Rags To Riches Chapter 702

 Qin Ming avoided Lin Yurou as if he was running away, he was really head over heels and was inexplicably a little afraid of her, of her overly gentle eyes.

                Qin Ming searched the campus for a while and saw Chang Xue playing badminton with someone there in the playground.

                And on the contrary, Chang Xue's opponent, surprisingly, was Nie Haitang. Both beauties were very serious, with good temperament, good figure, and big white legs to look at, which caused many boys to whistle at the side.

                "Ow ow ow~!"

                Qin Ming sat aside and waited, quite like the atmosphere he used to have when he was studying.

                It was just a pity that he was now posing as Zhao Zhengyan.

                Nie Haitang was very strong at playing badminton, and Chang Xue was not far behind, and both sides were pulling close to the score.

                Suddenly, an out-of-bounds ball impartially hit Qin Ming right in the middle. Nie Haitang saw Qin Ming coming and smiled, walked over and said, "Coming? This man, it seems he knows you and is still grimacing at me."

                Qin Ming glanced at Chang Xue and said, "Of course, I'm a childhood friend, I had a honeymoon period when I was a child."

                When I say honeymoon period, it was actually when they first met they were quite close and even went down the river to touch shrimps with everything, then it became a matter of fighting over who recognized who as the big brother.

                When Qin Ming said that, Nie Haitang became upset and puffed out her mouth, "I haven't heard you talk about you having a childhood friend. No wonder you're so arrogant."

                Nie Haitang went back to the field with the ball, her aura suddenly changed, and Chang Xue on the opposite side was stunned, narrowing her eyes at Qin Ming who was watching from the side, thinking, "Hmph, jealous?"


                Nie Haitang served a high ball with great force, Chang Xue quickly took it, but Nie Haitang immediately changed cut again and hit to the other side, scoring in one go.

                It was another tug-of-war between the two sides, but Nie Haitang won the match.

                "Rubbish, my Haitang is so popular." Qin Ming saw many men coming forward to pass towels and water, so he hurried to follow suit.

                "Nie Haitang, you play really well, I am the president of the badminton club, you join us, right?"

                "Sister Nie, can you add a WeChat? I want to learn to play badminton from you later."

                Nie Haitang was surrounded by a swarm of senior and junior boys, but Qin Ming directly pushed people away with one hand of brute force, causing those surrounding Nie Haitang to be pushed to the side.

                "What are you doing, kid? There's a first come, first served queue."

                "That's right, even if you want a weibo, wait aside, we came first."

                Qin Ming cursed and said, "What are you doing? The famous flower has its owner, you know? Haitang, come this way."

                "Who are you? Why are you shouting so familiarly, you think you're so smug."

                "Shit, how dare you come out to pick up girls in slippers?"

                "Haha, go away and cool off."

                "Don't mind this poor slob, Miss Nie."

                Nie Haitang ignored the boys who had gathered around her, pulled Qin Ming's hand and followed him.

                Qin Ming proudly pulled Nie Haitang and provocatively glared at the boys, saying, "What's wrong with wearing flip-flops? You can't wear slippers, can you?"

                "Holy shit, no way?"

                "Another flower in a cow dung."

                When the boys around saw Nie Haitang following Qin Ming, they were all filled with righteous indignation, but they could do nothing about it.

                Qin Ming wiped Nie Haitang's sweat and said, "Look at you wearing a skirt on a cold day, let others look at you even if you're not cold."

                Nie Haitang laughed, "I don't think you used to say that when we were at the Polytechnic."

                Qin Ming said, "You weren't my girlfriend then."

                Nie Haitang immediately said, "So you mean you are now?"

                Qin Ming couldn't answer at once, this was being set up ah.

                But before he could answer, Chang Xue came over and said, "Where are you going? There's something for you."

                Qin Ming originally really didn't want to get involved with this Chang Xue, she had even been arrested by the Zhao family last time, and he didn't know what the reason was.

                But Chang Rui was, after all, Chang Hongxi's sister, and it was possible that Chang Xue knew something.

                Qin Ming said, "What's the matter, just say it."

                Chang Xue pointed at Nie Haitang and said, "It's better for her not to listen."

                Nie Haitang immediately hugged Qin Ming's arm and said, "What is there that I can't listen to? I'm his girlfriend, so just say it."

                Qin Ming pulled the jealous Nie Haitang back and said, "If you have something to say, just say it straight away."

                Chang Xue looked helplessly at the side, a young male bodyguard nodded towards her and Chang Xue said, "This is not the place to talk, come with me."

                The three of them went to an open space next to the playground and Chang Xue said, "The Zhao family wants to deal with you, do you know that?"

                "I know." Qin Ming said, "It seems to be dealing with you too. You were even kidnapped last time."

                Chang Xue responded, "Indeed, I don't know what kind of person saved me later."

                Qin Ming's heart moved and he said, "It looks like Yi-fu hasn't talked to her about it, and that's right, Yi-fu has left China for so many years that his former relatives are not likely to care even if they have some contact, not to mention that they are seriously ill now."

                Chang Xue continued, "The Zhao family is open and honest on the surface, but in reality they are doing everything they can, arranging a marriage with you, seemingly pulling you in and maintaining a smooth situation for the group, but in fact everything is a trap. At least you can be killed on the day of the wedding. And before the big wedding is when your relationship with the Zhao family is at its most delicate, and it could turn out to be better or worse as a result. This is all a ploy by the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "How do you know all this?"

                Chang Xue said, "Your righteous father told me, ah, he told me a long time ago, so that I would also have time to help you more. Your father and I are also members of the Chang family. Back then, our family fled to White Water Town before I met you. It was the Zhao family that dealt with our Chang family."

                Qin Ming didn't say anything, this was something that Chang Hongxi had told him about before.

                Nie Haitang said, "We know, please go back."

                Chang Xue smiled gently, "Don't be so hostile, it's not like I'm stealing a boyfriend from you. I also have news for you, that is, tomorrow, Chang Rui will be at the city's Guangzhi Temple to worship Buddha. Usually when she travels, many people protect her before and after, so no one knows what she is doing."

                Qin Ming said, "It's just a visit to the temple to offer incense, what's so special about it?"

                Chang Xue said, "Hmph, do you know why I was chased by the Zhao family last month? It was because I sneaked off to see who Chang Rui sees every month and I was discovered. To be killed and silenced by the Zhao family."

                Nie Haitang said distrustfully, "Speaking so exaggeratedly, then why are you fine now?"

                Chang Xue pointed to a short distance away and said, "Don't I have bodyguards here? In public, the Zhao family still can't do anything to me."

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "The last time I caught Fatty Liang, it seems that I didn't get anything from the torture either. It seems that Chang Rui is a bit odd."

                Chang Xue continued, "I'm just reminding you to be more careful. After all, we are considered to be in the same boat, we should support each other. I'm leaving to save your girlfriend from getting jealous again."

                After Chang Xue left, Qin Ming's heart fell into doubt.

                It was Nie Haitang who said, "Qin Ming, don't believe her, she's lying."

                Qin Ming said, "Why? She was really being chased by the Zhao family before and almost died. Besides, it was my righteous father who asked me to save him."

                Nie Haitang brushed her lips and said, "I don't know, a woman's sixth sense lah. However, I dare to talk nonsense about you, but this woman, I just don't feel right."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Alright, it's getting dark, let's go eat first. We'll talk about the Zhao family later."

                As Qin Ming walked away, he took out his phone and sent a message to Zhang Quanzhen, "Old man, get ready tomorrow, there's a chance to meet Chang Rui."