Rags To Riches Chapter 698

 Boom froze, and Qin Ming slammed his teacup directly onto the ground.

                Instantly causing everyone's attention to focus on him.

                Qin Ming pointed at Mu Hai Ran and said, "You guys are bold enough, the ancestral house of the Mu family, Elder Mu Hai Ran is still here, and you don't take him seriously?"

                A man said disdainfully, "Kid, what are you capable of, talking here? You're not even hairy, go home to your mother and eat your milk."

                Qin Ming waved his hand, "Ah Long, do it."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Ah Long, who was standing at the back, walked straight towards the man who had spoken, and the man's bodyguards immediately stepped in to obstruct Ah Long.

                But Ah Long was still at ease in the cramped conditions, fighting four at a time, punching one and kicking another, the four bodyguards instantly fell to the ground.

                And the man who had spoken out of turn immediately changed his face and said, "Behind me is the Yang family, and the Yang family is in the military ......"


                Ah Long directly headbutted the man's head onto the table.

                Qin Ming walked over, grabbed a teacup, poured water on his face and said, "My name is Qin Ming, vice president of the Huan Yu Century Group, I returned some small favors to Old Mu, and came today to get this ancestral mansion back for him."

                "Any of you who don't like it, you can do it. Waste him for me."

                With a command from Qin Ming, Ah Long's hands rose and fists fell, directly breaking all the hands and feet of this agent of the Yang family.

                "Ahhhh!" There was a wail on the scene, and the man was directly thrown out by Ah Long.

                Eight competitors, one less immediately.

                This act of Qin Ming was very ruthless, but also very imposing, immediately causing the remaining seven forces to look at him.

                Hong Lao Si, who had been very arrogant earlier, said, "Qin Ming? The Huan Yu Century Group? I've heard of it, I've even had a drink with the head of your North China Region, Qi Mingxun. In the end, it's just a large crossover company, huh huh, kid, your master seems to be from Magnesium. But this is China!"

                The others were disdainful once they heard that the Huan Yu Century Group was such a source.

                "A rich multinational corporation? Oh, what a typical Magnesian mindset, this is China, just having money and money is not enough."

                "Kid, you're arrogant. Clean up the Yang family's agent, hehe, there's no need for us to do anything, later, when the Yang family comes to your door, you'll be crying."

                "Not trying to pick up a girl, are you? I heard that the Mu family has two daughters, both of whom are of national beauty. The second generation of rich people nowadays really ...... don't know how high the sky is."

                "Here in the capital, but anyone with a bit of temper, who doesn't have someone behind them? Kid, if you dare to scrap the Yang family, the Yang family will dare to scrap you. You still want to deal with us? You're asking for your own luck."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, what Hong Lao Si knew counted for a lot, the only people who could know the truth about the Huan Yu Century Group were the senior management of the group, and the world class giants who had extremely deep dealings.

                Moreover, there were many branches under the Huan Yu Century Group, and there were not even a few forces that were not registered and controlled, even some branches did not even know what Huan Yu Century was.

                He naturally did not need to explain more.

                Qin Ming sat down and said, "So what? So what? Today, I'm going to take the Mu family's ancestral home, and whoever opposes it will be just like that person just now."

                "Boom!" Hong Lao Si also slammed his cup and said angrily, "Brothers, come in!"

                With a clatter, immediately from outside the garden, a dozen people rushed in.

                The corners of Hong Lao Si's mouth lifted as he said, "Everyone, sorry, we, the Hong Chamber of Commerce, don't have much of anything, just a lot of people. Huh ......"

                Hong Lao Si's pupils suddenly shrank as he noticed that the people who came in were not right, they were not from his Hong's Chamber of Commerce.

                At this moment, Ah Hu, the leader of the Capital City Assassination Squad, walked in and whispered into Qin Ming's ear, "Young Master, the people from the five forces, a total of over sixty people, are all under control."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "All wasted!"

                The crowd inside the room still didn't know what was going on, and with a single order from Qin Ming, all outside were screams of pain and misery from both men and women.

                "Boss Yuan, get out of here."

                "Master Hong, we've failed ......"

                "Sister Fire, go quickly ...... ah ah."

                Soon, the smell of blood came from outside, and the people inside the house looked surprised and wanted to rush out to see, but they were stopped by Ah Hu and the others.

                Qin Ming continued, "I've offended all of you, it's possible I'll have to die tonight, but then again, I'm not the kind of person who waits for death, it's not certain who will die and who will live. Right?"

                "Kid you ......" Hong Lao Si looked at Qin Ming and opened the window again to see the people that the various forces had secretly brought outside, all thrown onto the grass, each with their arms and legs broken and suffering.

                The people inside the house were stunned by Qin Ming's move, and they couldn't understand how many people Qin Ming had brought with him.

                They did not understand how many people Qin Ming had brought with him. Looking out of the window, Qin Ming's men were nowhere to be seen, they were all hidden.

                Qin Ming was not surprised by this, the assassination squad was no less powerful than the special forces of various countries, each was an elite that had spent a lot of money to cultivate, among them, talents like Ah Hu, who had also been a veteran of the Chinese army, ah.

                With the help of Huan Yu Century's equipment and funding, it was still very simple to deal with some of the fighters and personnel raised by the powerful families.

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "Oh, there's no evidence to prove that I did it. But then, I admit that I did it."

                A woman asked with a stern face, "Kid surnamed Qin, are you really not afraid of death? Have you heard of the Li family in Beijing?"

                Qin Ming said, "I have heard of it, Li Jun, the Northwest Army God, right? Li Zeguo, the general of China, right? What? So the officials can just bully us small businessmen? Hey, I'm not afraid of that, you tell them to come in person. If they don't come, they're wimps."

                "Hmph, how dare you." The woman only found Qin Ming's words unreasonable, the Li family was a pillar of the Chinese military, and their network in Beijing was extremely extensive, almost no one dared to openly call out to the Li family?

                Hong Laoshi suddenly said, "Hahahaha, the gentry families in Beijing don't want to be loyal to the Li family, and they won't choose to fight with them. Today I've seen one. I, Hong Lao Si, am the first one who is not afraid of the Li family, boy surnamed Qin, you are the second, I suddenly have a good feeling about you."

                Qin Ming said, "How about this, Hong Lao Si, you quit, I'll pay your junior brothers one million each and make friends."

                Hong Lao Si picked up his cup of tea and took a sip, saying, "Good, just because you are not afraid of the Li family. I, Hong Lao Si, will make you a friend, this Mu family ancestral house, I, the Hong Chamber of Commerce, will not fight for it."

                Hong Lao Si withdrew, and another force whose boss was a Magnesian withdrew, seemingly more aware of the rumours of Huan Yu in Magnesia.

                As for the other forces, once they saw that people were not even afraid to offend the Li family, they hesitated and then also left.

                And finally, only that woman who represented the Li family, Li Shun, Sister Fire, remained.

                That Sister Fire suddenly applauded, "You can do it kid, you've helped me solve a lot of rivals at once, while transferring all the hatred to you."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this Li family was still hardcore in the capital city.

                But he wasn't attracting hatred, he simply couldn't see these jumpers who robbed people's ancestral homes, right?

                Qin Ming said to Mr. Henry, "Mr. Henry, you should make an offer first. The buyer of this mansion will be born between our two families, so we can settle it and get you to pay directly."

                Mr Henry nodded and said, "Okay, fifteen billion. Just come and pay me when you decide. I hope you have a good negotiation, I'll leave now."

                Once Mr. Henry left, the hall was left with Qin Ming and this woman entrusted by the Li family, as well as the two bodyguards standing behind her.

                The woman was calm and said as she ate her tea, "So, kid, I need to educate you properly on behalf of your parents so that you know, what it means to learn a lesson in blood."