Rags To Riches Chapter 688

 Not long after, at the entrance of the building, Song Yixing walked out and said, "It's done, from now on you can enter and exit with your card, there are quite a few medicines we can use in Yiping Hall, it's just a bit more expensive."

                Qin Ming took the vip card and said, "OK, go in."

                Suddenly, an angry rebuke came from behind, "Wait a minute, this is a private place, who let you in?"

                Wasn't it Mrs. Li and her son Li Xinghong?

                Mrs. Li crossed the front with a commanding manner and said, "You are not qualified to enter."

                Qin Ming took the card in his hand and said, "Are you in charge here? Your Li family property?"

                Li Xinghong walked up to Qin Ming and confronted him tit for tat, saying, "So what if you are not, to enter or leave this place, you must have enough money for security, at least five billion dollars in assets, to become a member. You don't need to look at your membership, it was all spent on Mu Shuyun's money, or Zhang Quanzhen got it for you."

                Li Xinghong mocked, "It's either the elders or a woman's money, if I were you, I'd find a hole to burrow into, shame on me. Oh, I know this Miss Nie, she's Mu Shuyun's disciple, one of the money heads of the Yellow School in the future."

                "We Li Xing Hong is different from you, I rely on myself, start my own company, hire talents to take care of it, make a big fortune in a low profile, and now I am already worth tens of billions. Who are you to steal Sun Changxi from me."

                Qin Ming said, "I didn't say I wanted to steal from you. I'm just helping Sister Changxi to drive away the man she doesn't like."

                Li Xinghong said, "Hmph, you soft-earner, just keep pretending, I'll make you reveal your original form later."

                Qin Ming looked at the arrogant and cocky Li Xinghong and was very upset, this guy was repeatedly finding him in trouble, it seemed that he had to clean him up sooner or else he would spoil his fun.

                The auction house of Yiping Hall was not crowded, everyone who was there was relatively silent and had bodyguards, and Qin Ming even met a famous martial arts star.

                Overall, it didn't look like a group of martial artists, but a group of businessmen.

                Nie Haitang said, "Qin Ming, I've actually been here before. My master is the money head of the Yellow School, that is, he is responsible for providing monetary support to the people of the Yellow School, and part of it is used to buy medicine for the One Pill Hall."

                The pro's asked, "So what benefits do you get?"

                Nie Haitang thought about it and said, "Master didn't say all of it, but one of the benefits is that the key members of the Yellow Faction will have a lot of help, which will allow Master to make the business a bit easier and earn more money. It's sort of helping each other."

                Song Yixing, who was on the side, said, "Before Huang Shengjiu didn't make it clear to you, that was because he knew that you had money and you might become some of the senior members of our Huang Sect in the future."

                Qin Ming was puzzled and asked, "What does that mean?"

                Song Yixing explained, "Put it this way, senior brother, what do people with money and power worry most about? Having money but no life to enjoy, right? That's why they need really powerful bodyguards. People from ordinary bodyguard companies can't even compare to us authentic martial artists, and those in high and powerful positions will be much safer if we step in to protect them."

                After a pause, Song Yixing added, "Have you forgotten how your bodyguard, earlier, was put down by my sister and me?"

                Qin Ming thought back to what happened last time, and it struck him.

                Qin Ming asked, "Then where did the Yellow School come from, and what is it all about? Master won't tell me either, and neither will Huang Shengjiu."

                Song Yixing said, "Actually, the better protection of people is just part of it. If we talk about the origin of our Yellow School, our Yellow School was originally a remnant of the Boxer Gang during the late Qing Dynasty, and has developed into something different today. The preservation of martial arts is just one part of it, it's more about making a good living for the people within the Yellow School, being in one organisation and helping each other out. Some made their business bigger, some trained their kung fu to the extreme and slowly took a bigger say within the faction."

                Qin Ming's heart dawned on him, so how could this be a rogue organisation in the Yellow School.

                Song Yixing added: "In the past, the leader of our Yellow Faction was a member of the Li family, then the Li family went to help the political party fight the world after the persuasion of the Zhao family, the others were afraid, so they did not follow and have separated since then."

                Qin Ming said with amusement, "No wonder then that the Li family is so powerful now."

                Song Yixing smiled blandly, "All that is old history, talking about it is just a joke. Nowadays, the Li family and the Huang School are both famous and influential forces in martial arts in the Dao. They all want to compete for the first chair."

                "Within Chinese culture, martial arts kung fu still has a lot of influence, and there are quite a few people with real skills, most of them are more low-key and don't compare with the usual boxers who open a school and take disciples, because our Yellow School is not short of money."

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "In that case, Zhang Quanzhen took me as his disciple because he wanted me to be the head of money? To provide you with financial help?"

                Song Yixing said, "Master brother is so smart, do you have to guess Master's intentions like this? If he really wanted to pull you in as a money head, he wouldn't have taught you real kung fu. Besides, if you don't want to, no one can force you."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "Talking too much to ask."

                Nie Haitang said, "My master said that being a money head also has many benefits and gets a lot of convenience, apart from giving help to those with potential within the Yellow School, and also being supervised by the higher-ups above."

                Song Yixing said proudly, "That's for sure, we have people from the Yellow Faction, not only executives from big businesses, but also many talents in politics, my father is an official."

                "!!!" Qin Ming stared at Song Yixing with great surprise and froze, "Your father is an official? Aren't you a second generation? Why did you go to Long Hu Mountain to suffer with Zhang Quan Zhen?"

                Song Yixing then smiled sarcastically, "The Central Government knocked him off during the tiger fight."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, this guy was also interesting enough.

                When the two of them had almost finished their small talk, the auction had officially started.

                A young man walked up to the front stage and said, "Welcome, welcome to all friends from all over the world, we, the One Piece Hall, seem to have quite a few new faces here. I guess they are here for today's grand finale."

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "The finale item? What's that?"

                Song Yixing nudged his chin and said, "The most powerful drug of Yiping Hall is actually a super stimulant, after injecting it, an average person can kill a tiger when faced with it, and this drug has no side effects, through the combination of many expensive Chinese and Western medicines, it lasts for a long time and has an analgesic effect, in the international mercenary battlefield, one of these potions can fetch a sky-high price of several hundred million dollars. "

                Qin Ming listened with secret surprise, such a powerful thing, he looked at Huan Yu's bio-pharmaceutical's technology enterprise, also has similar research, but not many finished products. I didn't expect that a company within China would come up with something so powerful.

                Qin Ming asked again, "How much do you sell at a time?"

                Song Yixing said, "Fifty at a time, and if no one can afford to pay the price, there is also a separate one for auction."

                "Oh, so." After hearing this, Qin Ming raised a wry smile, comparing who had money, he had no rival yet.