of time, this will bring about great side effects, people will be very painful."

                "It's okay, I can endure it." Qin Ming said, "Moreover, now that I have the Mu Family's Breathing Gate Method, I have a much different control over my muscles and breathing breath."

                "That's for the competition the day after tomorrow, right?" Lin Yurou said, "I know you want to help Zhang Zhen Zhen, but your strength should be known to everyone in the Huang School, and you won't be allowed to fight the trickiest, right? You chose to use the compulsions to improve yourself, one bad one and you'll cost yourself your life instead."

                Qin Ming said decisively, "Don't you care, help me. If you don't help me, you get the hell out of here now."

                Lin Yurou frowned, "Don't you force me."

                Qin Ming said, "I have no choice. I have to win."

                When Lin Yurou saw Qin Ming's insistence, she had no choice but to nod and agree, "I will go and prepare some things, you prepare a place where no one will be around, it won't be easy to last for two days, no one can disturb you, you have to do everything on your own."

                Qin Ming waited for Lin Yurou to leave, and then called Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao, lying that the Huang faction would treat him preferentially and would not let her deal with too powerful characters, and that she would be fighting as Zhao Zhengyin, so her life would not be in danger.

                At the same time, he went to Sun's house and met Sun Changxi, who was peacefully nursing her baby. Informing Qin Ming of the truth, Sun's mind relaxed instead, knowing that Qin Ming would not leave her alone.

                "You're here?" Sun Changxi pulled Qin Ming into the house, and peeked outside, muttering, "My parents still always say that I should not have too much interaction with, sigh."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Of course, your family, they don't really want to get too close to the Zhao family. However, I've decided that from today onwards, I'm Qin Ming, I'm no longer Zhao Zhengyan."

                "Why?" Sun Changxi was very surprised.

                Qin Ming said, "The teacher's business is done, and although it ended in this way, I don't need to cooperate with him anymore, so I'm going to be myself. I came here today to tell you something, the day after tomorrow is the day of my match with the Li family's people, and a big event will happen after the match, I hope you will always trust me and not hurt your body."

                "What big event? Why do I have a bad feeling about it? Are you going to risk your life? We two mothers won't allow it." Sun Changxi said with a frown.

                Qin Ming didn't say much and said, "A big deal is a big deal, I'm afraid something will happen to you with a big belly, anyway, you have to trust me, I'll be fine. Your Sun family is not involved in this, so just keep out of it."

                After saying that, Qin Ming suddenly embraced Sun Changxi while she was still confused, before turning back and walking away.

                As Qin Ming walked to the door, Sun Changxi's mother, Yang Lu, ran up and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, I saw it all just now. Although you have been kind to our family, when did you talk to my daughter ......"

                Qin Ming said, "Auntie, I'm not Zhao Zhengyan, my name is Qin Ming, have you forgotten? We once met in Guang City."

                "Qin Ming? Oh, I remember, er? You're Qin Ming?" Yang Lu looked at Qin Ming with surprise and disbelief, wasn't this the Zhao Zhengyin that she had been seeing before? These two were too similar, right?

                "Qin Ming, you must come back." Suddenly, Sun Changxi also rushed out and called out to Qin Ming, "You promised me to give the child a father."