Rags To Riches Chapter 693

"How does this work out?" Qin Ming asked as he stood at the entrance of Yiping Hall, "The duel that was scheduled for a week later is now settled. I'm afraid the Li family doesn't have the face to challenge me again."

                Song Yixing rubbed his nose and said, "This is where things get troublesome. We usually keep people under control and that's it, we never beat them to death. You broke Li Xinghong's foot last time, this time ...... ugh, have to talk to Ninth Uncle about it."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, look at this, you two siblings just now aside together with the hilarity is not quite happy?

                Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming and said, "You can't blame Qin Ming for this, right? It's Li Xinghong's repeated provocations."

                Qin Ming said, "That's right, how can I be blamed for this?"

                Song Yixing said, "Well, no matter what, this involves a struggle between two factions. Our Huang faction and the Li family, with their intricate relationship, are not easy to talk about. I'll go and talk to Ninth Uncle first, you guys wait for my news."

                Once the Song Yixing siblings had left, Nie Haitang also had to go back to resume her duties with Mu Shuyun.

                She said, "I'm going to report to Master, and also hand in these shots that have come in. Do you want to come along?"

                Qin Ming remembered Bai Yuchun, who had just gone in with him, and said, "I have something to do at the group later, so I'll see you tonight."

                After all the people around him had left, Qin Ming saw the ambulance arrive just in time to escort Li Xinghong away, while following along to help were Bai Jingchen and Bai Yuchun from the Bai family.

                The two siblings had come to flatter Li Xinghong today, but after this incident, the flattery had not been successful.

                "Damn, that Zhao Zhengyin, he's a madman." Bai Jingchen cursed angrily, "Is the Li family something he can offend? Don't think that just because you've worshipped a good master, you have the strength, and Zhang Quanzhen isn't omnipotent. Don't let me see him again, or else ......"

                "Oh? Or else what?" Qin Ming smiled as he walked over with a harmless expression.

                Bai Jingchen was immediately startled and hurriedly took three steps back, saying, "Don't come over, I'm warning you, there are cameras everywhere here, if you dare to make a move, you are leaving evidence."

                Bai Yuchun was surprised, Zhao Zhengyin had come over, what was this for?

                But she had a familiar feeling, that look in her eyes, just like when Qin Ming was looking at her in Guangcheng.

                And Nie Haitang, who was walking with the man in front of her, Bai Yuchun wanted to ask, "Are you Qin Ming or not? But she didn't dare to ask.

                Bai Jingchen urged, "Sister, let's go. Li Xinghong can't be counted on, and I don't know if that Li Shun can get an appointment."

                Qin Ming spoke up, "Yo, Bai Shao is really something, he's even selling his sister for glory. You're not capable yourself, so you have to rely on your sister. Indeed, your sister is pretty and has a great body, she seems to be able to sell for a good price."

                Bai Jingchen was very annoyed when he heard this shady remark, but what Qin Ming said was the truth and he could not refute it.

                Qin Ming followed the two of them all the way and scoffed, "Back in the day, the Bai family was headed by the old man Bai Mo Yang, who was also a member of the capital city's gentry, a member of the political bureau, and a fellow student of my master. I didn't expect to fall to the present, the descendants of the Bai family can only ......"

                "That's enough!" Bai Jingchen became irritated and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, you scum. What are you getting cocky about? Being able to fight is great? Can it be used as a meal? That's only a battle of schools in martial arts circles. Can you live forever? Can you eat bullets? Do you have any use for chickens? No matter who my sister marries, her man is this normal person, and you are not."

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "Mocking someone's congenital disease, you are of such high quality. And using your sister like a cargo, are you still the same young Bai who was proud to the bone?"

                Bai Jingchen's tiger torso shook, as the descendant of a famous family, he had his own pride, but with his family's downfall, coupled with his own ambition and lack of talent, he faced reality and ran into walls everywhere, and before that, he was taught a lesson by Qin Ming's hand, he was so wretched and tired that he looked down on himself.

                "But so what?" Bai Jingchen coldly snorted, "My sister, you can't even think of getting your hands on her."

                Boom, Bai Jingchen pulled his sister stiffly into the car, and Bai Yuchun still looked at Qin Ming with an expectant look on his face before he left.

                Qin Ming sighed, he had expected Bai Yuchun to live a privileged life from now on, but he didn't expect the Bai family to be so unappreciative, Bai Jingting's vow to be good to Bai Yuchun back in Guangcheng had all been fed to the dogs, and even his daughter had to be sacrificed in order to move up the ladder.

                "Who made me a person who values friends?" Qin Ming sighed, "Can't do anything to watch you suffer without doing something about it."

                Qin Ming thought about it and asked Song Ying to drive to pick him up and take him to the office.

                On the way, Qin Ming asked, "Xiaoying, do you still remember that Bai Yuchun's brother and sister-in-law? Bai Dayou."

                Song Ying was stunned, and then said, "Yes, Young Master, what's wrong?"

                Qin Ming said, "Use those two, dig them up."

                "Yes." Song Ying answered.

                Not long after, Qin Ming arrived at the office building and found Ah Long fighting with Yang Xiao Xuan again, both of them had experienced in the international battlefield and were fighting back and forth in the ring.

                But as Qin Ming watched, Ah Long seemed a little more at ease, Yang Xiaoxuan had given his all, and both sides were still only evenly matched.

                "How long has the fight been going on?" Qin Ming asked his men at the side.

                The little brother replied, "The fight has been going on for more than half an hour, no winner can be distinguished."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "What is the meaning of this mess you two are making?"

                The corners of Ah Long's mouth lifted as he said, "Young master, you only have one personal bodyguard, and that is me."

                Yang Xiaoxuan defied the odds and said, "Win me before you say anything."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "You all have uses, I need your abilities, not just for fighting, but your ability to do things is also important. I will cherish each and every one of you."

                When Qin Ming said this, both of them were happier, as junior brothers, to be valued by their boss, who was also a conscientious boss, it was natural to be deadly loyal.

                Qin Ming beckoned and said, "Come over to the meeting."

                Inside the meeting room, Song Ying had already found out Bai Dayou's whereabouts.

                Song Ying said, "Young master, Bai Dayou's mother committed suicide after all, the judiciary had no way to accuse Bai Dayou of murder, so it didn't take long for him to get out of prison, and after getting out of prison he seems to have reformed, and has been trying unsuccessfully to find Bai Yuchun to apologise, so he is selling snacks in the capital city to earn his own living."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "In the capital city? That's good. I'll have to patronise this old friend's snacks later."

                Qin Ming put away the information and said, "Alright, down to business. Your boss, I'm more capable of tossing things around and recently offended the Li family in Beijing. Ao Mei, send the information."

                Corrie Olsen of the Intelligence Division handed out the information. Olsen distributed the information to the crowd.

                Qin Ming said, "Yang Xiaoxuan, you are responsible for guarding against the Li family, be careful. As soon as the Li family makes a move, report it to me."

                Yang Xiaoxuan answered, "We won't lose again this time, young master, don't worry."

                Qin Ming continued, "One more thing, I need someone to impersonate me, relying on make-up and resembling me at least eighty percent, as well as having my tone of voice and behavioural habits."

                The crowd was stunned, what was the young master up to with this? Has he become addicted to being Zhao Zhengyin?