Rags To Riches Chapter 691

 "Wow." The auction hall of Yiping Hall was in an uproar, the crowd felt that Li Xinghong was out of his mind, directly shouting out an astronomical figure of fifty billion, which could even engage in a large national project.

                The auctioneer was dumbfounded, holding the hammer and looking dumbfounded at Li Xinghong for a while before asking, "Young Li, really?"

                Mrs. Li was anxious and hurriedly pulled her son, saying, "Son, you're being too reckless. So much money, isn't it a sin?"

                Li Xinghong didn't care, saying, "Mom, I don't care. You have to satisfy me. I can't be here anymore ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Qin Ming had raised his sign and said, "I'll call, fifty billion. Li Xinghong, just give up your heart, if you can buy this medicine, I'll take your surname."


                There was another uproar, the crowd was stunned by the two backwoodsmen who had stirred the pot today, as if money really wasn't money in their eyes.

                "The Li family has a special background understandably, who is this young man who has just arrived? He's so rich."

                "It's too scary to go out of your way, does he really have that much money? It would be funny if he was bragging."

                "No, who the hell is this kid? How dare he go against the Li family? Is he tired of living?"

                "The smell of gunpowder is heavy, Li Xing Hong still has this violent temper, I'm afraid it's not going to be a fight?"

                "Hey, let's just fight, it's best if we watch the fun and fight."

                The auctioneer also realised that the smell of gunpowder was a bit heavy and said, "You two, you're both respectable and decent people, so please don't get upset, perhaps the heating in the room is too high, I hope you two gentlemen won't get angry. How about this, I will re-auction, and we will work together on the principle of friendship first and bidding second ......"

                However, Li Xinghong did not pay any attention to this auctioneer.

                Qin Ming said, "Li Xinghong, no matter how many times the auction is held, I will always press you by virtue of the supreme vip. You call the price, call it."

                Stifling, too stifling.

                The supreme vip made Li Xinghong helpless, originally the supreme vip of the One Piece Hall was not easy to obtain, not that you could just have money, but you had to be familiar with the head of the One Piece Hall to get it.

                The auctioneer hurriedly asked for instructions from above, and once the above saw that it was a person from the Yellow School, an acquaintance, or a disciple of Zhang Quanzhen, and rich, they hurriedly befriended him.

                Which knew that Qin Ming and Li Xinghong quarrelled over it.

                Seeing her son so stifled, Mrs. Li immediately said, "Son, don't be afraid, even if mum goes out of her way, our Li family is still no match for this punk? Sixty billion."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "I'll go with sixty billion."

                Mrs. Li was as uncomfortable as if she had eaten a fly and said, "Seventy billion."

                Qin Ming said again, "I'll call again, seventy billion."

                Mrs. Li was furious and gritted her teeth, "Do you have that much money? Zhao Zhengyan, you piece of shit, your father doesn't even have that much money."

                Qin Ming said, "I'm your son, I don't chew on my old man, in the last six months, I've earned more than this amount. On the contrary, is it your Li family that has so much money? The Li family is indeed a famous family in the capital city, but it doesn't necessarily have a reputation for being rich. Where do you get this money from?"

                Mrs Li said angrily, "You don't need to care, my Li family has money anyway. One hundred billion! Do you have it!"

                Qin Ming laughed, this woman was completely mad and was already screaming nonsense, Qin Ming handed out a card from his pocket, wasn't it the World Bank's few knight cards?

                Qin Ming said, "Actually, I really don't want to show off my wealth, but you have forced me to, so I can't help it. Do you see that I look like a man without money?"

                When the crowd took a look, they exclaimed, "The World Bank's Black Card, only people with special status would have it."

                "My goodness, this man actually has a World Bank knight card, you really are rich and powerful. It's not even a problem to settle in US dollars."

                "The Li family didn't expect it this time, they kicked the iron plate, no, they kicked the God of Wealth."

                "Hahahaha, the Li family has lost."

                The words of the crowd were clear, there was no way Qin Ming could lose, people had a bank to back them up, even if the Li family had the strength, they couldn't compete ah.

                Mrs. Li and Li Xinghong both looked ashen, this was a match, shame on them.

                At that moment, Qin Ming said, "It's just that a gentleman doesn't take away what others love, you want to offer 100 billion, tsk, is this thing worth 100 billion? I won't rob with you, I won't follow this time."

                The auctioneer immediately dropped his hammer and said, "Okay, one hundred billion, this medicine goes to the Li family. Please both sides settle down for a moment."

                "No! Wait a minute!" When Mrs Li heard this, she became even more anxious, she thought Qin Ming would go along, but it turned out that Qin Ming was not going along!

                When she thought about it in her mind, she had specially spent a lot more money from the Li family this time, and the total was only thirty billion, which was already the limit of the Li family's favouritism towards her mother and son.

                A hundred billion would cost the entire Li family?

                Seeing this, Qin Ming scoffed again, "Wait? What are you waiting for? You've found out that you don't have any money, right? You're going to deny it, right? Hahahaha, what's the point of pretending to have no money? How about this, Mrs. Li, you admit your mistake to me, and I'll just follow."

                "You! I'm so angry." Mrs. Li was so angry, especially when she saw Qin Ming's cheerful expression, she couldn't dissipate the stifled breath in her chest and sat down directly.

                She couldn't swallow this anger and at the same time couldn't afford to pay this money, she held her head up in depression and hurriedly called the man at home.

                "Zhao Zhengyan! You scum!" Li Xinghong was furious when he saw his own mother being infuriated like this, he rushed up again, several security guards tried to intercept but couldn't stop him.

                "You piece of shit, come out of there dead." Li Xinghong grabbed directly towards Qin Ming's neck, while Qin Ming was the first to push Nie Haitang away and blocked with his front hand.

                The moment the two arms met, Li Xinghong immediately changed his stance and flew up to kick Qin Ming in the lower body, this was an underhanded set up.

                Qin Ming didn't dodge it, and used his thigh to block it.

                The kick landed on Qin Ming's thigh, and the thick fat and muscle blocked it.

                And in that moment, Qin Ming bullied closer and punched Li Xinghong in the chest, but it was blocked by Li Xinghong's timely crossed arms

                Qin Ming's fist let go and turned into a palm, which went between Li Xinghong's crossed arms... inching power!

                It hadn't taken long to learn how to use the inching power. Generally speaking, the power of a strike from human distance is very low and weak, but after mastering the special breathing method and training the wrist muscle strength for a long time, the power of the inching power is comparable to a human straight punch swing.

                Boom, Li Xinghong's chest hurt as he was struck by Qin Ming with a single inching blow, causing him to take a step back, cracking his ribs, which he had thought would stabilise his footing.

                On the side, Song Yixing reminded, "Senior brother, you have to ride out the victory in a life and death fight, don't pose as a poser and play it cool."

                Upon hearing this, Qin Ming immediately took a step forward, not caring about any moves, he just threw a punch and punched to death.

                "Whew~!" Qin Ming took a deep breath, sucked the air into his lungs, and turned to rapid breathing, quickly allowing the lung cavity to absorb oxygen, his body became hot, his brain became even more empty and clear, at close range, Qin Ming held his fist and threw a punch, an inch of power!

                Boom~! Li Xinghong originally only took a step back, this then took a punch from Qin Ming, but flew backwards, the whole person fell to the ground and crashed on the auction case table.

                "Eh, pff ......" Li Xinghong raised his neck and spat out a mouthful of blood.

                He was appalled, it had only been a week or so and he felt that Qin Ming was difficult to deal with again, he had thought that even if Qin Ming had just mastered the inching power, he would not be able to exert much power, but it turned out that the power Qin Ming could exert was much greater than he had imagined.

                He had been working for more than a week to improve and recover his body, but it was in vain, he could not match Qin Ming's efforts.

                Li Xinghong was resigned in his heart, he was defeated again? He was defeated again by this invalid that everyone knew?

                Suddenly, he saw a potion fall next to the auction table.

                Li Xing Hong didn't care, he grabbed the syringe and stabbed it towards his neck, he gritted his teeth and said angrily, "You scum, you wait for me, I want you to die! Ahhhhh."