Rags To Riches Chapter 710

 At the Zhongnanhai Sanatorium, Qin Ming met with Chang Hongxi, whom he had not seen for months.

                At this moment, Chang Hongxi was even weaker than he was six months ago, his face was unusually yellow, and it was obvious that he could not last much longer.

                "Righteous Father." Qin Ming took Chang Hongxi's hand with emotion and said, "Are you alright?"

                Chang Hongxi revealed a sour smile and said, "Birth, old age, sickness and death, everyone will experience it. Son, before I die, it is enough to have you to see me off one last time."

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "Righteous Father, that Zhao Turnip and the adulterer, have they been found?"

                Chang Hongxi shook his head and said, "When I was preparing to close the net last month, they escaped. They also took a large sum of money, although the money is nothing, but it is hard to swallow the anger of not being able to take them down successfully."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, righteous father, all three of their sons have been caught, they will definitely look for me later, I will definitely take them down, and when the time comes, I will definitely avenge my righteous father."

                Chang Hongxi smiled and said, "I know, you are a smart boy. The entire Asian and European properties are well taken care of, and it's good to keep the other directors of the top board down."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, he didn't do much, he had learnt a lot in the past few months.

                At this moment, Huang Jin, one of the four patriarchs, walked over.

                "Old Chang ......," Huang Jin said, "Is your body still holding up?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "Say what you have to say."

                Huang Jin said, "Feng Dongxiang has defected, he still can't let go of the Zhao family, and the recent death of Chang Rui seems to be related to him."

                Qin Ming explained, "He is in cahoots with Chang Rui and the Zhao family, Chang Rui's death has nothing to do with him, but the mutiny is a fact, righteous father, let me handle this matter."

                Chang Hongxi nodded and said, "Alas, I am also dying, so let's leave all the future affairs of the group to Qin Ming. I don't have much time left, I'll watch the news every day and this life will be over."

                Qin Ming said comfortingly, "Righteous father, maybe the lucky man will get better."

                Chang Hongxi paused and asked, "By the way, I heard about the recent events in the capital city, although Chang Rui was my aunt, I really didn't see much of her, and her death got you involved? Zhang Quanzhen was my father's best friend back then, how did you have to deal with it?"

                Qin Ming said, "Righteous father, I will help Zhang Quanzhen, Chang Rui attempted to kill me and Zhang Quanzhen was the one who did the killing to give me cover."

                "Chang Rui tried to kill you? It doesn't make sense." Chang Hongxi was surprised, "Was it Zhao Zhen who was behind the manipulation?"

                Qin Ming said, "There's no proof yet, but ...... it's highly likely. In the name of marriage, he is actually trying to get me killed. If you can't kill me, you might want to turn me into what you and Zhao Turnip did, too, righteous father."

                "The Zhao family!" Chang Hongxi's pale hand clenched into a fist and sighed, "I am a lesson from the past, my son, the Zhao family and Li have joined forces, you have to be careful in everything. You can make up your own mind after I'm gone. These old guys around me, you can rely on instead."

                Chang Hongxi pointed to Huang Jin next to him.

                The two of them were chatting when suddenly the bodyguard alarm went off beside them.

                Song Ying, who was standing not far away, hurried over and said, "Young Master, Elder Chang, it's not good, someone has invaded here at the sanatorium."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Impossible, this is the highest level of protection, the guards look all armed with guns ......"

                Huang Jin said, "Young master, let's move first. In the capital city, anything is possible, and old Chang has suffered many assassinations in the past, it's quite common."

                "But ......" Qin Ming was still surprised, if even this sanatorium could be breached, then they would have no defence.

                Before the words left his mouth, Qin Ming realised that something was wrong, because his assassination squad had also been taken care of by a realm expert like Song Yixing twice.

                This might be the meaning of the Li family's existence, one was as powerful as Ah Long, and also proficient in special operations, breaking into this place might not be impossible.

                He immediately said, ''Xiao Ying, you go and stop everyone. Godfather, your return may be known."

                Song Ying led the order and went down.

                Chang Hongxi laughed, "It seems that one more day of my life is unbearable for some people."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, righteous father, I won't let anything happen to you. Yang Xiaoxuan, you escort my righteous father to the underground medical room and escape if necessary."

                But as soon as the words left his mouth, there was an explosion outside, followed by several bruised and battered bodyguards than beaten in, all falling to the ground, spitting blood from their mouths, unable to move, unable to fire the gun in their hands I.

                A dozen heavily armed men in black then rushed in, a line of firearms pointed at the crowd inside the room.

                "Cunning?" When Qin Ming saw how injured these people were, he immediately understood, wasn't this a realm expert? And with guns?

                With this kind of equipment, who could raise such an elite squad in the capital city? Not rich, but also powerful to do so ah.

                Seeing this, Yang Xiaoxuan abandoned Chang Hongxi and dodged in front of Qin Ming, saying, "Young master, there's a door over there, I'll create chaos later and you can rush in."

                Qin Ming said, "But my righteous father ......"

                Yang Xiaoxuan said, "Don't worry about that, I suspect there is a mole, this breakthrough is too fast. I'm afraid all of our men are dead and killed before they were discovered, if there isn't a mole, then why? If it's all in here, everything is meaningless."

                A mole?

                Qin Ming's face sank, was there someone else besides Feng Dongxiang?

                But the people in the assassination squad, they were all replaced already ah.

                "Kill them all!" With a sudden order, those who had burst in all raised their guns.

                In a flash, Huang Jin dropped a flashbang, the light extremely blinding, and a burst of gunfire ensued in the medical room.

                Taking advantage of the confusion, Qin Ming was pulled by Yang Xiaoxuan through a small door next to him and escaped, but Yang Xiaoxuan was also shot twice in the body for Qin Ming's sake.

                He, however, did not feel the slightest bit of pain, dripping blood and pulling Qin Ming back frantically.

                After Qin Ming reacted, he couldn't care less. The chaotic shooting just now, Chang Hongxi and Huang Jin and others would have died if they hadn't escaped.

                Qin Ming forced himself to endure his patience and grief and ran all the way downstairs to find the men from the various assassination squads' lurking spots all taken out and fallen in pools of blood.

                Qin Ming's heart cut like a knife, those were all loyal juniors who protected him.

                The Zhongnanhai Sanatorium was a hospital built by Huan Yu Century itself, and it was an internal, more in-depth area, with some of the front areas open to the public being guarded as well.

                Now it was just this one independent hospital reserved for Chang Hongxi that was in trouble, if it wasn't an inside job, then it was really too fake.

                "Snort!" Suddenly, a black car stopped downstairs, and Song Ying beckoned towards the two of them.

                Qin Ming couldn't care less, so he could only get in the car and go first.

                "Where's Ah Hu?" Qin Ming asked only after he got into the car, he was supposed to be in charge of security today.

                Song Ying said coldly, "Dead, three teams, only two people survived, I couldn't save them, they might be silenced later, out of trust in Yang Xiaoxuan's ability, so I drove over in accordance with the last security plan one. Also, I found this."

                Song Ying handed over a mobile phone, an image he had taken, and wasn't the person shown in the image the very same Fatty Liang who was giving the orders?

                Fatty Liang was one of Zhao Zhen's men, a master.

                Qin Ming clenched his fist and the three assassination squads protecting him were almost completely wiped out.

                His righteous father, Chang Hongxi, who was as kind to him as a mountain, was also killed.

                It was all a conspiracy by the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming clenched his fist in anger, almost bleeding, and said angrily, "Immediately deploy your men to surround this place, and all those involved in the assassination must die. Also, bring back the assassination teams from all over the country, and call out Bi Yuan and Qian Bao. This time, I will not stop with the Zhao family."


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