Rags To Riches Chapter 707

 Qin Ming's heart trembled as he heard Chang Rui mention Zhao Zhengyan, he knew it was bad, I was afraid that Chang Rui had found out that the so-called Zhao Zhengyan had been his Qin Ming's fake all along.

                At that moment, Zhang Quanzhen shot him.

                Chang Rui's brow was red and she died on the spot.

                The incident was so sudden that no one expected that Zhang Quanzhen would get rid of Li Rongbao and follow him up before he did.

                It so happened that because of Song Ying and Qin Ming, Li Dakai's attention was focused on the two of them and he had to worry about Sun Changxi, leaving Chang Rui in a vacuum and unprotected.

                Zhang Quan was furious, and after a lifetime of searching to find out if Chang Rui had divorced the five brothers, he pressed her repeatedly, but she remained tight-lipped.

                He was so frustrated that he knew today was his last chance.

                He knew that today was his last chance, as he had never been able to find out where Chang Rui was and could not get near the Zhao family's gate.

                If he didn't get a result today, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

                Thinking back on the past, and with so many emotions ruling him, Zhang Quanzhen killed in anger, shooting his head off.


                Li Rongbao, who had caught up behind him, was jaw-dropped and extremely shocked; he had been dispatched by the Li family to protect Chang Rui.

                Chang Rui was Zhao Zhen's wife, and even more importantly, the Zhao family's old lady. Chang Rui's death would be an absolute earthquake for the Zhao family, and at the same time a dereliction of duty on the part of the Li family.

                The two families might turn against each other.

                But looking at Chang Rui, who had fallen in a pool of blood, everyone was dumbfounded.

                "Zhang Quanzhen!" Li Dakai roared at the same time, rushing up to hold Chang Rui, but she had already breathed her last and was hopeless.

                Zhang Quanzhen gritted his teeth and said, "I'm one man, I'm one man, if you have anything to do with me, come at me. Chang Rui separated my five men back then and killed my brothers, today I will avenge my brothers."

                Li Rongbao's eyes were bloodshot as he angrily rebuked, "You are still a Taoist master, but you have such a cruel heart. Zhang Quanzhen, you will be held responsible for what you have done."

                Zhang Quanzhen gritted his teeth and said, "She is also responsible for what she has done! Chang Rui used to, but she never believed in any gods or Buddhas and ridiculed them as false, it was because she felt guilty in her heart and had no peace day and night that she changed her beliefs."

                Li Rongbao roared owlishly and rushed up, "No matter what you say, you're dead."

                Seeing Li Rongbao charging towards Zhang Quanzhen again, Qin Ming immediately said, "Xiaoying, stop him."


                Song Ying blocked Li Rongbao's tackle just in time and swung him away with a punch.

                Li Rongbao didn't care, but Song Ying was extremely responsive and didn't take a single blow, which meant that Li Rongbao's explosive punches were useless, as they couldn't touch Song Ying.

                The only martial art in the world that can be said to be fast is not broken.

                Li Rongbao was astonished and looked at Song Ying, thinking to himself that such a beautiful woman could fight so well? It was impossible to be so fast.

                While the two were fighting, Zhang Quanzhen had already escaped.

                And soon, Ah Long rushed back, and Ao Mei also led a group of men to rush in, barking out the order, "Don't move."

                A group of members of the assassination squad, weapons in hand, turned on the Li brothers and surrounded them. Li Dakai, holding Chang Rui's body, was in no position to fight, and they had to raise their hands in the face of so many guns.

                Seeing the dead men, Ao Mei came over to them as they walked by and said, "Young master, the whole Guangzui Temple is under our control and we have driven away the idle people. The person in charge of this temple still doesn't know what's going on."

                When Qin Ming understood this, he secretly praised Ao Mei for her ability to work, as if she was in the intelligence business.

                In this way, he only had to silence the two Li brothers as well, and Chang Rui's death would be well concealed.

                These people from Ao Mei came in and did not know how Chang Rui died, and Song Ying would certainly not talk nonsense about Sun Changxi's words, and he was sure to convince her not to say anything.

                Then wouldn't Zhang Quanzhen be able to get away with it?

                As for Feng Dongxiang, Qin Ming believed that Ah Long would be able to capture him.

                With a wave of his hand, Qin Ming ordered, "Clean up the scene. Don't leave a single trace, and the secrets of this place must not be leaked out."

                Li Rongbao was shocked and said anxiously, "Young Qin, you are playing with fire do you know that? Do you never want to return to China in your life?"

                Li Dakai, however, was calmer and grunted, "Brother, forget it. They are together. Today we brothers did not protect Mrs. Chang well, so going to our deaths is a way to give an explanation to the Li and Zhao families. Our deaths might even keep the relationship between the two families alive."

                Qin Ming gave them a cold look and said, "You guys be careful, they are realm masters, see this blood all over me? Just one random punch from him and that's it."

                After saying that, he pulled Sun Changxi away from here in the middle hall.

                Sun Changxi was still in a state of shock, shocked that Qin Ming was more capable than she had imagined, shocked that Zhang Quanzhen had killed someone, and even more shocked that Qin Ming was trying to cover up!

                "Qin Ming! I don't agree!" Sun Changxi broke away from Qin Ming's hand and said, "By harbouring a criminal, you have a stain on your life. I can't let you do that."

                Qin Ming said, "That's my teacher. Besides, the evidence is overwhelming that Chang Rui wanted to poison me. Furthermore, I have an irreconcilable conflict with the Zhao family."

                Sun Changxi asked, "Your conflict with the Zhao family is irreconcilable, so you have to impersonate Zhao Zhengyan? You want to deal with the Zhao family? Is that your purpose from the beginning?"

                Qin Ming suddenly hugged Sun Changxi and said, "Don't ask, can you help me? Don't tell anyone about what happened today, I'll promise you anything you want."

                Sun Changxi gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, I want a father for my child, you give it to me and I will help you keep this under wraps, can you do that?"

                "What?" Qin Ming looked at Sun Changxi in surprise and froze, "A child? Didn't you already miscarry ......"

                Sun Changxi bit her lips, her eyes hazy with tears, and said, "There was no miscarriage ...... I was joining forces with the nurses to lie to you. Qin Ming, you wake up, you can't put your own future on the line, is this a death of an ordinary person? What died was the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen's wife ah. The Zhao and Li families won't let you off the hook, such powerful giants, they are second to none in the whole of China."

                "Just now I even made a wish with the Bodhisattva, wishing that you and the child would be safe in the future, wishing that one day you would recognise each other."

                "Qin Ming, why do you have to take such a dangerous path? Can't you think of the child? Is Zhang Zhen Zhen important to you and our child not important to you?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, too much was going on at once, making it impossible for him to accept that it was all true.

                "Promise him, Qin Ming." Suddenly, downstairs, a bruised and battered Zhang Quanzhen came back, so badly beaten by Li Rongbao that he didn't have much strength to speak.

                "Teacher!" Qin Ming said uncomfortably.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I am half in the ground, you are still young and your child is even more innocent, don't get involved in my affairs."

                With that, he raised his hand and pointed his gun at Qin Ming and Sun Changxi.

                Qin Ming still didn't understand what he was going to do, when suddenly, several policemen rushed in behind him, and wasn't the leader Sun Renbing?


                Zhang Quanzhen fired a shot at Qin Ming, which missed by a ridiculous amount.

                "Zhang Quanzhen, you put the gun down." Sun Renbing, who was coming from behind, shouted.

                But Zhang Quanzhen dropped his gun and then ran towards the other side. Qin Ming on the steps gritted his teeth, he suddenly understood, so Zhang Quanzhen had laid a trap before he entered this Guangzui Temple, he was trying to kill Chang Rui, and in the end, he was helping himself out of suspicion.

                Seeing that things had turned out like this, Qin Ming had no choice but to turn back and said to the assassination squad, "All withdraw."

                The Li Rongbao brothers, who were waiting to die, suddenly froze, but seeing that Qin Ming had folded back and let them go, they said, "Younger Qin, even if you let us two brothers go, you can't get away with this."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "Your two brothers will come here, I, Qin Ming, will not frown."