Rags To Riches Chapter 687

 Qin Ming had been practising for over a week and he had managed to harness the inching power. Through the breathing door method taught by Zhang Quanzhen, Qin Ming's lungs were already stronger than normal people and could withstand more air pressure, while with one breath, more oxygen was inhaled into his body and his cells and muscles were more active.

                But he felt that his ten fingers were not even his own anymore.

                On this day, in the middle of the dormitory, Nie Haitang looked at Qin Ming with bandages on all ten fingers and said with a smile, "People who don't know, they would think they got hurt playing with embroidery needles."

                Qin Ming grinned and said, "I'm an economics student, but I ended up practising kung fu, it really hurts me."

                Nie Haitang sniggered, "You are the heir to a super corporation, not a wage earner, just know some generalities, talents, you can hire them for a price. Practicing kung fu and combat can help you defend yourself in critical moments. Have you forgotten the time when we were attacked in Guang City?"

                Qin Ming's heart flinched, indeed, he was already the heir to the world's richest man, and once the professional manager issued an offer, countless talents were at his disposal.

                And when he thought back to the time when Chang Hongxi's eldest son, Chang Huan, had sneakily attacked the two of them in Guangcheng, Qin Ming was barely strong at that time, he did not know kung fu at all, and almost lost his life.

                Qin Ming gave a gentle smile, "Well, Haitang you are still right, these days also thanks to you to give me medicine, to my sister, really do not treat me as a person, rubbed that hard."

                Nie Haitang looked at Song Yiling, who was swiping her phone, and said, "Miss Song, is this medicine available for sale anywhere? I've been using it for over a week and I'm almost out of it, so I might need it again."

                Song Yiling nudged her mouth and said, "They don't sell it in pharmacies or hospitals, you have to go to an auction run by a special gentry family to bid for it. These things are so good that many people rush to get them."

                Nie Haitang was surprised, "It's even up for auction? Wouldn't this medicinal oil be very precious?"

                Song Yiling nodded and said, "A bottle would cost a hundred thousand or so, but it's effective, really invigorates the blood, strengthens the muscles and bones, has no after-effects, works in half an hour, is suitable for the kind of intense training we do, and is good value for money. So it's only a thousand or so bottles a year that are produced. The general public can't access this kind of stuff."

                Qin Ming was also secretly staggered, he had almost used up this bottle, the effect was indeed good, his finger was wrapped and the pain gradually dissipated, it was indeed much stronger than the normal hospital medicine.

                Song Yixing said, "Are you done with the bandages? Just in time to take you to see, the medicine shop in our circle has quite a few good things in it, excellent medicines that can help us martial arts practitioners to improve our physical bodies."

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "What's the name of it?"

                Song Yixing said, "It's called Yi Pin Tang, on the surface it sells health products, but secretly it's a family of Chinese herbalists, for hundreds of years it has held the secret recipe for this medicinal oil, it's particularly powerful. Just like the Lin family in Xiangxi, they all have their own set of things."

                Not long after, Qin Ming asked Ah Long to drive over to pick him up, although Qin Ming had participated in quite a few types of auctions, each one was different, especially this time it was something that concerned him and Li Xing Hong's duel, he naturally did not want to lose.

                The car slowly drove out of the campus, while two Bai Mingyu appeared behind him, he immediately hit his mobile phone and called Zhao Pan, saying: "Hey, Brother Zhao? Zhao Zhengyin has gone out, with his two brothers and sisters, and he has brought the school girl from our school with him, probably pretending to be a pussy, I remembered the license plate number."

                On the other hand, when Zhao Pan got the news, he immediately dialed a number and said, "Old Song, help me ask the traffic department to trace the whereabouts of this car."

                It didn't take long for Zhao Pan to get the news, and once he saw where Qin Ming had gone, he was startled, wasn't that Yiping Hall? It was also the place where Li Xinghong was going today.

                He hurriedly called Li Xinghong over, "Young Li, that cousin of mine went to the same place as you."

                "What?" Li Xinghong, who was in the car, was stunned, then said disdainfully, "Looks like he's playing the same idea as me, hahaha. That proves that he doesn't want to lose. Zhao Pan, a few of his men are going."

                Zhao Pan said, "The Song family siblings, and that Nie Haitang, all of them are from their Huang School."

                Li Xinghong nodded and said, "I know. You've done well, I can't wait for the competition anymore, so I'll do a good job for you later and teach your unworthy cousin a lesson."

                When Li Xinghong hung up the phone, his own mother on the side asked, "That Zhao Zhengyin also went to Yiping Hall? It seems to have come prepared, I'll have to ask your father to provide some more funds."

                Li Xinghong waved his hand and said, "Mom, what are you afraid of? Their Yellow School has always been less wealthy than us. Those who can give money to Zhao Zhengyan are mostly Huang Shengjiu and Zhang Quanzhen, looking at the Zhao family as a status. But what they can give is also extremely limited."

                Mrs Li shook her head and said, "The Zhao family and we are in the same boat and rely on each other. Recently, the Zhao family has been frustrated within Huan Yu and cannot fight that Chang Hong Xi, so they rely on us more. Zhao Zhen will also keep his children and grandchildren under tighter control. Zhao Songli will not be willing to go against us. But that day at the banquet, it was Qin Mo who was protecting this son of hers."

                "Qin Mo?" A beautiful young woman came to Li Xinghong's mind and immediately clapped her hands, saying, "The old Qin family in Hai City, Qin Mo is the heart of the old Qin family."

                Mrs. Li said, "Not bad, the old Qin family can be said to be a world-renowned gentry, with money all over the world, money is not a matter at all. It's just that they don't deal too well with our wealthy families in Beijing. But it's not impossible for Qin Mo to ask for money from her mother's family to help her son."

                Li Xinghong said, "I, Li Xinghong, wouldn't be reduced to the point where I can't even buy a thing without being able to buy that trash, right? Then I'd rather not go to Yiping Hall."

                Mrs. Li said soothingly, "It's alright, son, mum can move a lot of money, and have your dad give a little more, hehe, even with the help of Zhang Quanzhen, Huang Shengjiu, Qin Mo and others, they can't match you. Mum is just saying this to give you a heads up, don't underestimate this Zhao Zhengyan. He might just be a pawn to be used against you, to sweep you off your feet, to achieve the goal of striking at our Li family. We can't afford to lose the battle."

                Li Xinghong said, "Ma, I will. I won't lose, it will be him who loses."

                In Beijing, a skyscraper, the signboard of YiPintang was particularly prominent, as a global top 500 company, YiPintang's health products sold well, but few people knew that YiPintang was also in charge of a number of special medicines.

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang were standing at the entrance of the building, waiting for Song Yixing to help them qualify for future participation in the VIP treatment at YiPintang.

                By coincidence, at this time, Bai Jingchen arrived with his sister Bai Yuchun.

                Bai Jingchen said, "Sister, it took me quite a few connections to receive the news that Li Xinghong will also be here later to participate in an intra-line auction, so you have to seize the opportunity."

                Bai Yuchun had a torn and helpless face, seemingly very reluctant.

                "Hmm?" Both of them arrived at the door, just in time to meet up with Qin Ming.

                Bai Jingchen was gnashing his teeth in hatred towards Qin Ming, but when he thought about his previous experience, he still held back and said a few arrogant words on his lips, "Hmph, Zhao Zhengyan you piece of shit. You can't win against the Li family, and you won't be able to weigh yourself."

                Qin Ming said flatly, "At least, you're no longer worthy of being my opponent, and barking nonsense won't attract my attention."

                "You!" Bai Jingchen clenched his fist in shame and said, "Sister, let's go. It's a shame not to stand with a scum."

                Bai Yuchen looked at Qin Ming and Nie Haitang standing intimately together and was a little confused, why did this feel so familiar?

                Wasn't it Qin Ming and Nie Haitang when they were in Guangcheng?

                But the person in front of her was supposed to be Zhao Zhengyin, who had a resemblance to the person, but the feeling she got was overwhelming.

                Bai Yuchun followed her brother inside, but she couldn't help but look back at Qin Ming, her eyes revealing an infinite amount of uncertainty and helplessness.

                Qin Ming looked at her and felt pity for her.

                Whether to sit in a BMW and cry or sit on a bicycle and laugh is really a topic for the ages.