Rags To Riches Chapter 694

When Song Ying heard that Qin Ming was looking for someone to impersonate him specifically, she was very much in favour of it.

                She said, "It was also thanks to the presence of Zhao Zhengyan that the young master was not directly targeted during the last attack. Although Chang Jun Ye was also captured by us on the African continent, there is no guarantee that Chang Lao's ex-wife, Zhao Turnip, and her now unexposed adulterer will retaliate for the sake of their son."

                Qin Ming rubbed his forehead, feeling that he was really not sitting comfortably as the world's richest man.

                In addition to the top board of directors of the Universal Century Group wanting his life, his righteous father's wife also wanted his life, and the adulterous husband also wanted his life.

                Qin Ming said: "Indeed, whether it is now or later, one more double is one more point of safety. This must be given to reliable people to do the job. You should take care of this matter, Xiao Ying, and choose well, at least to hide it from the four patriarchs. They have to report to me from time to time on the work of the continents, and have so much contact that they cannot afford to miss out."

                Ao Mei said questioningly, "Then are you going to continue to impersonate Zhao Zhengyan, young master?"

                Qin Ming was also torn about this question, the real Zhao Zhengyan had already turned into a vegetable and he had not thought of what identity he would retire under.

                Qin Ming said, "Let's think about it later. There are other things to do now."

                After the meeting, Qin Ming kept Ah Long by his side as a personal escort, this was a bit of eccentricity on Qin Ming's part, he knew Ah Long much earlier and had even been to his wedding, the two could be said to be life and death brothers, this bond was not something that Yang Xiao Xuan could compare with.

                As the Maybach drove down the road, Qin Ming held his chin and asked, "Beijing is still more prosperous than Guangzhou. Hey, I heard that Li Xinghong's brother, and you are comrades in arms."

                Ah Long said enviously, "I know, his brother, Li Jun, is now a major, holding down the fort in the west of our country. It's a world of difference in achievement from my contemporaries."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Can you fight or can he fight?"

                Ah Long said, "Haha, even if I boast, I'm only a soldier king, he's a military god."

                Qin Ming said soothingly, "A god of war can guard the frontier, while a king of soldiers can take the head of a general in the midst of ten thousand armies. It's like a spear and a cannon, each has its own strengths. You are no worse than him."

                Hearing these words from Qin Ming, Ah Long was very happy in his heart; Qin Ming was thinking highly of him in his heart.

                Qin Ming asked again, "By the way, have you heard of the Yellow School? There is also the Li family, they all seem to be very special martial arts paths."

                "I know." Ah Long said, "A breathing school that has been passed down from the old days of China. Our Chinese dynasties have had martial arts bans, all five or six times according to incomplete statistics. It was against these generational masters who were pursuing martial arts."

                "The emperors of all generations wanted to destroy the fundamental of martial arts practice, the various schools of breathing, so that martial arts practitioners would become ordinary practitioners who could only develop the strength of their body muscles. Then it becomes less frightening."

                "The Yellow School seems to be the descendants of the Yihe Quan back in the day. Later, inside the ten years of turmoil in New China, it was almost wiped out again."

                Qin Ming was quite surprised and said, "Yah-drink, you know quite a lot? You are also a member of this path?"

                Ah Long was silent for a moment and seemed to be hesitating.

                In the end, Ah Long said frankly, "Young master, I'm not going to hide it from you. I have loved fighting since I was a child, and then I met a very powerful man who could punch through a wooden beam with one finger and kill a bull with one punch, and acted like it was easy. I then took him as my master and learnt kung fu from him and practised breathing techniques, I didn't know any schools, I just practised day and night and felt my body getting stronger by the day, I was far ahead of my peers when I measured my lung capacity at school and my body grew far more muscular than my peers."

                "But then the master left, he gave me down admonition not to use the breathing method casually, except when my life was threatened, so I usually didn't use it."

                It dawned on Qin Ming, no wonder he had just watched Ah Long and Yang Xiao Xuan fight and both sides fought to a standstill, he still felt that Ah Long had left his strength behind.

                Ah Long said, "Nowadays, martial arts kung fu is mostly formal and flowery, pursuing good looks and money. The real martial artists are those who have trained hard for decades to master a mastery. The Yellow School and the Li family are both leaders in the circle and lead the big trends."

                "But I've been a soldier for a long time, and I feel that these are always going to be eliminated by the times, even if the kung fu is high, it's still afraid of bullets, one shot and everything is gone."

                The two men looked at each other and laughed, and Qin Ming said, "Hahaha, right. But you know kung fu and can hold a gun, wouldn't you be more of a threat?"

                Ah Long said proudly, "Young master, I can do more than just shoot, I can also fly a fighter jet, hahaha."

                As they spoke, the two soon arrived at a roadside pancake stall on a market food street at the fourth ring, where Bai Yu-chun's brother and sister-in-law were.

                Although not related by blood, having been together for over twenty years, this bond could not be ignored and Qin Ming knew that these two rotten people could still come in handy.

                The Maybach appeared in this snack street, that was very conspicuous.

                Bai Da You was selling frustrated cakes, when she saw this luxury car, she immediately panicked a little in her heart, she called out, "Da You, Da You, is it pure pure coming?"

                Bai Dayou hurriedly came out from the back kitchen, and at that moment, Qin Ming also got down from the car.

                The three of them looked at each other, all with mixed feelings, it had only been a few months and everything felt different.

                Qin Ming was surprised that Bai Dayou, an asshat, had honestly opened his shop and made a living, and Bai Dayou was surprised that Qin Ming, a turd, was in a Mercedes?

                When Qin Ming entered the shop, Ah Long pulled the gate and closed the door straight away.

                "What, what are you doing?" Bai Dayou hurriedly shielded his wife and said, "Qin Ming, it was my fault at first, but I have been duly punished, what else do you want to do? I just want to live an ordinary little life now, can you give me a way out?"

                Sister-in-law Bai also cried and said, "I'm a pregnant woman, if you want to deal with us, our family of three will die here."

                Qin Ming sat down, took a piece of pancake for himself, nibbled on it and said, "It's a bit salty."

                Bai Dayou said with a sobbing voice, "People in the capital city have a heavy taste. Qin Ming, what exactly do you want? Just say it, don't fool us."

                Qin Ming wiped his hands and laughed, "What are you guys panicking about? I came to you guys, naturally there is something, to get you all killed, how could I come in person?"

                "What's the matter?" Hearing these words, Bai Dayou was slightly relieved.

                Qin Ming said, "Your sister, Bai Yuchun, is now very miserable, she's going to be sold by his brother, selling her sister for glory, you know the routine, right? Who made her look really pretty, odd goods are available."

                When Bai Dayou heard this, he was very ashamed, because that's what they had done in the first place.

                Bai Dayou sighed, "After we got out of prison, we went to look for Xiaochun, but ...... she was still angry and didn't recognize me as her brother. We also know that we were too mean to her at first, sucking her blood like a vampire, and ultimately killing my mother. I'm not human, oooh ......"

                With that, Bai Dayou was about to kneel down and cry.

                Seeing this, Qin Ming immediately barked, "Hey hey hey, all right, I'm not here to hear your confession, stand still!"

                Bai Dayou hurriedly shut up and stood up honestly.

                Qin Ming said, "Now you don't need to be afraid, you make a scene in the same way as before. Make trouble with the Bai family and stop the Bai family from sacrificing Bai Yuchun in exchange for glory and wealth. If you succeed, I will give you a suite in the capital and an account in the capital. Isn't your daughter-in-law pregnant? How about having a house, a household registration, not being a northern drifter, and being a Beijing city resident?"

                The two couples, Bai Dayou, were dumbfounded and froze, "Qin Ming, don't bluff us, can you, can you do this even if you become rich?"

                Qin Ming waved his hand towards Ah Long.

                Ah Long hurriedly took out a leather bag, and when he opened it, there was a large pile of money.

                Qin Ming said, "Here is 100,000, the funds for the event. The rest you need only to succeed in stopping Bai Yuchun from being sold into the gentry, and I will meet the conditions I just mentioned. Do it yourselves."

                After Qin Ming gave his explanation, he and Ah Long left.

                Ah Long was curious and asked, "Young master, will this work? They're just ordinary citizens, that Bai family is no more skinny than a horse."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Bai Yuchun is a kind woman, and to know that brother and sister-in-law are here to help her, they will also protect them. As the saying goes, evil people will have their own way, the Bai family will have to be bothered this time. Let them make trouble for a while. Now go do the other thing ......"