Rags To Riches Chapter 706

 No one expected that Zhang Quanzhen would pull out his gun.

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "Teacher, calm down."

                Zhang Quanzhen stepped closer and said, "I can't calm down. My five brothers, who were as close as brothers, have turned against each other since this woman appeared. Even I, too, have been touched by her. Qin Ming, you don't need to care about my affairs, go and arrest your people."

                Chang Rui continued, "Young Qin, he is using you and deceiving you, don't be fooled by him, he knew your identity long ago and set up a trap to get close to you only. He is capable, does he not know your righteous father back? Your righteous father is his brother's son."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he looked grim.

                He saved his righteous father that was back in freshman year, Chang Hongxi had planned to come to him to repay his kindness, if it was just as Chang Rui said, Zhang Quanzhen had known about it a long time ago, or even found him a step earlier, and contacted Li Meng first, instilling in her some kind of dream of being a wealthy wife?

                Then wasn't Zhang Quanzhen the one who planned the beginning of everything?

                "Chang Rui, you are obsessed and still here to sow discord." Zhang Quanzhen was shaking with anger and raised his gun at her, but could not fire it because the two brothers of the Li family were protecting Chang Rui.

                Zhang Quanzhen did not want to shoot the Li family members, that would have endless consequences.

                Suddenly, Li Rongbao rushed up, moving quickly, as if he was a tiger hunting for food, and his body was still twisted, left and right, so that Zhang Quanzhen's gun was not well aimed.

                Qin Ming hadn't even reacted yet, and in the space of one breath, Li Rongbao had already rushed up to Zhang Quanzhen, his head at the muzzle of the gun, and with a sudden flash, he lifted Zhang Quanzhen's wrist with one hand and then stabbed Zhang Quanzhen's throat with the other hand below.

                Qin Ming looked on and raised his eyebrows, these were all killing moves.

                "Bang" In the panic, Zhang Quanzhen's shot went astray, hitting the foot of Li Dakai behind him, but that Li Dakai's expression did not change, as if he had not heard, and protected Chang Rui.

                Qin Ming was shocked by such a standard.

                Li Rongbao immediately fought with Zhang Quanzhen, with moves coming and going, but Li Rongbao was clearly stronger, his punches and kicks were full of destructive power.

                The older Zhang Quanzhen, on the other hand, was able to respond in time and saw his moves coming, but at close range, the gun in his hand was completely ineffective.

                As soon as the two men crossed paths, Qin Ming realised that the gap between himself and them was not of the same level.

                There was a loud bang as Li Rongbao stepped on the diamond on the ground and it cracked, this kind of foot strength was terrifying.

                Qin Ming gritted his teeth, he knew that if he didn't do something, Zhang Quan was really going to lose.

                Qin Ming moved, he chose to trust Zhang Quanzhen at the last minute, because the skills Zhang Quanzhen taught him were the real deal, especially since he had recently obtained the Mu family's practice breathing discipline method, and in comparison, what Zhang Quanzhen taught him did not harm his body.

                Based on this alone, Qin Ming was willing to trust Zhang Quanzhen.

                Besides, when Li Meng had sought fortune telling from Zhang Quanzhen and had since become a gold-digger, it had nothing to do with fortune telling. If Li Meng had been able to keep the bottom line, how could she have been gullible enough to believe in the dreams of a wealthy wife?

                In fact, Li Meng once fell in love with Mu Zhaoyang of the Mu family, and she had already made it to the gentry, but she just made a fool of herself again.

                Then later she befriended Zhao Zhengyin, another prophesied hit, and it turned out that Li Meng had killed herself again, so wouldn't that mean that Zhang Quan was really right in his calculations?

                With many factors in mind, Qin Ming moved.

                He pulled away from Zhang Quanzhen and slowly circled in the direction of Chang Rui.

                And Li Dakai, who was originally staring at the battlefield, stopped paying attention to the fight over there and looked at Qin Ming instead.

                Li Dakai said, ''Young Qin, your status is not suitable for this kind of thing. I heard that you recently clashed with my nephew, Li Shun. If you get involved in this matter again now, our Li family will think that you are hostile to our Li family."

                Qin Ming asked, "Chang Rui used poison to kill me, what do you think? Are you going to protect the murderer?"

                Li Dakai said, "Young Qin is joking, aren't you well now? Zhang Quanzhen is a Jianghu Daoist priest who is good at making tricks to deceive people, you have been deceived."

                Qin Ming said, "My teacher is indeed good at making games to deceive people, but he has a bottom line. Then I'll change the question. At the beginning, my teacher, Chang Dekai, Bai Mo Yang, Zhao Zhen and Mu Hai Ran were five people who studied under Zhao Demin and were as close as brothers and sisters."

                "Later Chang Rui met the five, after which the Bai family was struck and almost destroyed, Bai Mo Yang died and the defeated family fell into ruin. Later, the Mu family was forced to sell their assets to protect themselves and move away from the capital. The Chang family was wiped out and my father was orphaned and raised by relatives. My teacher lost everything and became a wanderer, retired to the Taoist clan and lived a life of peace and quiet. Zhao Zhen, on the other hand, had everything, growing the Zhao family and owning Chang Rui. Chang Rui, how do you answer my teacher's words, did you harm my teacher and the five of them back then?"

                Chang Rui did not look at Qin Ming and bowed to the Goddess of Mercy, before saying after a long time, "Young Qin, you have been deceived."

                Qin Ming questioned, "Is it hard to answer my question positively?"

                But Chang Rui did not answer.

                Qin Ming leaned forward and Li Dakai immediately made a move to stop Qin Ming, stepping on his front foot and blasting over with a punch.

                Qin Ming hastily dodged and reached out to pull Li Dakai's arm, trying to pull him away with a four-two punch, but Li Dakai's arm shook and unexpectedly swung away from Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was so swung that he actually flew backwards and hit the wall.

                Li Dakai said, "Halfway decent, but to be able to make a defence before falling is spot on."

                After saying that, he escorted Chang Rui away.

                On the other side, Li Rongbao was already fighting with Zhang Quanzhen, but every three moves Zhang Quanzhen had to take a blow and was already bruised and swollen.

                According to Qin Ming's understanding of martial arts, Zhang Quanzhen's internal injuries were even more serious.

                Qin Ming had once again refreshed his understanding of realm masters, guns were certainly good, but they had managed to keep Zhang Quanzhen from firing them, the kung fu was just too powerful.

                Zhang Quanzhen took a moment to look at Qin Ming and said, "Chase."

                Qin Ming climbed to his feet and took a few steps, a little dizzy and spat out a mouthful of blood, only to feel his chest churning with Qi and blood.

                He had never felt like this before. He wiped his mouth and chased after him, thinking, "This qigong-based Chinese martial art, practised to his level, is too strong, it is simply foul."

                Qin Ming chased him to the middle hall, but there were no other visitors here, only Sun Changxi and Song Ying.

                Qin Ming shouted, "Xiao Ying, stop the man."

                Song Ying was already blocking the way, and when she heard Qin Ming's words, she would not let the two pass even more.

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Chang Rui, your men have all been cleaned up by my men, you can't escape. Be a good boy and give up your hand."

                When Chang Rui saw that none of the people she had brought with her had reacted, she said, "Look, young Qin, the Sun family's eldest lady is also here, how big of a mess do you want to make before you are willing to do it? With your status, there is no benefit in doing such a thing, is there anything you can't talk about properly? If you are bent on having your way again and listen to Zhang Quanzhen's slanderous words, I will have to take action against you."

                Sun Changxi, who was confused, but saw Qin Ming spitting blood all over him, asked worriedly, "How did you get hurt?"

                "Nothing, it's fine." Qin Ming stepped forward to protect Sun Changxi, gesturing for her to step back a bit, and sneered, "Good, I'd like to see what tricks you have at your disposal."

                When Chang Rui saw such a familiar duo, she was stunned, there was no news to prove that the two were so well connected, huh?

                Her pupils suddenly shrank and she said, "You, did you give Zhao Zhengyin ......"


                Just, before Chang Rui's words fell, suddenly on the other side of the doorway, the scarred Zhang Quanzhen rushed out and shot her in the head.