Rags To Riches Chapter 690

 Li Xinghong rushed up to hit Qin Ming, but was pulled back hard by his mother, "Son, calm down, don't behave with a punk."

                Reason told Li Xinghong that he could not act recklessly, but his emotions were continuing to spiral out of control, and as he looked at Qin Ming, who was sitting in the supreme vip seat of the First Class Hall, he almost wanted to eat him alive inside.

                If it wasn't for the death grip of his own mother on the side, Li Xinghong really couldn't help himself.

                The group had upgraded their seats, but this supreme vip had a shield, so Qin Ming and his group could look back and see the whole picture clearly, but the people behind them could not see what Qin Ming and his group were doing.

                Moreover, there was a special shortcut path when leaving the venue, as well as a beautiful woman waiting on the side, serving tea and all that.

                These were all secondary, the real experience of Supreme VIP was that Qin Ming could call out his bid later, and as long as it was the same as everyone else's highest bid, Qin Ming could get priority in the bidding with Supreme VIP.

                For example, if Li Xinghong shouted one million to bid, and Qin Ming did the same, and both of them couldn't keep up with the price, then Qin Ming, who had the Supreme VIP, would get the bidding first.

                This is to a certain extent to prevent the risk of people deliberately inflating the bidding price and malicious bidding.

                Even with these conveniences, Nie Haitang still said, "It's too much, these medicines aren't even worth the money you spend."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Then are you happy?"

                Nie Haitang smiled helplessly and happily, "I'm happy, but you're spending money recklessly."

                Qin Ming said gently, "It doesn't matter, if 2 billion can make you happy, then it's worth it. Count it as a gift from me. This supreme vip membership is also a gift to you."

                Honestly, for Qin Ming, as the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, the only and the number one super group in the world, 2 billion to him was just 200,000 for an ordinary person.

                Rich, capricious.

                When Nie Haitang heard this, her heart pounded, and although she liked Qin Ming, she was still touched by his words.

                She nuzzled her small mouth shyly, "You can't spend money recklessly even if you have it, I don't want to be called a defeated bitch."

                Qin Ming took the opportunity to hug her, and as the beauty sat in his arms, Qin Ming had the urge to kiss Nie Haitang and said, "Then you'll be a defeated bitch, that's quite good too."

                Suddenly, the Song Yixing siblings on the side both reminded, "Ahem ...... senior brother, we two are still here."

                Only then did Qin Ming remember that these two goods were really light bulbs.

                The auctioneer went on to bid for the second item, which happened to be the medicinal oil that Qin Ming applied every day when he practiced his kung fu.

                The auctioneer said, "This oil is made from the spinal cord of a shark under the sea. The process is complicated and long, and the annual output is limited, but it is a necessary medicine for every martial artist to heal injuries quickly. The bidding starts from one box, and the starting price is as usual, three million."

                Qin Ming saw that there were twenty-four sticks in the box, which was cheap compared to the other medicines of Yiping Hall.

                But the effect was really beyond what one would expect, and his training over the past week or so was all supported by the stuff.

                The auction for this Bone Grafting Oil was not that intense, the crowd bid for quite some time before it was raised to over four million, and finally Qin Ming shouted five million sitting directly on the price, with no one competing.

                Qin Ming got a box of Bone and Muscle Oil, took three of them and handed them to Song Yiling, saying, "Senior sister, it's for you. Thanks for all your hard work during this time."

                Song Yiling gave a crooked smile, "Good, smile and accept."

                Song Yixing patted Qin Ming and said, "Our own brothers, no need to be so polite. But you have money, so we won't be polite with you, so if you need us as brothers and sisters in the future, just say so."

                Qin Ming was in a good mood, the Song Yixing siblings were very powerful, he naturally did not care about some small amount of money, but did his best to draw them in.

                The back of the house had a lot more things to bid on, there would even be some special injections that claimed to be able to quickly dissolve all kinds of poisons, very exaggerated, Qin Ming also did not know, more or less also bought some, go back to let the medical department to study, to be able to study the formula, that is also a business.

                It was hard to wait until the final finale, a cool sci-fi movie with a straight syringe that could be injected directly into the body and used directly.

                The auctioneer said confidently, "I believe many of you have been waiting for today's goodies, which are the treasures of our shop, Yi Pin Tang. I believe you all know that our Yiping Tang's pharmaceutical research and development department has always been in line with international standards, even leading in genetic items and cellular items, and this one is our Yiping Tang's most powerful cellular active agent with no side effects. A former Olympic champion and the first customer of our product, Leor? Colmar, had secretly purchased one from us while winning 15 gold medals at the Olympics that year, and it has expensive Chinese medicine in it that no agency can detect the drug ingredients."

                "Although this drug is costly and time consuming to make, it boosts the activity of human cells, enhances muscles several times, nerve sensitivity and mental concentration, and likewise substantially, that is the best stimulating drug when fighting and killing, as I believe you all know very well."

                "The most important thing is that this is a permanent boost to cellular activity, a single injection saves others years of effort, running away from time and standing at the top of the strongest."

                "It's even a drug that took our One Piece Hall five years to wait for the raw materials to make. The starting bid is five billion. Each bid will be no less than five hundred million."

                As soon as the words fell, there was an uproar from the crowd, who said that the medicine was even more expensive than before.

                Song Yixing also sighed and said, "In the past, the bidding started at three billion, and most of them were bid at six billion, but now it is surprisingly expensive to this extent. I'm afraid that this time the bidding is going to break ten billion. Yiping Hall is really making money."

                Song Yiling rested her chin and said, "What does it matter? The claim of a permanent boost is actually false, as long as one doesn't maintain high intensity training it's impossible to boost permanently. Moreover, the average person doesn't have enough muscles to drink it instead of adapting to it, leading to excessive lactic acid secretion in the body, and also creating all kinds of problems."

                Qin Ming said, "From a business point of view, any commodity has its value and can be sold. As the saying goes, it's a strange commodity. It's like those sky-high artworks. Throw it to the general public and it might just be a decoration, buy it for a socialite and ride on the publicity and it can command a premium. This medicine is only well-known in the circle and it can fetch such a sky-high price, so it seems like someone will buy it."

                Nie Haitang saw the back and said, "Li Xinghong has already raised his bid, he seems to be coming for this medicine."

                Li Xinghong was bidding quickly and was adding upwards by a billion each time, to dampen his competitors' spirits, and also seemed to be proving that he had money and was deliberately doing it to show Qin Ming.

                However, Qin Ming was sitting in the supreme vip seat and he couldn't even see Qin Ming anymore.

                With a bang, the auctioneer said boldly, "Ten billion! Young Li is really rich and generous, he has directly doubled the price, who else is bidding? Ten billion!"

                The other people in the auction room, looking around, shook their heads. Although the cellular active agent was good, no one's money came from the wind, and it was already too expensive to sell this year.

                Li Xing Hong raised the corner of his mouth in triumph and said, "Someone has spent all his money buying a bunch of junk in front of him and has no money left to compete with me, huh?"

                Hearing this, Qin Ming also laughed and said, "Originally, I didn't need this kind of thing because I was already strong enough to defeat you with this kind of medicine, and I was afraid that I would be ridiculed for not winning. But you have to give me a lift, I'm not polite either. I'll offer ten billion too."

                "Hahahaha, silly hat, I already ......" Li Xinghong laughed loudly to mock Qin Ming, but suddenly stopped speaking because he suddenly realized that Qin Ming was already a supreme vip of Yiping Hall ah.

                The same ten billion, Qin Ming would be able to auction it off.

                Qin Ming did not raise his bid and deliberately shouted the same price, clearly targeting him on purpose.

                Qin Ming deliberately turned back from Li Xinghong and said, "Li Xinghong, you raise the price, feel free to do so, I will follow."

                "You!" Li Xinghong was so angry that he fumed on the spot, wouldn't Qin Ming, the supreme vip, always be able to overpower him? It was still the same price.

                Li Xinghong was furious and said, "I'll fight with you. Fifty billion! If you have the guts to follow, I don't believe that you, a soft-eating wastrel, can get it, can your Yellow School get fifty billion?"