Rags To Riches Chapter 695

 Qin Ming arrived at Zhongnanhai Sanatorium, the top hospital in Beijing, a hospital that the Huan Yu Century Group had partnered with the official, with world class medical treatment, and where many high ranking Chinese political officials were often seen.

                He first looked at Zhao Zhengyan, who was still unconscious.

                He only got this from the doctor: "The patient was hit by a bullet grazing the frontal lobe of his brain, injuring his nerves, it's already a miracle that he survived, it's not easy to say when he will wake up."

                Qin Ming sighed, looking at this face that looked exactly like his, there was really nothing he could do ah.

                He muttered to himself, "Don't worry, I will try to preserve your family."

                After meeting Zhao Zhengyan, Qin Ming went to Huang Shutong's ward, where she was studying with the script and her agent had just come out from inside.

                Qin Ming said, "You're a busy star, you're in hospital and you're still tweeting and interacting with your fans."

                Huang Shutong said indifferently, "It's tiring to be a star who has to feed her fans, if someone is willing to feed me, it's a different story. I'll tweet for the people I like."

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, was this a hint to him?

                He asked with concern, "Does the wound still hurt?"

                "You can see for yourself."

                Suddenly, Huang Shutong unbuttoned her dress, revealing her snow-white skin and high peaks, in the middle of which chest, the bullet wound had not yet fully healed.

                "What are you doing so suddenly?" Qin Ming was startled and hurried up to her, helping her put her clothes back on, while also peeking out a few times, so white, so big, he couldn't help but gulp, this woman's figure was also a masterpiece.

                "Is it nice?" Huang Shutong suddenly asked.

                Qin Ming ghosted the figure and responded, "Good looking. Uh, no no no, I didn't see anything."

                Suddenly, Huang Shutong bit down on Qin Ming's shoulder and whimpered, "You negative man, you have to be responsible for me. Your life was given to me."

                "You stole my first kiss, you took my first time to be that close to a man, you also took it, I even shared a bed with you, you dare not want me just like that?"

                Qin Ming endured the pain and gently soothed Huang Shutong's back to calm her down emotionally.

                Qin Ming said, "But I ......"

                Huang Shutong interrupted, "I know, you have a special status. You will encounter danger. It's like last time when you were suddenly picked up and captured on an island. Your background, I'm afraid, is even higher by Zhao Zhengyin, because this Zhongnanhai Sanatorium, to be able to stay here in the special class ward, are people of extraordinary status."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "You're really good at guessing."

                Huang Shutong suddenly grabbed Qin Ming's hand, placed it on her soft chest and asked, "I'm in love with you. Qin Ming. In fact, the time you were hospitalised in a car accident in Haymarket, I felt that there was something different about you. But I didn't think much of it at the time."

                "But when you kissed me forcibly, I knew that you were different and I had a heartbeat."

                "Later, in Ancient Water Town, and again here in the capital, I realised more and more that you were not the Zhao Zhengyan I knew, because Zhao Zhengyan was a completely different person from you."

                "Then I overheard your phone calls and I became convinced."

                "I didn't hesitate too much and quickly accepted it. What about someone who looked exactly like Zhao Zhengyan, took advantage of me and stole my heart."

                "And of course I was angry that Zhao Zhengyan had found someone who looked exactly like me to cheat on me; he was a coward who would rather run away than face reality."

                "I was only engaged to him, and besides, I didn't know he had health problems before. Tried to help him too, but he didn't seem to need my help. He's already found a better woman, hasn't he?"

                Grunting, Qin Ming listened to Huang Shutong here, but his hand was gripping her body, his evil fire rising and irritating him so much that he could not calm down.

                He hurriedly drew back his hand and said, "I appreciate your generous love. But I have someone I like."

                Huang Shutong gritted her teeth reluctantly, "Who? I would take a bullet for you, can that woman do it?"

                "They can do it." Qin Ming said with certainty.

                "They?" Huang Shutong's eyes widened in disbelief.

                Qin Ming still said firmly, "I have someone I like, I don't want them, I want to go back to being an ordinary man from a slag, Huang Shutong, thank you for your love."

                Huang Shutong's eyes were hazy, she had gone this far and this man was still indifferent, she didn't know whether to appreciate his heart's consistent determination or to hate him for being angry that he wouldn't accept her.

                Suddenly slapping Qin Ming, she said angrily, "Fine, get lost. I'll take that as being molested by a pervert, now, you get the hell out of here right now."

                Qin Ming looked at Huang Shutong, who looked pained, but Qin Ming knew that this was what he had to do.

                He couldn't be sorry for Nie Haitang, oh, or for having Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Qin Ming walked out of the ward and let out a long sigh, although the slap was quite painful, he was in a very relieved mood, he was finally not scum this time.

                Ah Long followed him and said, "Young master, it's okay to accept your status. Men, the more capable they are, the more they get. Look at that gambling king, that property tycoon, which one doesn't have several wives?"

                Qin Wei gave him a look and said, "Ah Long, should I tell your wife about this part of your story?"

                Ah Long hurriedly shut up and smiled sarcastically, "Young master, you can forget I said that. Where to now?"

                Qin Ming sighed; "To the Sun family. What should be over must be over. Sister Chang Xi, I'm sorry for you."

                As the car drove down the road, suddenly the phone rang and Mu Xiao Qiao came calling.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "Where are you? I heard that you got into trouble again and injured that Prince of the Li family again?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, who let him get beaten up."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Where are you? The Li family has gone to the Zhao family to complain, you are impersonating Zhao Zhengyin, the Zhao family is going to ask questions about you at any time, so you should take shelter."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "If they want to come, feel free to come. Beijing is only a small place, where can I hide?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Eh, you can hide here in my company, they won't expect it."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Then you want to see me, right?"

                On the other end of the phone, Mu Xiaoqiao blushed, biting her lips shyly and said, "No, I didn't. I'm very busy if you're coming or not."

                Qin Ming naturally agreed to his sweetheart's request, and immediately asked Ah Long to take a detour to Mu Xiao Qiao's company.

                However, as soon as he arrived, he found several sports cars downstairs, what with Ferrari, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, and a few handsome men waiting downstairs holding flowers.

                Wasn't one of them also his cheap brother, Zhao Zhengting?

                Qin Ming got out of the car from afar and walked over, saying, "What are you doing here?"

                Zhao Zhengting looked at Qin Ming with contempt and said, "Picking up girls. You have a fiancee, so don't harass the girls of the Mu family."

                Qin Ming was speechless and said, "No, Zhao Zhengting, if you wait downstairs with flowers like this, can you wait until she comes down?"

                A handsome man at the side said, "Kid, what do you know? Miss Mu has said that if you want to court her, you should wait downstairs with flowers and get into the car of whoever she likes."

                "You don't even have a car, so go aside."

                Qin Ming laughed disdainfully and said, "You guys, how do you look, are all second generation rich people, right? You don't even know how to pick up girls. Let me teach you. I'll tell Mu Xiaoqiao to come down with one word, and if she wants to come down, you guys get lost immediately, how about that?"

                The crowd exchanged glances with each other, all looking at each other like idiots, and said, "Fine, you do it, if you can get Miss Mu to come down, we'll obey you."