Rags To Riches Chapter 692

 The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and he was already like a wild horse that had gotten out of control.

                When he saw the potion being auctioned off by Yiping Hall falling to the side, he directly grabbed it and stabbed it down towards his neck.

                "Poof~snort." The electronic syringe was automatically pressurised and the injection was punched into Li Xinghong's body.

                The crowd was stunned, this Li Xinghong's reputation for arrogance was known to everyone in the street, but he was completely insane to do this now.

                The scene was in chaos, some people had already left early, and the security guards from Yipin Hall quickly rushed in, trying to come and subdue Li Xinghong.

                But four security guards swarmed up and tried to hold Li Xinghong down, but were violently shaken off by Li Xinghong in a hug.

                The four big and thick security guards were just thrown aside, and the corners of Li Xinghong's mouth lifted up as he fiercely touched his chest, "This is going to be really powerful, the ribs don't hurt anymore, and the feeling of gas is gone. I've never felt so good before."

                There was a moment of silence from the people around, Li Xing Hong was taking his revenge after taking the medicine, ah.

                But Qin Ming wasn't afraid, his men were all waiting outside the Yiping Tang building, all he had to do was give an order and a large number of assassination squad men would rush in and shoot him down indiscriminately.

                But that was too obvious, Qin Ming wouldn't go that far, at least he had the Song Yixing siblings with him.

                Qin Ming was also a little worried and said, "This medicine is something that will make people lose control?"

                Song Yixing nudged his mouth and said, "No, Li Xinghong himself is a grumpy person, he took that cellular activation potion when his emotions were out of control, it's more difficult to deal with, it can make him continue to be hyper for a month, not feel pain for a short period of time, and his body quality is permanently improved. Take care of yourself, this is a hurdle for you, it will do you good to get past it."

                Nie Haitang, however, disagreed and said, "No, it's too dangerous. It was Li Xinghong's fault in the first place, so why should Qin Ming have to wipe his ass for this? Qin Ming, let's go."

                Song Yiling, however, pulled Nie Haitang and said, "Men, they should do great things. Senior brother, don't worry about fighting, I'll keep an eye on her safety."

                "No, you guys ......" Nie Haitang felt she couldn't understand what Song Yiling's siblings meant at all, why would they want Qin Ming to be involved in something so dangerous?

                So what if you win? A reputation, can it be compared to safety?

                Qin Ming looked at Nie Haitang, who was pulled away, and nodded, saying, "I know, as long as we win this time, there will be a lot less trouble behind us, right?"

                As soon as the words left his mouth, a flash of a figure quickly rushed to Qin Ming, leaping up and towering over him, Li Xinghong's elbow quickly knocked down towards Qin Ming's head, "Just by you, you still want to win against the current me?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly dodged to avoid it, and Li Xinghong's elbow hit the table surface at once.

                The not-so-sturdy table was directly bent by the metal bracket.

                Ho, Li Xing Hong threw another extremely quick kick, like the horizontal kick in Muay Thai.

                Qin Ming had to raise his arms to block it, but when he took it, he felt the power of the "super stimulant", which was much more powerful than Li Xinghong's previous kick, at least twice as powerful.

                Qin Ming's body shifted sideways and hit the wall. He shook off his arm, which was vaguely numb.

                "Stop it now." The security chief arrived and swung the telescopic stick towards Li Xinghong, but after Li Xinghong blocked the frame with his bare hands, he kicked the security chief away, the bull-tall security chief, who was like a primary school student, was kicked away by Li Xinghong, which was very scary.

                "Hmph, hahaha. Zhao Zhengyin, you inhumane invalid, why should you dare to stop me? Your Zhao family doesn't even dare to easily offend our Li family, who can protect you when you're an illegitimate son and an unpreferred waste?"

                "The old Qin family of Hai City? Your mother Qin Mo dares to bring in the entire Qin family? Dare to go against my Li family?"

                "But then, I still admire you for one thing, that is, you dare to stand up against my Li family, hahaha, for the first time in all these years, you don't admit to being a coward."

                "To teach the others a good lesson, I will make you a complete and utter invalid, in the true sense of the word."

                Ho, Li Xinghong held his hands up like one of those boxers and threw a right hook towards Qin Ming's face, who took a deep breath and adjusted his body's breath.

                The more air he breathed, the more oxygen his brain would receive and the clearer his eyes would be to see matters.

                Qin Ming sank quickly just as Li Xinghong's fist hit him, avoiding the fist, then grabbed out Li Xinghong's arm with both hands and pulled Li Xinghong over to the side.

                This was a move that Qin Ming had practised over and over again in the Techniques of Using Taiji Scattered Hands, borrowing strength with strength, commonly known as the four-two-square jin, allowing Li Xinghong to follow the 'potential energy' and 'vector' of his own fist over towards the direction Qin Ming had guided him.


                Li Xinghong's fist hit the wall now.

                No matter how powerful you are, you can't hit a concrete wall, right?

                Moreover, under Qin Ming's deliberate guidance, Li Xinghong's fist hit the wall sideways, violently breaking the bones directly.

                "Ahhhh!" Li Xinghong didn't expect his fist to hit the wall, so painful that he had tears falling down his face, and his wrist was drummed and fractured, a pain that the medicine couldn't even suppress.

                But Li Xinghong then kicked up violently, Qin Ming blocked with both hands and was kicked backwards for several parts, both feet rubbed out the feeling of fire.

                Qin Ming looked in pain as his arm had been hit twice in quick succession, which was really painful.

                Seeing that it had worked, Li Xinghong turned over and stepped on a table and pressed down with a high kick.

                He had experienced life and death, and had also endured boring martial arts training. He had a bright idea and grabbed a hammer from a nearby auctioneer and threw it at Li Xinghong's unsuspecting crotch.

                Li Xinghong's expression also changed from fierce to terrified as he watched Qin Ming throw a hammer at his crotch.

                Phew, the hammer hit Li Xinghong's dick straight on the bull's eye!

                Before the man even landed, Li Xinghong's legs shrank and his fierce aura dissipated, revealing an expression of pain.

                The hammer thrown by Qin Ming hit the underside of his trousers, and Li Xinghong had the feeling that his balls had shattered. What was originally a strong kick ended up falling straight down.

                "Ah, my cock." Li Xinghong fell to the ground, bowed over and wailing in pain.

                "Son, son!" Mrs Li was so frightened that she rushed forward and hugged Li Xinghong, asking, "What's wrong with you? Don't you scare mum. Someone, anyone call an ambulance quickly."

                Mrs Li warned Qin Ming viciously, saying, "Zhao Zhengyin, if anything happens to my son, I won't let you off. Our Li family will not even let you off."

                Qin Ming clapped his hands indifferently and said, "I am completely defending myself, you make a scene, I will do whatever you want. If you don't make a scene, I'll go along with you if you want to play dirty. If I'm afraid of you, I'm not a man. Don't think that your Li family is great, don't think that I can't afford to mess with them."

                Mrs. Li was shocked by Qin Ming's arrogance and dominance, she could not calm down for a long time, why? Why was such a humanly disliked invalid so domineering? This should have been a line that belonged to her son.

                Qin Ming added after a pause: "Besides, I advise you, don't bother, Sister Chang Xi and you are impossible, so don't try to eat swan meat with a toad. You can't beat me even if you take the medicine, so just admit the fact that you're inferior to me. Hahahaha."

                Li Xinghong slumped to the ground and pointed angrily at Qin Ming: "You, you, you ah ...... are pissing me off."

                Not long after, the ambulance arrived and Qin Ming delivered the money for the bidding items and left with the crowd.

                Word of today's events soon spread through the martial arts circles of the capital, and everyone knew that Li Xinghong had once again been defeated, and this time while taking pills.

                And the Sun family, the Zhao family and the Li family, all three families were in a bad way.

                This time, it seems that the incident was caused by the two of them fighting over Sun Changxi's jealousy, and on the contrary, the one who beat him up was married ah, how much does this mean?

                Faced with all kinds of speculation from people outside, Sun Renli couldn't sit still and slapped the table inside the Sun family house, saying, "No, we must find that Zhao Zhengyan and talk it over. I can't let him delay our precious daughter's life."