Rags To Riches Chapter 705

 "Yes, I know, I will implement it as soon as possible."

                Qin Ming and Zhang Quanzhen had only just walked into their spot in the side hall when they saw a statue of the Goddess of Mercy Buddha under which Chang Rui was kneeling in front of the Goddess to offer incense, while Feng Dongxiang was bending down and bowing at the side, listening to the teachings, clearly acting like a master and subordinate.

                As an old cadre who had followed Chang Hongxi for many years, how could Feng Dongxiang not understand the poor relationship between Chang Hongxi and the Zhao family?

                On the surface, they were friends, and the two families were even married, but secretly they hated each other to death.

                As one of the four patriarchs supported by Chang Hongxi, Feng Dongxiang was secretly meeting with Zhao Zhen's wife, Chang Rui, here. No wonder Chang Xue came here to scout before and was hunted down and killed before he could find out anything.

                Qin Ming could not bear it any longer and directly pushed open the hidden door and said angrily, "Feng Dongxiang!"

                Qin Ming's roar startled the two men inside, while two men, who looked like bodyguards, immediately stepped forward to protect Chang Rui's side.

                Feng Dongxiang was very surprised, he never thought he would run into Qin Ming here.

                Feng Dongxiang was surprised, "Young master, why are you here? Things are not what you think, Miss Chang and I knew each other before, it's just ......"

                "Cut the crap!" Qin Ming was furious and said, "If you're sensible, you'll fold your hands and catch him. Otherwise the process of liquidating traitors within the Universe, you and your related relatives, go through it all."

                "Young master, you ......" Feng Dongxiang was dumbfounded and said, "I was discussing the details of your marriage to Zhao Xinran with the Zhao family. This is what Elder Chang explained me to do."

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Nonsense, my righteous father never spoke to me about the marriage with the Zhao family and only told me to handle it myself. But you used this as a cover to work for the Zhao family, betraying your righteous father and betraying my trust."

                Feng Dongxiang froze on the spot, unable to speak, and seemed to understand very well that now he would only be making things worse.

                Unlike Qin Ming's anger, Zhang Quanzhen's eyes fell on Chang Rui at first and said, "Chang Rui, you still look the same, you still look gorgeous, you've maintained yourself so well. It's not easy to see you for once. It's been twenty years since the last time I saw you was when Zhao Songli got married, but it was also in a hurry."

                Chang Rui looked at Zhang Quanzhen and smiled lightly, "Third brother, it's been a long time. What do you want to see me for today?"

                Zhang Quanzhen took a step forward, and Chang Rui's two bodyguards immediately followed him warily.

                Zhang Quanzhen lost his smile helplessly, "You and I are considered childhood friends, why have we come to this point? Why do you think I would hurt you? Is it possible that you really wanted to separate the five of us from each other back then? Did you really have something to do with Bai Moyang's death?"

                Chang Rui's face was calm as she said, "Third Brother, what happened back then has already been decided, so why are we still talking about it? I have no shame in my heart, and now I just eat and pray to Buddha."

                "You lie!" Qin Ming said angrily, "Why did you poison me with blood amber if your heart is directed towards Buddha? You poisonous woman."

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly pulled Qin Ming back, because he felt that Qin Ming's emotions were a little out of control because of his anger, and there were some things that he was in no hurry to say, but it was already too late, as Qin Ming spilled the beans in one stream.

                Snapping, Qin Ming threw out the blood amber after the parasite had shed its shell and landed in front of Chang Rui.

                Chang Rui's expression became complicated.

                "How did this happen?" Feng Dongxiang looked at Chang Rui in surprise and asked, "Miss Chang, you ......"

                "Slander." Chang Rui said, "Old Feng don't be anxious. This is something that you helped Zhang Quanzhen identify for him. Young Qin, you once gave this to Third Brother, and Third Brother most likely went to the Xiangxi Lin family to identify it, right? Don't be fooled."

                Qin Ming frowned, this was a big truth, he had just gotten his hands on it before Zhang Quanzhen took it away.

                If Zhang Quanzhen had been working with the Lin family to deceive him, this kind of jianghu trick would have been easy for them.

                Zhang Quanzhen, on the other hand, looked disappointed and said: ''You have turned out to be like this, and you are still throwing my sewage, I, Zhang Quanzhen, have grown up to old age! Where have I ever wronged you? My five brothers were as close as brothers back then, but now they have turned against each other and are going their separate ways, never seeing each other again. Tell me, did you do this on purpose in the first place? Did you think you could avoid it for the rest of your life? Now I've still found you?"

                Chang Rui's expression still didn't change much as she said, "Old Feng, today's situation might be about to get complicated. Young Qin, you are the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, you should have the power to make your own decisions. Whether Zhang Quanzhen knew about your background long ago but kept it hidden from you, and whether he is using you again, you have to consider it carefully."

                Qin Ming frowned deeply, this Zhang Quanzhen had not really talked to him about it.

                But all this time, was it Zhang Quanzhen who had set up the trap? Using Mu Hai Ran's family to hitch him onto the train of revenge?

                Again, Qin Ming could not be sure, and his heart wavered a little because he knew what Zhang Quanzhen was capable of, and if it was all a set-up by Zhang Quanzhen in the first place, it would be too terrible.

                Qin Ming was silent for a moment and said, "Don't play the game of separation here as well as stalling for time. Feng Dongxiang is one of my men, yet he bends his head to you and listens to your words. I can tell you that your men have all been cleaned up by my men, and this Guangzui Temple is now, you can hardly fly."

                Feng Dongxiang said anxiously, "Young master, listen to my explanation, you may have really been deceived by Zhang Quanzhen. This guy is just a famous godly man, his trick is to make a game, and he will do anything to get his way ......"

                Qin Ming angrily rebuked, "Enough, shut up, Huang Jin has personally corrected you. Ah Long, take him down, dead or alive."

                Ah Long, who was following by, frowned and said, "Young master, then you take care of yourself."

                Qin Ming nodded and immediately made a phone call, saying, "Ao Mei, tell the men to guard every exit of the Guangzhi Temple and send another team in."

                Seeing that Qin Ming was for real, and even more shocked that Huang Jin had testified against him for betraying Qin Ming, Feng Dongxiang couldn't explain, Chang Rui's men wouldn't care if he lived or died, and he didn't want to be caught by Ah Long any more.

                Feng Dongxiang immediately fled through the side door, and Ah Long immediately followed him.

                And here in the side hall, Chang Rui was still calmly offering incense, then said, "With just you, Third Brother, you can't win against the young talents of the Li family, both of them are considered realm masters, not to mention your old bones, a tiger can be killed."

                The two bodyguards said confidently, "Li family, Li Dakai, Zhang Zhen Zhen has heard a lot about you."

                "Li family, Li Rongbao. Zhang Zhen Zhen, you are a highly respected senior, I advise you not to make a big deal out of it, let alone wade into muddy waters."

                Chang Rui introduced, "They are all top experts trained by the Li family, and are bodyguards given to me by the Li family. Third Brother, you are also a student of martial arts and can break rocks with one finger, but you are old after all."


                Suddenly, Zhang Quanzhen pulled out a silenced gun and shot at the Guanyin Buddha statue in the side hall.

                To Qin Ming's surprise, this time it was Zhang Quanzhen's turn to lose control of his emotions. He pointed the gun at Chang Rui and questioned loudly, "True, I'm old and can't beat these young and strong men, but bullets don't have eyes! Chang Rui, I want you to tell me yourself whether you had anything to do with the death of my fourth brother Bai Moyang, and whether you had anything to do with it.

                After a pause, Zhang Quanzhen then looked at the Li brothers who were blocking Chang Rui and said, "Li Dakai, Li Rongbao, I also gave you a lesson back then, huh, you may not remember. I also know the Li family's background and ability. But I, Zhang Quanzhen I am not someone who is afraid of death. Today I am only asking for the truth of what happened back then. Chang Rui, you speak."