Rags To Riches Chapter 709

  "You can't go, Qin Ming."

                Just after Song Yixing's siblings had left, Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao unexpectedly arrived at the same time, both advising Qin Ming that he could not participate in the Huang School's competition with the Li Family.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "During this period of time, many young martial arts masters in the Yellow School have been attacked secretly and all of them have been injured and hospitalised, the Li family has been ruthless this time. Qin Ming, you can't get involved in the basketball stirred up by Zhang Zhen this time."

                Nie Haitang also said, "I've heard the news that General Zhu and Grandmaster Huang don't want to have a complete falling out with the Li family and have decided to put up with these matters. Everything is left to the decision of the competition in three days' time. The Li family's people, most likely, will come down hard in order to win. This is simply a black boxing."

                Qin Ming looked at the two women who cared about him and his heart warmed, but he still insisted, "I have to go, there are quite a lot of things happening lately. Don't worry guys, I will attend as Zhao Zhengyan, nothing will happen anyhow, right?"

                The two women looked at each other, indeed, with Zhao Zhengyan's identity, Qin Ming could basically guarantee safety.

                Nie Haitang followed up with another puzzled question, "Is the Qin family giving you the chance to participate?"

                Qin Ming said, "It's not something they can stop me from doing."

                On the other hand, the Qin family had also been given a list of ten people for the tournament three days later, and the words Zhao Zhengyan were on it.

                Zhao Zhen frowned and shouted Zhao Songli over, saying, "How did you teach your son? At a time like this, how can you still get involved? The Li family is now taking revenge for our Zhao family, how dare Zhao Zhengyan get involved?"

                Zhao Songli was helpless and said, "Dad, this boy has been a bit rebellious lately. I'll tell him not to go right away."

                Zhao Zhen waved his hand and said, "This child, however, has been quite rebellious lately, he has grown up. He needs to be taught some lessons. If he learns some lessons now, he can still be controlled, but if he gets into trouble in the future, it will be difficult to control him. Send a few men to beat him up, and he will behave himself."

                "A beating? Dad, that's ...... too," Zhao Songli's brow furrowed, seemingly reluctant.

                "What? Heartbroken?" Zhao Zheng grunted heavily and said, "Get on with it right away and let him live in peace for a few days."

                Seeing that his father was angry, Zhao Songli lowered his head and said no more.

                Zhao Songli walked out of Zhao's house and immediately called Qin Ming, saying, "Zhengyan, where are you? Come here to the San Tunmen Teahouse, there's something to talk to you about."

                "I am going to the competition, I am not coming." Qin Ming said.

                Zhao Songli urged, "It's not about the competition, it's something else, come here."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and after a moment's hesitation, he went over to have a look, after all, he was now posing as Zhao Zhengyin.

                Qin Ming rushed to the San Tun Gate, only to find that Zhao Songli was the only one there, he did not see Qin Mo or Zhao Zheng Ting and the others.

                "What is it?" Qin Ming was still pretending to look like the honest and cowardly Zhao Zhengyin of old.

                Zhao Songli said, "In the last few days, you went back to your grandfather's place in Hai City. I heard that Huang Shutong has also gone back to rest, so you can also keep her company."

                Qin Ming said, "I have already proposed to Huang Shutong to break off the engagement."

                Zhao Songli said, "Then you should go to Huang's house now and make it clear to their family that the marriage is broken off."

                Qin Ming was stunned, this Zhao Songli was unexpectedly unsettled by the set-up, instead he went along with his words and stubbed him out, so that he could not refute.

                Qin Ming suddenly understood, this was to let him avoid the match three days later and prevent him from helping Zhang Quanzhen.

                Qin Ming rose to the occasion and said, "I am here today thanks to my teacher's help, and now that something has happened to my teacher, if I don't care, then I am an ungrateful villain."

                Zhao Songli said in exasperation, "But Zhang Zhen Zhen killed your grandmother."

                "Was that a relative? It's not like it was pro!" Qin Ming was aware that Zhao Zhengyin's own grandmother, who was stranded in the sea city enjoying her blessings, was the woman Zhao Zhen had stolen from.

                "You yourself can't even enter the Zhao family's gates, what kind of kinship do you want me to have for the Zhao family?" Qin Ming still yelled in the same manner as Zhao Zhengyin, "I won't say it twice, in three days, I'll go to Hai City to back out of that marriage contract. No one can stop me from competing on stage."

                Zhao Songli sighed and waved his hand, and two big brawny men immediately approached the door.

                He said, "Son, don't blame Dad for being cruel. You can stay in peace for a few days. You guys be careful, don't hurt the young master."

                When Qin Ming saw the two men, he laughed and said, "Li Xinghong is not even my opponent, they can?"

                The two brawny men laughed, "Heh heh, Li Xinghong? That uneducated and unskilled one, how can he compete with us? We're the disciples of the Li family, we've been practicing martial arts all our lives, we don't know anything else, we're the best at fighting."

                "Young Zhao is too rebellious, he will be honest after a beating. But we suggest that young Zhao behave and save himself from the pain of the skin."

                Qin Ming pointed at the two men and said, "These are the experts the Li family has arranged for you, and looking at their stance, they are indeed more powerful than the average bodyguards. However, it won't be easy to catch me."

                "Young Zhao, don't brag, come with us." The two men from the Li family grabbed towards Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming immediately took three steps back, but the latter followed suit and suddenly struck, his claws grabbed Qin Ming's collar in an instant, a breathtaking burst of speed, a veritable movement like a rabbit.

                On the other hand, the second man lunged forward to hold Qin Ming's waist, not giving him any room to resist, so he was very professional.

                When Zhao Songli saw this, he was also relieved that his son's capture without injury was the best.

                However, something unexpected happened, the two Li family bodyguards' movements suddenly became limp and froze, and were easily broken free by Qin Ming.

                "What's going on?" Zhao Songli stood up in surprise.

                Qin Ming patted the two of them and they immediately fell into a daze in the end, not caring about Qin Ming at all.

                Qin Ming glanced at Lin Yurou at the door and smiled heartily, he hadn't come alone ah.

                In fact, before entering the door, Qin Ming saw two men who were dignified and full of power, obviously different from the bodyguards Zhao Songli used to follow around.

                Especially after he started practising the Mu family's breathing discipline, he felt more and more sensitive to everyone's sense of qi, whether they were panting heavily or breathing finely.

                So he hinted to Lin Yurou to put the two down.

                Lin Yurou was proficient in raising insects and putting down compulsions, and had released a kind of drowsy bug that burrowed into the nostrils of the two men silently. Once they made a move on Qin Ming, the drowsy bug was under Lin Yurou's control and secreted an easy-to-sleep liquid, causing the two men to fall asleep quickly.

                "It's you?" Zhao Songli recognised Lin Yurou, wasn't it the Xiangxi Lin family who said that Zhao Zhengyan had had sex with Lin Yurou and demanded that Zhao Zhengyan be held responsible? But at that time, Zhao Zhengyan had an alibi that proved Zhao Zhengyan's innocence.

                Therefore, the Lin family and Zhao family had fallen out, so how come they were mixed up again now?

                Qin Ming said, "You tell the Li family that I will definitely participate in the tournament. His Li family is so dishonest, so I should be more honest if I beat them up."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and dropped these words and walked away.

                Not long after he had left, Qin Ming received a call from Song Ying, saying that Chang Hongxi had come to the capital city.

                Qin Ming knew that Chang Hongxi didn't have long to live, and he was planning to die in his homeland.

                "There's so much going on." Qin Ming lamented and said to himself, "But the teacher's matter is settled. After the tournament, I'll stop impersonating Zhao Zhengyan and make a fake car accident so that Zhao Zhengyan can regain his rightful body. I will also focus on serving my righteous father to the end of my life."

                At this moment, the airport transfer lane in Beijing.

                Chang Hongxi sat on his way to Zhongnanhai Sanatorium, looking at the scenery of the capital city all the way, and said soberly, "Soon, it will all be over, let's see who can have the last laugh."


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