Rags To Riches Chapter 703

 Qin Ming frowned deeply as he pondered how to digest the news Chang Xue had given him.

                He was bound to meet Chang Rui, but he didn't know what identity he should go in, which might cause a chain of bad things to happen; after all, Chang Xue had been hunted down for it.

                And he was now the one with two identities.

                "Qin Ming, I want to go with you." Nie Haitang nuzzled her little mouth and said, "There is a certain amount of danger in this matter after all, it's too risky for you to do it alone."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "How can I go alone? It would be dangerous for you to go."

                Nie Haitang said, "No, after all, my master is Mu Shuyun and knows many people in the capital.

                Qin Ming didn't quite agree with this, Chang Rui even dared to poison him, the heir of the Huan Yu Century Group, so she wouldn't care if you were a money head of the Huang School or a young disciple of Mu Shuyun.

                Qin Ming said, "I didn't say I was going, it's Chang Rui's business to fast and worship Buddha, I don't have much interest."

                After the two of them had eaten, Qin Ming sent Nie Haitang back to her dormitory.

                Instead of going back, he went to Huan Yu's group building.

                Song Ying was waiting for him at the entrance early and said, "Young Master, Feng Dongxiang from the Four Elements is here."

                "Feng Dongxiang?" Qin Ming was quite surprised, "Isn't he in charge of European affairs? Did Piette come with news beforehand?"

                Song Ying shook her head, "No, I'm afraid it was Feng Dongxiang who came over suddenly."

                Qin Ming pinched his chin and when he went up to the office, apart from Feng Dongxiang, there was an additional person, Huang Jin.

                Huang Jin had been an old subordinate of Chang Hongxi and was now one of the four patriarchs, but was previously said to have disappeared and the group speculated that he had been assassinated by a rival, Qin Ming had thought he was dead when he first looked at his profile, but he had not expected him to still be around.

                Compared to Feng Dongxiang's ancient Chinese tunic, Huang Jin looked a little more Western, and was dressed like a stereotypical businessman, around his mid-sixties.

                "Young master." Both men rose to greet Qin Ming at the same time when they saw him enter.

                Qin Ming smiled as he gestured for the two men to sit down and said, "Elder Huang, this is still the first time we have met. I am very pleased that the Group has such a strong member like you."

                Huang Jin said, "I will be satisfied if the young master doesn't find someone to remove me."

                "Elder Huang is joking, I still hope that Elder Huang will continue to support me." Qin Ming laughed, recently it was on the Chinese side, Qin Ming had changed quite a few people.

                The three of them sat down separately and Qin Ming asked, "You are all here at the same time, what is so important?"

                Feng Dongxiang said, "Young master, today came is two things, the first is the end of the year work report, originally wanted to do first to organize, you came. The second matter is about the Li family, it seems that young master had a disagreement with the Li family today."

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, Li Shun, there was some conflict with him."

                Huang Jin said, "Young master, the Li family is somewhat special, although they are more financially dependent on the Zhao family, but the Li family has many capable people, Li Shun is only a junior, we are worried that young master will intensify the conflict and make you suffer, it will not be good."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "I know, after all, we are in China, we can't do whatever we want, and the Li family speaks well before the state. Today is a special case, I will pay attention in the future."

                Qin Ming said this, but in his heart he was very upset, because it had been a long time since he had tried the iron plate, but this time he came across it, and made two of the four patriarchs show up to remind him, which showed the background of the Li family.

                Huang Jin paused again and said, "Young Master, before coming here, I met Elder Chang in Magnesium and he looked like he was dying."

                Qin Ming was startled, "Last time I spoke to him, he was fine, how come he's not?"

                Huang Jin shook his head helplessly and said, "His condition is not too good, the cancer cells have metastasised badly. I heard him say that he would come back to China in the next few days and wanted to die in his homeland, but he has no schedule yet. And he doesn't have a single family member around him. It's really pitiful that Elder Chang has a lifetime of prestige."

                Qin Ming got up and said, "I am my father's family. My father has given me everything, like a new parent, and I will serve him to the end of my days. Xiao Ying, you go and make arrangements immediately, and bring back your righteous father by the way."

                Feng Dongxiang also said, "Young master, Chang Lao has also swept Zhao Turnip and other forces out of the country in Magnesium, but he hasn't caught anyone, but he is no longer with the group, so you can accept it with confidence. You have been managing this side of China for half a year now, and everything has been accepted relatively peacefully, and the general director of the European side, Pete? James is also very supportive of you. And the Americas are the top priority for our group, and you need time to manage them."

                Huang Jin also nodded and said, "Indeed, we have our hands all over the world, but the establishment of a top-down system to absorb new people from different countries and then exclude dissenters has been fundamental to thriving for centuries. And with most of the other members of the current Supreme Board of Directors being from Western countries, you still have quite a few tough battles ahead of you, young master."

                Qin Ming had long pondered this issue and said, "Soldiers will come and go, I will fulfil my righteous father's long-cherished wish to unify the world."

                The two sides chatted for a long time more before dispersing.

                But after the two left, Feng Dongxiang stayed behind again.

                Qin Ming smiled and asked, "Does Elder Feng still have something to do?"

                Feng Dongxiang said, "Young master, I heard that you cancelled the engagement ceremony with the Zhao family, which I'm afraid is too rude to the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming was instantly unhappy, was this guy his own man or the Zhao family's? Every time he thinks so much of the Zhao family, he grunted, "This is something that the Zhao family has also agreed to, not to mention the fact that at the moment, my righteous father is not well and since he is going back to his country to recuperate, I need to be more distracted. You should leave it alone."

                Feng Dongxiang was bored and left.

                Not long after, Huang Jin returned.

                Qin Ming said amusedly, "Huang Lao, can't you let Feng Lao hear some of the words?"

                Huang Jin gave a thumbs up and complimented, "Young master is really smart. I do have some doubts about Feng Dongxiang and his recent actions."

                "How so?" Qin Ming had also been dissatisfied with Feng Dongxiang for a long time.

                Huang Jin said, "Feng Dongxiang is from the Zhao family, he used to learn martial arts in the Zhao family class, which is actually the Li family's set, before he followed Elder Chang and also made a lot of achievements for Elder Chang."

                When Qin Ming heard this, his face pulled down and he asked, "Huang Lao you mean ...... Feng Dongxiang he is suspected of betraying me?"

                Huang Jin shook his head and waved his hand, saying, "I dare not say. But some of his recent behavior makes people suspicious. I've compiled them all into information here. You can judge for yourself, young master."

                "Right Young Master, what is in it, I also showed it to Elder Chang not long ago, Elder Chang was disappointed and at the same time asked me to inform you that you are now the head of the group, you make your own decision."

                Qin Ming took a mobile hard drive from Huang Jin's hand, and Huang Jin left.

                Qin Ming cupped the hard drive in his hand and immediately opened it on his computer, it was a video.

                "From last month? Beijing City ...... Guang Festival Temple? Chang Rui?" Qin Ming looked at this secretly filmed video, but it was Feng Dongxiang and Chang Rui meeting in the Beijing City Guangzui Temple.

                Qin Ming had seen the video hand, his face was gloomy, last month Chang Xue was to peep at Chang Rui worship Buddha almost killed, it could be because of Feng Dongxiang and Chang Rui's meeting.

                "Good, no wonder it always feels like your heart goes to the Zhao family, so it's really the Zhao family." Qin Ming said with a fierce fist hanging on the table.

                After a long silence, Qin Ming rubbed his chin again and said to himself, "Tomorrow is the time for Chang Rui to go to the Guangzui Temple again, so I must get more definite evidence."