Rags To Riches Chapter 689

 "The first item up for auction is a heart-saving elixir. As you all know, in our martial arts circles, fighting and killing is a common occurrence, and a word from the boss will result in having to throw your head in the air, and when you encounter one shot from a gunman with a gun, you will lose your life if you lose too much blood."

                "This is our Yellow Emperor's Heart Saving Pill from Yiping Hall, it's not easy to make, it takes time and effort and costs more. But it can quickly stimulate the heart, keep the heart beating and maintain vitality, and at the critical moment is a human life, no better than that Macau gambling king's brain tonic. The starting bid is five million a bottle, a very good deal. There are ten pills in a bottle, and each bid will be no less than half a million."

                The hammer fell with a snap and the crowd started bidding.

                Qin Ming listened, the average starting price of one million for one bottle was also very expensive, but compared to the Xiangxi Lin family's Longevity Compulsion, that was still a big difference, the Longevity Compulsion was sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

                When Qin Ming first came to the capital city, he used the longevity compulsion to save the old man Sun, indeed sometimes a medicine is a human life.

                "Eight million."

                "Eight and a half million."

                "Ten million."

                Nie Haitang was holding a list of many things that Mu Shuyun wanted her to buy, among which was this Yellow Emperor Heart Saving Pill.

                Qin Ming looked at her with a somewhat anxious expression, "What's wrong?"

                Nie Haitang wrinkled her arched willow brows and said, "They are shouting prices that are too high. This One Piece Hall's Heart Saving Pill does have miraculous effects, and there is no circulation in the general market. It is a sought-after item for our Huang School masters, and even more so for consumables. Recently there is a shortage of this medicine again. But Master has only given me a budget of ten million ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, another person bid, "Eleven million."

                This has completely doubled ah, the value of this medicine is beyond the original value.

                Usually this was either a trust or someone competing with each other.

                Qin Ming looked over and there were indeed two people fighting over it, bidding against each other.

                An uncle in a suit held up his card and said to the competitor next to him, "Twelve million, Old He, your boss's son was assassinated last month, what? Not dead? Still here to buy medicine?"

                The disliked youth huffed, "What's it to do with you? Our boss has a lot of money, a dozen casinos in Las Vegas, a lot of money lying around every day, and he likes to spend it for fun, can't he? Fourteen million."

                The uncle in the suit continued to raise his card and said, "Hmph, this medicine won't save you, so don't waste your time. Fourteen million."

                Nie Haitang looked at the scene with a sad face and said, "It looks like I won't be able to buy it today, my master will have to lecture me when I get back. I didn't do my research beforehand, the status of the various bidders."

                Qin Ming's heart moved and he said, "Didn't you come to give me medicine? How could you have time to investigate anything? Don't be upset, isn't it just a bottle of overpriced medicine? Whatever the price, I'll take it."

                Nie Haitang said, "But ......"

                "No buts, look at me." Qin Ming held up his sign and said, "Twenty million."

                "Wow." The bidders at the scene were in an uproar, this was completely beyond the value of the medicine and there were obviously two people fighting for it, so why did this young man get involved again?

                Li Xinghong laughed, "Yo? Is this a fear of getting yourself killed and buying medicine first as a precaution?"

                Qin Ming sneered back, "I'm afraid you'll be killed by me, so I'm buying you medicine as a precaution so as not to cause more trouble."

                Li Xinghong said disdainfully, "I heard that in order to help Sun Changxi out, you even preferred to leave the Zhao family, leaving your own home behind, and you are still afraid of trouble? Are you pretending to be your mother?"

                "You shut up!" Qin Ming said angrily, "If you don't have money, you can just watch from the sidelines, what's the point of comparing blindly? If you're not convinced, why don't you make a bid? Go ahead, make a bid of 100 million and see. Do you have any? You're a poor man."

                "Why don't I have one?" Li Xinghong was also stimulated, he knew it was irrational to bid at this time, but he still couldn't avoid being stimulated, he raised his sign and said, "One hundred million, who dares to rob with me? I'll make him preliminary the capital city tonight."

                I think Qin Ming's reaction was one of surprise, while the crowd's reaction to Li Xinghong was more of silence.

                It seemed that they all knew this little king of the capital city.

                The auctioneer of the One Piece Hall was stunned, this was no longer an auction, wasn't it just a competition?

                He stammered, "One hundred, hundred million, who else? Who else is offering a higher price? As expected of the Li family, it's rich and powerful."

                The two people who were originally scrambling for it shook their heads speechlessly, they couldn't snatch it from Li Xinghong.

                "Hahahaha." Li Xing Hong laughed in triumph, "Turd, comparing to me in terms of money, I'm so poor that I'm left with money, I still spend my own money, how about you? Piece of shit."

                "One billion." Qin Ming raised his sign in a salty manner and said, "Come on. Let's see who is rich and powerful. I'm not even heartbroken when I throw ten billion into the Yangtze River. What's money? I'm not interested in money."

                This time the onlookers looked at Qin Ming again, this raw face, ah, made such a domineering bid, not putting money before.

                The auctioneer couldn't help but say, "That gentleman, this money is RMB, not South Vietnamese guilders."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "Is it? Is it RMB? Why didn't you tell me earlier, I misunderstood it."

                "Hahahahaha ......" There was a burst of laughter from the venue as the crowd laughed and said, "This young man has come to tease, hasn't he?"

                "Tsk, trouble maker, ignorant."

                "Hey, don't make trouble if you don't have money, our time is precious."

                "How did he get his qualifications? Isn't the vetting very strict?"

                "Kid, go home and eat your milk, and South Vietnam Shield, is that possible?"

                Li Xing Hong held his chin in triumph, feeling that it was beneath him to make such a foolish person his opponent, eh?

                Unexpectedly, Qin Ming said coldly, "I thought it was settled in dollars. That really saves me a lot of money."

                "......" The crowd in the venue suddenly stiffened their faces and were silent.

                The auctioneer all narrowed his eyes speechlessly, these rich people were trying to put on a show.

                "Hahaha." Song Yiling couldn't help herself and slapped Qin Ming, saying, "Senior brother, you're pretending."

                Nie Haitang also ranted, they understood that of course they knew Qin Ming was rich and didn't need to explain anything to these people, they didn't expect him to be so naughty.

                Qin Ming raised his sign again and said, "Two billion, first time here, count it as a reward for your One Piece Hall. Make a friend. Li Xinghong, are you still with us? There are quite a few things to grab from you later on."

                Li Xinghong was furious, money was not important, it was face that mattered.

                He was about to raise his card again, when his mother rushed to stop him, saying, "Son, this guy is doing it on purpose, don't fall for it. This medicine is not worth it."

                "But mum ......" Li Xinghong was righteously indignant, "I can't swallow this."

                Mrs. Li said, "Our Li family is a magnificent family, is it something that a thug like that can compare to?"

                The auctioneer was smiling, this was really the god of wealth coming to his door.

                He hurriedly went forward and made a big offer, "This me sir, please come to our vip seat at the front, we will upgrade your membership card for free, you will be our supreme vip customer of Yi Pin Tang."

                Qin Ming smiled at the supreme vip membership while looking provocatively at Li Xing Hong and said, "You say you are so poor that all you have left is to bring money? Oops I'm sorry, I'm so rich that I only have money, hahaha."

                "You!" Li Xinghong's violent temper, there he could not stand it, immediately got up and rushed up, lunging towards Qin Ming.