Rags To Riches Chapter 699

 Qin Ming looked at the woman in front of him and said, "Just by you? You are also worthy to let me do it? I owe the Mu family a favour, I will buy the Mu family's ancestral home. Let your master come and talk to me."

                The bodyguard beside the woman said, "Sister Fire, let me do it."

                Sister Fire held up her hand to stop it and said, "I know you, Qin Ming. Zhao Songzhi's son-in-law of the Zhao family, right?"

                This comment from Sister Fire immediately made Mu Xiaoqiao unhappy, but she knew that Qin Ming had to compromise things because of his special status.

                Qin Ming responded, "What do you want? This matter also involves the Zhao family?"

                Sister Fire said, "Then you must not know that the Zhao family has a relationship with our Li family, that is as close as comrades in arms. So this is something we can talk about slowly."

                Qin Ming swept a glance at the people behind Sister Fire and said, "There's nothing to talk about, this house, I'm buying it for sure."

                "Kid, I've put up with you for a long time!" As soon as the words left his mouth, the bodyguard behind Sister Fire suddenly rushed out and punched towards Qin Ming.

                Ah Long also moved with him, but Qin Ming was the one who stopped Ah Long.

                He dodged out of the way, opened his mouth and took a deep breath, then paddled his feet and threw a punch back.

                The bodyguard, obviously adept at fighting, immediately changed his stance, staggered his position and impacted towards Qin Ming's left side.

                But Qin Ming was even faster. Before he could land on his feet, Qin Ming swept his arm across his body and threw him to the ground, followed by a punch, an inch of power!


                "Ah!" That Sister Fire's bodyguard bowed his body flat on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood and then fainted.

                It was only three or four strokes of kung fu before and after, Qin Ming had utilized the essence of the Huang School's martial arts to take it down easily.

                The people behind Sister Fire raised their eyebrows, they had thought that Qin Ming was an ordinary youngster, but they did not expect to be so skillful.

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "All right, I don't want to waste time, Ah Hu, get them all out. Master, let's go and find Mr Henry for the transfer."

                The leader of the assassination squad, Ah Hu, immediately answered the call and he led a team of people to walk up to Sister Fire and the others, with the attitude of making a move if you don't leave.

                However, at this time, a light voice suddenly came from the doorway, "Huan Yu Century, Qin Ming, really tough enough."

                The crowd was stunned and turned around to see that all the members of the assassination squad standing at the door had fallen down!

                When did this happen?

                Qin Ming's pupils shrank, once again, the people of the Assassination Squad were taken care of silently by an expert in learning martial arts, this was a tactic that was to be even more powerful than that of a special soldier in the Special Forces.

                "Li Shun!" Qin Ming grunted.

                When Sister Fire saw the visitor, she immediately put her heart down and said, "Eldest young master, finally we have waited for the arrival. There were many opponents, and I failed."

                Li Shun waved his hand and said, "Since they are from Huan Yu, you really can't fight. It's nothing, it's good that I'm here. All the way in, this ancestral home of the Mu family, I like it very much. Oh, you are also here, Master Mu, I wonder if I can cut it out?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, that was really arrogant talk, coming all the way in and turning all his men against him.

                "This Li Shun, at his young age, he is probably a martial arts expert with a realm." Qin Ming lamented in his heart, masters are in the people, such a powerful person is not even famous, it is really low profile.

                Mu Hai Ran shook his head and said, "Young Li, what use does your Li family have in need of such an ancient mansion? I'm a dying old man, I just want to die in the home I was in in the first place."

                Li Shun laughed: "It is true that our family has many such ancient mansions, but in the capital city, in this location, such an ancient mansion is only in line with my status. Besides, your Mu family sold it all back then, that's the same as not wanting it, and to say that it belongs to your Mu family would be excessive."

                Qin Ming was not happy, how dare this girl ignore him?

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Ah Hu, blast them out."


                It was so fast that Qin Ming didn't even see it clearly before it was over.

                Ah Hu, who had thrown a punch against him, was knocked back three steps and his arm then dropped, showing a pained expression.

                Ah Hu said, "Young master, there is something evil about him. It looks soft and collapsed, but the punches are quick and hateful, I think I saw a stump."

                Qin Ming said in surprise, "Residual shadows? You think you're making a movie?"

                He hadn't even seen residual shadows on the Song Yixing siblings, which was already counter-intuitive.

                But seeing the way Tiger's arms were shaking and he couldn't lift them, he had to believe it even if he didn't want to.

                Li Shun was very dignified, standing proudly on his own, just like the great masters in the movies.

                Li Shun said calmly, "Our Li family has been a martial arts family since ancient times, and the method of practising martial arts has been handed down from generation to generation to strengthen the body. It's not the same as those who open martial arts schools and take on students to earn money."

                "Qin Ming, these people of yours are all comparable to the strength of the country's special forces, unfortunately, when I was twelve years old, I had the physical qualities to defeat the special forces and participated in them, then I left when I felt that I couldn't be trained in the army."

                "In terms of power, your Huan Yu is too thin in China. China is not a western country and is not controlled by capital. Do you believe that one phone call from me will make your company, Huan Yu, unable to open in the capital city and will have to close down tomorrow?"

                "In terms of strength, just now watching you defeat Sister Fire's bodyguard, well, but also some doorway, very surprising to me, but just about the same level as my eleven or twelve years old."

                "In terms of money, huh, your fiancee's family Zhao family not to mention, and my Li family is a close ally. But our Li family itself isn't too far behind."

                "If you want to fight with me, in China, in the capital city, may I ask what you can fight with me?"

                Li Shun was very arrogant with each word: "Originally, I didn't want to be too flashy before I asked Sister Fire to do it for me. Boss Qin, you'd better go back, otherwise, here in the capital city, you'll have to meet your Waterloo."

                These words of Li Shun revealed his powerful background, as the so-called strong dragon could not suppress the snake on the ground.

                The powerful thing about the Huan Yu Century Group is that it has money, as well as freedom of capital, so such a super beast can roam around the world, but it is difficult in China, because the proletariat doesn't eat capital that way ah.

                But it is also the wisdom of the Chinese to have a policy at the top and a strategy at the bottom.

                Qin Ming took the phone in his hand and called Song Ying, saying, "Immediately withhold all Chinese related energy cooperation worldwide for me and close all ports, as well as overseas oil field exports to China."

                The corners of Li Shun's mouth twitched, and that sister Fire's eyelids jumped.

                Qin Ming spread both hands and said, "Well, you're the local snake, we can't fight you. But I'm not doing business with China anymore, if your leaders ask about it, I'll say that there's a man in the Li family called Li Shun who wants to threaten me ......"

                "Shameless!" Li Shun was so depressed, this puffball even threatened him with national importance.

                Li Shun was furious and accused, "You are killing the enemy one owes and damaging yourself 18,000. Do you think my Li family will take the blame for this? Anyone can see that it was your capricious act."

                Qin Ming said calmly, "So what? I am the heir of Huan Yu, I am just rich and capricious. If you bleep again, all military, biomedical and technological projects, but anything that leads the world, I will withdraw. If anyone asks why, I will say that you, Li Shun, have made me unpleasant."

                Qin Ming paused and said forcefully, "For the sake of the Mu family, I'll go out with you. I'll see who can have the last laugh."

                Just as the words left his mouth, Li Shun's mobile phone rang.

                "Hello? Political/Commissioner, I ...... this matter I will deal with as soon as possible, yes, yes ......"

                One finished calling and another called, "Dad? I'm innocent ah. That guy is a scoundrel, but the Mu family's ancestral home ...... is, I know."

                Li Shun hung up the phone with a black face and was about to say something when another call came in, "Prime Minister, I know I'm wrong ...... yes, I will take care of it, yes, please give me some time."

                After hanging up the phone, Li Shun immediately turned off the phone and gritted his teeth as he looked at Qin Ming who was whistling and crossing his legs at the side.

                Li Shun said angrily, "Fine, count on you. I won't argue with you anymore, go."

                After Li Shun promised not to argue, Qin Ming hurriedly called Song Ying to avoid losing his temper and losing control, this China is the world's economic engine, small money money can't be left unearned.

                Li Shun walked to the door and suddenly turned back, saying, "Master Mu, since you're back, on my grandmother's big birthday in a few days, I hope your Mu family can also attend."

                Qin Ming frowned, feeling that something was about to happen again.