Rags To Riches Chapter 7-8

 Chapter 7

Because of Nie Haitang's message, Qin Ming carried his shoulder bag and still arrived at this side of the sports ground.

The sun was shining, many students were sweating their youth, and there were some lewd men lying outside the iron fence, secretly taking pictures of the pretty girls as they exercised.

Usually Qin Ming didn't bother to care, there were too many such things.

But today, these men were now secretly taking pictures of Nie Haitang.

"Tsk, Schoolgirl Nie has changed into a new sports uniform today, and I wonder who she's showing it to? Her long legs are so white, this waistline is so thin, this face is so pretty, it's satisfying to talk to her ...... hey hey hey, who's got my DSLR camera?" A certain lecherous man was drooling and viewing the photos when his camera was snatched away directly from behind Qin Ming.

The three photographers around him immediately quit, and they surrounded Qin Ming, saying angrily "Who are you? A messenger of justice? It's not illegal to take pictures in a public place."

Qin Ming looked at the photos, all of which were of Nie Haitang, and he said angrily, "How much is it?

A lecherous man next to him sneered, "Huh? Aren't you the guy who usually delivers takeaways to our dormitory?"

The guy who was robbed of his camera said disdainfully, "Hahahaha, you're even silkier than us, you can afford my SLR? I took out a loan for four years to buy it, the original price is 28,000 yuan, you can afford to buy it? Quickly give me back my camera, or I'll call someone."

Qin Ming took out the three stacks of banknotes from his shoulder bag and threw them at the man's face, saying angrily, "Take the money and get out, and don't take pictures of Nie Haitang in the future, or I'll beat you up once I see you."

"I know, I know, I'll just film others in the future."

The lecherous man was shocked by the 30,000 yuan thrown at his face, then he quickly picked up the money on the ground and walked away without letting out a single fart, nodding his head and bowing.

The other two guys took a look and said, "Damn, the old machine is estimated to cost over 10,000, 30,000 yuan, the original price of the old machine, and the net profit of 2,000? That's too much money, isn't it?

He was obviously dressed poorer than them, and even silk, but he had a trenchant air.

"Brother, I'm shooting Chen Mulin, do you want it?"

"No, bro, my shot of Zhang Qingqing is pretty too, she has a big ass and several bottomless photos."

The two men were scrambling to sell their cameras and photos, but Qin Ming was not interested in them and said, "Get lost."

I don't know why, but Qin Ming didn't want Nie Haitang's photos to be obtained by these lewd people, so he bought them, even though they were just ordinary photos from sports, but he just didn't want them, he had an unexplainable feeling in his heart.

Suddenly, Zhang Qingqing shouted in the direction of the stadium, "Hey, you stinky silk is coming? You've gotten so patient now, haven't you? Every time something happens, you refuse to come, my words don't work anymore, do they?"

Qin Ming said, "I'm here, aren't I?"

Zhang Qingqing was furious and said, "Humph, who told you to talk back to me then? Cut the crap and go pick up the ball."

A boy suddenly appeared, badminton club Fang Jin Sheng loudly scolded, "Hey, wait, president, Qin Ming he secretly filmed you ah. Look at him with a camera in his hand."

When they heard the word "secretly filming", everyone on the court was energized, this is not something ordinary people can do, it's only those disgusting lewd people who can do it.

"Ewwww~!" Zhang Qingqing immediately threw away her racket and blocked her chest with both hands, she said disgustedly "Qin Ming, you shameless silk, thanks to I usually treat you well, invite you to scold and drink, no society wants you, I am the one who took you in, you actually do such shameless things? Are you still a human being?"

One of the girls who arrived later asked, "A sneak peek? Oh, how disgusting. Who's taking pictures? That's disgraceful."

Fang Jinsheng pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, I just said why he didn't come to pick up the ball so late today, so he arrived early and was secretly taking pictures of the president's skirt."

Another club boy came over and said, "What? Sneaking under the president's skirt? Who is so daring? Who's so daring? I'll beat him to death, who is it?"

Fang Jinsheng added, "That poor bastard Qin Ming. He even lied to the president in the group that he was not coming, but he secretly took pictures, he is really a lying, surreptitious demon."

In a short while, everyone gathered around Qin Ming.

"Qin Ming, don't you want to live anymore? Why don't you just be the president's dog properly? There's food and drink for you, and you still want to attempt to climb up the ladder? The president is a rich white woman, is it something you can afford to climb?"

"Qin Ming you really should be chemically castrated, then you won't have any distractions."

"He's not still secretly filming the dorm, is he?"

"What? Qin Ming still secretly films the girls' dormitory?"

"What? Qin Ming also secretly took pictures of the girls in the shower?"

"Ah, bring the camera, pervert, scum."

The girls were most sensitive to this kind of secret filming and would never allow this kind of thing to happen to them, so they all gathered around Qin Ming, touching his body with their hands, rubbing their breasts against his body, and kissing him with their mouths.

Qin Ming explained "you misunderstood, this camera is someone else's, I did not steal photos, well ...... you calm down."

A dozen people swarmed Qin Ming and pinned him to the ground.

The DSLR camera was quickly snatched away.

At this time, Nie Haitang, who was wearing a pink knee-length sports skirt, came over wiping her sweat and asked, "What's wrong? What is everyone doing around Qin Ming?"

Fang Jinsheng looked at Nie Haitang after the exercise, black long tied a ponytail, the slim sweatshirt shows her mature female figure, the waistline, long legs is the most beautiful.

But Fang Jinsheng knew last night in the private room of Qin Lou that Nie Haitang was different from Qin Ming.

Everyone disliked Qin Ming's sour smell, but she didn't, and ended up staying with him to get drunk and take care of him.

Fang Jinsheng was jealous.

How come that silk who works part-time every day can be favoured by a goddess? He, Fang Jinsheng, was from a good family, although he was not rich, but he was better than Qin Ming and could afford to buy a racket, right?

If Qin Ming could, why couldn't he?

Fang Jinsheng looked indignant and walked over to him, saying, "Nie Haitang, I didn't expect Qin Ming to be a hypocrite, he secretly filmed Zhang Qingqing and refused to admit it. He is also secretly filming the girls' dormitory, this person is really morally corrupt. Not to mention being poor, he also has no ambition and has a depraved mind."

Nie Haitang was surprised and said, "No way, Qin Ming is not that kind of person, is there any misunderstanding here?"

Fang Jinsheng said loudly, "What misunderstanding is there? The physical evidence is all there and he's been subdued, he'll just have to wait for the school to sanction him."

Nie Haitang looked at Zhang Qingqing and wondered if Qin Ming had bought the camera after he had made money from stock trading, and then wanted to take pictures to relieve stress because he had lost his love.

She walked over to Zhang Qingqing and said, "Qingqing, what's going on?"

Zhang Qingqing said angrily, "Qin Ming, this ill-bred wolf, how dare he secretly take pictures of me? How dare you take pictures of me? You don't even have to look in the mirror, look at his silky face? What about him is worthy of me? He's a toad who wants to eat a swan's flesh. You only deserve to carry my bag."

The badminton club was all over Qin Ming, who raised his head and explained, "It's a misunderstanding, I didn't film you at all."

Fang Jinsheng shouted a loud rebuke, seizing the right to speak, saying "How dare you argue? The evidence is all here. President, just take a look at the photos inside, won't you? How can you say nothing more? Qin Ming, you're in trouble."

Fang Jinsheng's heart was more than ecstatic, it was a godsend, caught the handle of this Qin Ming, after today, Nie Haitang on his good feeling all gone, the president will also kick him out of the badminton club, he will not have the opportunity to contact Nie Haitang.

Then his chances of pursuing Nie Haitang will be greater.

Chapter 8

Fang Jinsheng was looking down on Qin Ming, and insulted him out of the corner of his eye, "Look, I'm not slandering you, you don't even have the strength to refute it yourself. The evidence is all there."

The others also said eagerly, "Yes, President, delete the photos of the girls' dormitory, if it gets out, how can we see others?"

In fact, Qin Ming was also afraid, he didn't know if the lecherous man who sold the camera had taken photos of the girls' dormitory.

If there was, then he would have to take all these black pots ah.

Zhang Qingqing clicked on the camera and checked the photos inside, which made her angry without looking, and even angrier after looking.

It wasn't a sneak peek of her, it was a sneak peek of Nie Haitang!

How could I not be attracted by your charm?

Zhang Qingqing was originally a bit proud inside, she was the goddess of these silk, and Qin Ming, a stinky silk, was even stealing photos of her in order to jerk off, she was enjoying this feeling of being a queen.

But it turned out that it wasn't her who took the photos, it was Nie Haitang, who was a rich girl, and he, Qin Ming, a stinky silk with no background and a poor family, really had the guts to eat a bear's heart.

Zhang Qingqing finished looking at all the photos, there were no photos from the girls' dormitory, 80% were from the sports field, 20% were from the dining hall, all were photos of Nie Haitang.

Zhang Qingqing was slightly embarrassed, she had just said so much, only to say that Qin Ming had illicit thoughts about her, when in fact, Qin Ming had illicit thoughts about Nie Haitang ah, not about her ah.

"Why do you look bad, President? Let me see, let me see."

"Wow, how come they're all of Xiaotang? Huh, it's all very usual photos."

"Haitang is the recognized school beauty, it's normal to be secretly photographed."

"Huh? There are no photos from the girls' dormitory, they're all from public places."

"Heh, that doesn't change the nature of this extremely strange and smelly silk disgusting people."

Several girls had looked at them all, and finally the DSLR camera landed in Nie Haitang's hands, and everyone looked at her, obviously thinking she was the biggest victim.

Nie Haitang also looked at the photos and said "Actually ......"

The first time I saw the camera, I was anxious and immediately said, "How does it not count? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Qin Ming angrily broke away from the crowd and explained, "I've said it all, I didn't take any photos."

Zhang Qingqing scolded coldly, "Shut up. Even if it was Xiaotang, it wouldn't work, you're just like a toad eating swan's flesh. Xiaotang, this is your decision, what to do with him, you can say what you want, if you want to kill him or not, the sisters will support you."

Nie Haitang was serious when she said "Actually, I asked Qin Ming to film it, he didn't film it secretly, he filmed it openly and honestly."


Everyone was stunned and looked at Nie Haitang, as well as Qin Ming.

Zhang Qingqing asked in confusion, "Huh? Xiaotang, why are you doing this?"

Nie Haitang spat out her tongue and said, "I was just having fun and asked Qin Ming. And look, this is a DSLR camera, it costs 28,000 a piece, how can Qin Ming have the money?"

When Nie Haitang said this, the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Yes, how can Qin Ming have the money for this silk?"

"Oops, misunderstood him, but forget it, it doesn't matter to him anyway."

"Well, it's alright, let's go play ball."

"So it's an oops, but you can ask us if you like taking pictures, Xiaotang."

"What do you know, isn't that what Qin Ming does?"

"Qin Ming will go buy water later."

"Hahahaha ......"

With Nie Haitang's explanation, everyone else stopped counting, Qin Ming wanted to say the truth, but seeing that Nie Haitang had lied for him, he would just shut up for now.

Fang Jinsheng frowned darkly and gave Qin Ming a fierce glare, saying "Count yourself lucky."

Qin Ming saw that his innocence had been restored and tried to take back the camera, but Nie Haitang's hand shot back and she nuzzled her cherry lips, her eyes full of curiosity and questions, saying "I helped you clear your name, don't you have anything to explain?"

Qin Ming explained "I really didn't take the picture, it was someone else who took a picture of you, I got angry and I bought it."

Nie Haitang asked, "You're angry? Someone else filmed me and you were angry? Are you trying to chase me?"

Qin Ming was speechless, he was only acting as a basic concern between friends, where did Nie Haitang think he was going? He had just fallen out of love and didn't have any thoughts of a relationship at all.

He wouldn't say anything.

He simply said, "I'll go and buy water for them."

Looking at Qin Ming's back, Nie Haitang bristled, looked at his own picture and muttered, "What's the big deal?"

When Qin Ming came back from buying water, Zhang Qingqing asked him to pick up the ball again, which Qin Ming didn't want to do, but since he was here, he had to take part in the club's activities.

After he finished picking up the ball, he sat down to the side.

He was also bored. Nie Haitang was angry with him when she came back from buying water, and even ignored him when he offered her water earlier.

Qin Ming was also confused, did he do something wrong?

There was nothing to do, so he took out his mobile phone and put 10,000 yuan each into his father's and mother's bank accounts at home, leaving a message that he had earned it from his part-time job.

Qin Ming was already very rich, but he understood the principle of not revealing your wealth and keeping a low profile. He was afraid that giving too much money to his mum and dad all of a sudden would make someone with a heart hurt them, so he decided to give it slowly.

At this point, Nie Haitang glanced at Qin Ming, skimmed her lips and said in a small hum "How low is his emotional quotient? Didn't you notice that I was unhappy just now? Don't you know how to take the initiative to ask me?"

Qin Ming was waiting patiently for a message from his parents, but every five minutes, the money was returned.

The phone also received two short messages at the same time.

"Keep the money for yourself when you earn it, Dad is not old yet, you will earn it yourself."

"Xiao Ming ah, you have this filial piety mum knows, you have money to buy Li Meng some new clothes, people city girls, aggravation can not be."

Qin Ming shook his head speechlessly, his mother still thought he was with Li Meng.

He was about to think of a new excuse when Song Ying's call came in.

Song Ying said, "Young master, the head of our Huan Yu group in South China, Qi Yundong, wants to make an appointment with you and wants to get to know you. Do you want to see him or not?"

The Huan Yu Century Group, is what Chang Hong Xi has spent his life building, but no media knows that this group exists, except for important internal members.

And the South China grouping is just that, the head who manages the business and power of the entire South China region.

How mysterious Huan Yu was, how much wealth he controlled and how many powerful people he had under him, Qin Ming only had a general idea at the moment.

Qin Ming thought about it, got up and walked away, saying back "Now, send someone to pick me up at the entrance of the school, the meeting place, you let him arrange it."

Nie Haitang played on the court for a while, then turned her head to look at Qin Ming's side, but suddenly froze, where was he?

She was so angry that she stomped her foot, annoyed, "You're leaving now? I still have something to ask you, Qin Ming, remember that."